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Navigation is extra in vehicles. Imagine if I can use my iPhone as navigation but display it on the car's screen. As for music, we're talking about accessing songs easier.
Worthy of a block.Pay me $400MM and I'll answer them.
I don't think either of them are US citizens. Besides the title is an honor just like the Congressional Medal of Freedom.
And all those vendors sold 51MM smartphones last qtr.Jobs anticipated the iPod success? You do realize he resisted iPod for Windows for a while.You are now borderline trolling. I hate to block you, but revisionist history won't win any arguments.
Customers are willing to pay the price to get Apple products. So they aren't getting ripped off.
You left the /s off.I think it's funny you think she can convince you to buy a $900 jacket. Cook got me to buy a $1800 computer.So Apple has a Dame and a Sir. Tim wishes he was British.
No mention of the Amazon-DOJ partnership?
Apple is addressing the larger market with China. The middle class in China is growing every year and soon will be larger than the entire US population.
Sammy to introduce the Galaxy S Bike.
New Posts  All Forums: