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Amazon's offices.
Was it a bribe or was it part of the patent dispute settlement?
Two things: what's the battery life on this thing and how long until the DOJ investigates Apple for "forcing" a high start price on poor Amazon.
We're mocking Kanye with his own quotes. We aren't commenting on his race or "culture" or stereotyping him. Biiiig difference.
So they got the first ever iPhone pricing wrong. So was Jobs a bean counter then? They've learned.The iPad is probably a better product than the iPad mini. I don't know. I don't own either of them. Anecdotal evidence, if anything.The original ATV had a harddruve. The revisions didn't.
If you're not in the market for it, who cares what the price is. In addition, Apple has a lot more experience pricing their products than you do. Oh and enough of the "Cook is a bean counter" shit. It's foolish.
Um...he was quoting Kanye from the Katrina telethon.
Exactly, Sammy wasn't always scummy. They crossed the line by copying/stealing and benefitting from the copying/theft.
Please. a lot of musicians have been jailed regardless of race. Lots of musicians have also been involved in drugs regardless of race.
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