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Troll off.
Smells like BS. I've never seen bsod on an iPhone. Restore from backup.
Facts are boring. Any news on Apple has to be treated with "National Enquirer" type reporting.
You have proof of that or are you just pulling numbers out of Ming's ass?Ain't that the truth.
You're confusing capability with choice. Apple chooses not to create a large phone at this time.Sorry, but Apple won't keep the 3.5" after the 4S is EOL.
The avg cust isn't going to pay that much for a watch. that's more expensive than an iPhone.
Left off the /s tag.
Rumored 12.9" iPad delayed and then summarily cancelled.
Apple will also release 4.4",4.5",4.6",4.8",4,9", and 5" iPhones.
Free falling? For the iPhone, I guess it depends on what your definition of the market is. For iPod, Apple still has 70% MS.No $300 iPhone. Apple makes more money on iPhones than on iTunes.
New Posts  All Forums: