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I dunno, all that glass leaves nothing to the imagination and all that white would be difficult to keep clean.
The scores app would be great for the watch.
I get why some core apps are not deletable on iOS. Accidental deletes happen. Not everyone goes to the App Store. Not everyone has a constant network connection. But third party apps should be deletable.
I don't think Apple would spend $$$ on developing a third tier version after the 6/6+. I see them perhaps re-casing the 5S with a better cam but not put the rest of the internals on par with the 6 or 7.
I thought they were gonna limit pre-installed apps? Is this the result?! Oh my.
Depending of how the Fam feels, it would be great. Even if it's just the "Steven Jobs Theatre".
God no! Edit: it could be abused or circumstances might suddenly change.
Preorders haven't started yet.
So what are Amazon's numbers if they are kicking the Apple TV's ass?
They already did.
New Posts  All Forums: