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Stop spinning or you'll corkscrew into the ground. Analysts were wrong. The 4 was the most successful iPhone when it was release. There was no recall or pushback from the public.Where is the quote where Tim said the 5C was a disappointment."Cook also addressed the launch of the iPhone 5c and 5s, noting that the two phones both outsold Apple's previous products in the middle tier and the high end..."
1. And the iPhone was designed for version 5 and 5S. What's your point. The fact was the 4 wasn't recalled and was still sold.2. Nope. Cook said the 5C exceeded their expectations. The mix was a bit off but that's because more people than predicted bought the 5S
Analysts were proven wrong. The 4 wasn't recalled for the antenna. The 5C was a success. The original iPhone, iPad, iPad mini were all successes.
Difference is analysts speculate on Apple rumors prior to announcement. This analyst have his opinion on Sammy after the announcement.
Munster is to Apple TV set as Kuo is to the iwatch. Any day now they might be right. Hahahaha.
Your "Then-wife" if you forgot your anniversary.
So what happens if a poor (not monetary) Sammy user drops the phone on its side?
Ha and Google would never bypass user wishes.
The Note: for the fools who love gimmicks.
Difference is many more peeps use the iPhone and many of those users whip it out (and whip it back in) more often.
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