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But but... the articles on columnist returns!
There's a difference between a "not a watch" person and a person who doesn't have a watch.
Why is it that Apple gets the "most obvious" design first? Be original, damn it.
Fire them all. Apple should then sue the workers for socializing at least 30 minutes a day, costing Apple millions of dollars a year in productive work. In the end, only the lawyers win.
You were "never a watch guy to begin with" but you bought an Apple Watch?
I talked to many people and they all agree "Doug" is a pointless name.
Yup. And collecting user data is the right thing to do. Oh wait.
So Googs and the govt can share spying info. Efficient.
It's not just for unlocking the device. Many apps use Touch ID. It's so convenient in not remembering those passwords.
1. People have contracts expire year round so a spring release makes little sense. In addition, a fall release is closer to the holiday season in the U.S. And closer to the lunar NEw year in Asia.2. So release iPads as normal in the fall.3. If it's gonna be a new update, it should be new.Worst product update? What about for those who didn't have an iPad before?
New Posts  All Forums: