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"Samsung's Think Tank Team". Hahaha!
I'm older than Apple. Strike one.It's not Apple's fault your friends went to Android. Strike two.It's a minor issue. Strike three.
I didn't see a complaint about the OS. He can't upgrade OTA since he doesn't have enough space. And I agree with his assessment that space is an issue.
Comcast actually paid Verizon To stop expanding. Yay :/
This is nothing more than a cash grab. If the text was important, an actual call would have been an option.
I live in Comcast country (Jersey burbs of Philly). I only get Comcast. I would love competition.
1. It's a joke. I guess I didn't run it by the PC police too. 2. Where did you get your numbers? 3. Let's not rehash it. Intelligence was there. It was wrong. British had their own Intel. The CIA dir said it was a slam dunk.
Shhh. People might get offended. Happy generic holiday! /sPeople voted for O because he was black. Is that racist?
And there are quotes from Dems doing the same thing in Bush's term. Politics as usual.So where has that happened? I'm curious.Wow. Just wow.
I don't have an issue but as they say, the devil is in the details.
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