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I wonder if a tattoo of the Apple watch would confuse the Apple watch?
You can say that about a lot of companies. Googs with ads. Exxon with oil.You can't compare Nokia with Apple. What was nokia's best quarter?What about them? They are listed in Macs.
So much for Apple and Comcast fighting.
I think 57MM seems a bit high. Whatever number is announced, I'm sure it'll be a record. Hopefully they'll drop a number for Apple watches for this one-time event just to shut the trolls up.
They can't and they shouldn't. Especially with "Friend of Cote" still around. Even if they could, why bother with a small competitor when there are bigger fish to fry. It's all bunk.
Yes, it is to me and I think I'm pretty important. Haha.
Is Tidsl Beats only competitor? Nope. Non story as pandora, spotify are still out there.
Prove it. Tidal didn't drop out of the rankings because it wasn't updated. Anonymous sources are a cop out. If they want to attack Apple's integrity, they should show themselves.
I don't wear my current watch to sleep or shower and it is water resistant. So nothing will change for me if I get an Apple watch.
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