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Bad analogy. You need water in the desert. You don't need an iPhone. Even if you do, you buy the one you want and not settle.
I don't mind ads just as long as they aren't pop-ads or ads that redirect me to the Apps store.
There's no insult. Hard to believe but there are many users that don't use a lot of apps.Still on this? Again, you buy for current needs. If you wanted split screen, then you should've waited.
Because only Amazon can get away with it.This is a govt sideshow. The only reason "free" services will go away is because of the services not making enough money.No collusion.
He was impeached for lying under oath. It's arguably considered a high crime. I don't think it is.
Impeachment occurs for high crimes. Any order that's unconstitutional can be reversed by SCOTUS and does not fall within that threshold.
Smells like BS.Govt wants its hand on our info. Who does it think it is? Google?
But was it for specific apps or all apps?
Who said anything about dominating? Time will tell. I was commenting on the exec's "confidence". That's almost like a guarantee.
Time will tell but you can't count Apple out. Ask Blackberry and Ballmer.
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