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Good. Hopefully Apple will fight back against Sammy and Amazon's deceptive ads.
Didn't you say marketing led to Sammy's success as well?
Sammy hasn't released numbers and they have misled everyone before. Sammy probably did ship as many tablets as the Nexus, only it's probably closer to the latter's amount.
As soon as Amazon comes to market with this, the DOJ will suddenly investigate Apple on the price of data plans.
Not really. I'm sure Sammy has a say in it and carriers aren't willingly going to lose money on an end-user sale unless they get money on the back-end.
BOGO at one carrier, $0 down at another. It's sad they need to do this for a brand new phone.
Thank the DOJ for Amazon's monopoly and predatory pricing.
Hateful much? Don't lump all Christians together. Besides, have you been to the Middle East? Where is your Muslim hate?Ain't that the truth.Don't lump all Christians as one group. That's being a bigot as well.
5 yrs may be too short but there should be a limit. You shouldn't be able to patent things if you can't eventually use it. While future companies shouldn't be able to patent it either, you shouldn't be allowed to sit on it until someone violates it.I did read the ADD article. Apple did use it until Jobs came back.
Maybe it's just an indicator for readers to skip/block.
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