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Because no Apple product launch ever had delays/wait times. Oh wait.
Perhaps Cook hired Caitlyn Jenner.
Sammy compares its phone to iphone. hTC uses iPhone for ads. Free publicity.
I cry bs at that number. I think analysts and/or competitors "leaked" that goal so they could say Apple Music is a failure in the future if it doesn't make that target.
A bit long but it's still a good read. Journalism is dead. It's the age of click bait. Journalists wonder how Apple can be successful despite their claims. These same journalists also predict doom for only Apple and they've been doing it for 15 years. The never ask what makes Apple successful.
So he just emailed the files from his work account?Then why is anyone worried about data breaches at Target, IRS, etc. The data is still on the servers. Nothing was stolen then.
How'd he get that info? He stole it.That's what SCOTUS is for along with the amendment process.
It's all about licensing.
Stealing isn't civil disobedience. If I rob a bank because they made bad loans which cost me my retirement, it's still a felony.
There's a difference between protesting a govt's actions and willfully stealing classified information and disseminating it to others.They make laws and SCOTUS decides what's constitutional or not. There's your checks and balances.
New Posts  All Forums: