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1. Where did you get that 50% install base is the 4? In addition even if that's true, you actually believe all the 4's were sold 4 years ago?2. Business insider. Haha. And do we have an accuracy gauge of his predictions?
The "best" analyst says it may be a 40% drop from 4Q to 1Q which is an absurd comparison as the 4Q is the holiday qtr which is traditionally where Apple sells a lot of shit.People upgrade phones on a 2 yr cycle usually. Those that do not have the 6 will get the 7 next year.
apple had a good Sept QTR so time to throw cold water on success. 4Q vs 1Q numbers is a useless comparison.
Or anything Apple is major issue even if it's minor.
I agree. Apple should flash a notification if OTA updates are too big stating "please connect to iTunes via Mac/PC. " "Other" should also be purged at some time interval as well.
"Samsung's Think Tank Team". Hahaha!
I'm older than Apple. Strike one.It's not Apple's fault your friends went to Android. Strike two.It's a minor issue. Strike three.
I didn't see a complaint about the OS. He can't upgrade OTA since he doesn't have enough space. And I agree with his assessment that space is an issue.
Comcast actually paid Verizon To stop expanding. Yay :/
This is nothing more than a cash grab. If the text was important, an actual call would have been an option.
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