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It's always on, isn't it? I don't have any linked apps to Health. .
Doooomed! Alternate NYT headline: Apple services hacked. Then the "article" will explain in paragraph 6 that it was an internal error and justifies the headline with some nonsense.
I didn't use it for a long time either then I accidentally opened it and saw the step counts.
The meeting sounded fantastic other than for the Jesse "where's the camera" Jackson
Another bullshit post.What are the "partners" gonna do? Not create accessories for iproducts?
C'mon, everyone knows Googs doesn't sell user data. They sell access to it. I Imagine they'll have a room with all the user data and allow access to it for a fee.
Apple won't guarantee that because some fool would take an hour shower with the watch directly underneath the shower head.
Google store will make people sick as Google Earth will give people nausea due to motion sickness. Thanks, Google.
Does the watch magically stop working after each "evolution" of the watch? My 4S kept working after the 5, 5S, and 6 were released.
New Posts  All Forums: