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Oh good. I won't feel bad about selling HP inc stock when finalized.
Fyi. Relic's not a troll. We like her, although she can be a bit wordy. I wish I can feel the same way. I need to put a case on my 6. My 4S tried to commit suicide a few times.
Security is only as strong as your weakest link, ie users. Now you know why Apple locks down its iOS devices.
Yup because the vast majority of consumers don't do these actions.
Gimme a new Apple TV box or they are doomed! /s Seriously I want a new Apple TV box.
Same Schmidt, different day. How he and the interviewer kept a straight face is a miracle.
Why don't people understand it's glass and metal? Would people just casually put a CF bulb in their back pockets?1. Don't sit on your phone.2. If you can't feel the phone in your front pocket pushing against your body, then wow.3. It's s $600+ phone. Take care of it.
Steve would never put an iPhone in his back pocket. My 6 goes in my front pocket very easily.
Would you work for a company that gives you 1 week of vacation or one that gives you 3 weeks of vacation? All else being equal. Do you want people to burn out or quit?It's about retaining your employees while attracting potential ones.
There are always "protectionist" tariffs/fees when foreign companies sell goods in a country.
New Posts  All Forums: