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What!?! So GTAT could have either signed the contract, fail to produce, file for bankruptcy OR not sign, stay solvent, be trolled by the Internet. Yea, I see that made the correct choice.
And where's the 5C? More proof Apple is doomed! /s
I can't help the public's stupidity if they believe that.Yes but unless Amazon was "harmed", the DOJ won't investigate.
Apple only had "wishful thinking" because GTAT promised it. If GTAT over promised and under delivered, it's their fault.
Apple isn't the largest retail store in the world so there isn't a concern for monopoly status. In addition, even if it was, it would be near impossible to have a monopoly market share in retail.
$600 MM wasn't enough for GT? If not, it shouldn't have signed the contract.
Why would GTAT care about what Internet posters think? In addition, we are talking about GTAT not fulfilling its contractual agreements. It over promised and under delivered. It is the "bad guy."
"he doesn't think the market will allow shares to drop below around the $95 mark." Off the record: we can certainly manipulate that with unfounded rumors: Chinese teens hate the iPhone 6.
From what I hear on the other thread, they sound horrible. Haha.
Um. They still signed the contract. If they had doubts, they shouldn't have signed it.
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