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Hmmm. What would Constipation Odo say? Good news. Still not selling some shares until after the split. I spent 6500 for 100 shares back in 2005, pre split. I'm playing with house money now
Of course it's exaggerated but with Sammy, you never know since they've lied before.
Difference is the iPad Air can't make cellular calls. Does the 2 in 1 get categorized as a PC or a "tablet"?
I wasn't disparaging Jobs. Don't bring up bullshit like that.If you don't understand it, that's on you.
This is why there should be no "tablet" market and no "smartphone" market. There's a PC market and cell phone market. That's it. These research companies tend to define and redefine these labels to suit their results.
It's easy to predict supply/demand in hindsight. I'd rather have more demand than supply on release.
I liked the first one and thought the second one was ok. I had a lot of issues with it.
Because Apple gives its developers a chance to create iOS 8 ready apps.90%? I don't think so. 90% satisfaction rate is different. Didn't Cook say 85% of 4S buyers and 70% 5C buyers were new to the iPhone?
Well that deserved a good percentage of the hate.
Frak Sammy. It's obvious it's willful infringement.
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