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Difference is the iPad Air can't make cellular calls. Does the 2 in 1 get categorized as a PC or a "tablet"?
I wasn't disparaging Jobs. Don't bring up bullshit like that.If you don't understand it, that's on you.
This is why there should be no "tablet" market and no "smartphone" market. There's a PC market and cell phone market. That's it. These research companies tend to define and redefine these labels to suit their results.
It's easy to predict supply/demand in hindsight. I'd rather have more demand than supply on release.
I liked the first one and thought the second one was ok. I had a lot of issues with it.
Because Apple gives its developers a chance to create iOS 8 ready apps.90%? I don't think so. 90% satisfaction rate is different. Didn't Cook say 85% of 4S buyers and 70% 5C buyers were new to the iPhone?
Well that deserved a good percentage of the hate.
Frak Sammy. It's obvious it's willful infringement.
At the same time when did the last 6 months not count as part of the year?
And from the new version, people search for clues on everything in the code.I hope Apple releases a new 4" along with a ~5". Not buying this iPhablet sized thing.
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