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I don't know what you do but it's kind of arrogant to think you can "help" Apple.
I'll do this once before I block you. The ITC isn't a court. Your employer is a thief. Sammy hasn't innovated in years. Your CEO is a crook.
Hey Sammy, that's punishment for being a thief. Oh and hirer better trolls.
Make him CEO, CFO, chairman of the board, and SVP of "Cool Stuff"!!!!
Usage share is still high for iOS. Why should Apple cater to cheap bastards who won't use an iPhone or iPad for what they are?Of course The idevices were growing faster, there were no numbers. Now that the quantities are greater, it's difficult to grow as fast. To grow 50% from 100, you have to sell 150. To grow 50% from 50MM, you have to sell 75MM. I guess those 25 MM units can magically be produced with a finger snap.
Disappointing that one company can't outgrow 100 companies?Hypothetical.Face it, Apple is not going to increase market share in spite of profit share. Do you honestly believe a cheap iPhone won't eat away at the premium iPhone? Do you honestly believe Apple can wave a wand to manufacture 70-80 MM iPhones in a qtr with 10 different models?Do you remember the 90's when Apple had a confusing mix of Macs: performas, power macs, etc.
Apple met its guidance. The fourth best qtr in history. Market share kind of matters but isnt the sole contributor of success. Would you rather have 80% market share with 20% profits or 20% market share with 80% profits.
So why punish Apple when everyone was wrong for their GUESSES!
Who knows maybe Apple will do this on the next revision. Free Macs also make users happy too.
They do spend money, just not on splashy acquisitions.
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