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Who cares. Unless Tim is changing the Apple logo back to the multi colored one but in the LBGT color order, it shouldn't concern anyone.
Watch the MSM spin it as bad news for only Apple. Luckily I paid my verizon bill yesterday.
It is Googles fault. They should have mandated it.You're welcome. It wouldn't be AI if I don't see one of your long posts.
That wasn't ruthless. Music was being pirated for free.
Yes, the DOJ will do Amazon's bidding. That's why the publishers should independently pull their books. No phone calls, no paper trails with other publishers. Once one of them do it, the others will wait and see and independently do the same.
How are you doing Relic?How can it not be Google's fault? If Apple can do it with their "limited" market share, why can't Googs do it with their "winning" market share? Fact is , Google doesn't give a shit. You still get ads in 2.X as you would with 4.X.
Not going to happen. Apple isn't going to cannibalize the higher priced iPhones.
Shhh. It's Amazon. They're doing it for the benefit of customers. Honest. I say the publishers consult with their authors and pull books from Amazon and start selling them elsewhere. It will hurt in the short term but benefit in the long term.
I don't believe a word coming out of Google's mouth.
So how does this help Apple? It doesn't.
New Posts  All Forums: