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One more thing: cue the articles stating this is bad for Apple.
Sports analogy: so if the Phillies won 95 games one year and won 92 games the next, it'll be a failure. If the Cubs won 71 games one year and 78 games the next, that's a success?
One link doesn't mean it's rare. I'm pretty sure people don't write stories about Apple ads in YouTube. This is just to show you Apple has advertised on YouTube before. No heat.
I guess no Apple Pay in China then.
Apple advertised the iPod touch in 2008 over there. http://www.technologytell.com/apple/40966/apple-advertises-ipod-touch-on-youtube-homepage/Besides it would be foolish if Apple didn't advertise on YouTube considering the demographics of the site.
There he is!
Hopefully he's looking for a new line of work.
It's normal. It's called advertising.
"As for Morgan Stanley's "bull case" scenario, the investment firm could see shares of AAPL going as high as $150 if the company's larger-screened iPhones were to drive more mobile share gains,..." This is why I hate analysts. What does market share have to do with anything. Leave the temple of market share!
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