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These dumb analysts haven't realized that this is developers conference.
Do you have a macro for this comment? Every time...
Until Siri refuses and tries to kill you.
And at that point, all the Devs stormed out in protest and all the engineers quit. Oh, that's drblank's "reality" and not reality.
Doesn't double sarcasm cause a rip in the space-time continuum?
I love how an article on Apple swag turns into a Goog/MS failure rant. Not sarcasm. Jackets aren't cheap.
You can't believe the tripe you just write, can you? Cook oversaw the most profitable period in Apple's history. How does spending
I guess Reznor was also upset at Dre going to Apple.
Don't forget the billions of Devs that will abandon Apple due to Beats (Dr Dre).
Ha. Drblank probably would say he lost all respect for him because he's supporting the thug economy by staying after the Beats purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: