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Considering I got my shares at 64, my ROI is fabulous.
Pssst. When Steve passed, he wasn't CEO of Apple. Why would the stock change much.PR runs a lot of press relations behind the scene.
Not everyone is a racist.Spend more time with her kids. She's worked at Apple a long time and made lots of money.
OS X Beats, anyone?
In other words, she was doing her job. Go away now.
You have to watch a video first. How many of us can program a VCR without reading the instructions. If it's overly complicated, people won't bother with it. I should be able to pick it up and use it.
Can't wait for OS X Compton.
It's not an "8" but the outlines of two new Mac Minis!
Didn't Brian X workforce Gizmodo? If he did, he probably stole a Beta copy than being told about it.
New Posts  All Forums: