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Haven't people been saying that for 3+ years now? I guess it'll be true some day.
Nah, this is too direct. Odo spews his nonsense on every other post.
Good job, Apple. Again Apple cares about more than just profits.
Exactly. Apple will tout a bigger iPhone (
And they didn't overspend by billions of dollars. Kudos.
There are other choices?
You do realize Apple TV has been out for a few years. Plus Apple doesn't rush to beat someone to be first. And Apple is rarely first to begin with.How'd that workout for the Galaxy Gear.
Where are these numbers coming from?
Um. June in the desert? A lot of Devs are probably in Silicon Valley. San Fran is way more enjoyable. In addition, I don't think they want 10000 people. It makes sessions less intimate and lines to ask the Apple engineers much longer.
This is Apple's answer to Amazon? No wonder they are doomed! /s I wonder what new tech will they announce.
New Posts  All Forums: