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Make it stop!
100 million users? Damn, how much profit are those guys making? Meanwhile Apple has 43% of the PC profits just by selling what they have.
If you ask the avg consumer what phone they had before their current phone or even two phones ago, I bet you most will say iPhone or an Android or a flip/dumb phone.
The avg consumer doesn't care about that.
That's not what I meant. How many users said/knew they had a Sammy phone without looking at it prior to the clone? Of course people can read the brand name.
Apple should buy Square just as long as it's not a ridiculous bid.
When did the One come out and when did the Sammy clone come out? If it's just branding, why did Sammy copy every almost everything about the iPhone. Why didnt Sammy just brand its pre-clone phone?
Because Moto and HTC didn't copy Apple down to the icons.
Before stealing Apple tech, did anyone know they owned a Sammy phone? Branding, my ass.
I thought teen interest in the iPhone is waning and that teens love large screens. Why can't these analysts make up their minds.
New Posts  All Forums: