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You could have said that about the iPhone and iPad.
"Do no evil unless it benefits us" -Google.
The informant is named Sam Sung. What a joke this rumor is.
Jobs saw talent and it shows. Apple has been, is, and will be in good hands.
Just curious how a self driving car would handle potholes, black ice, puddles. A big deal in the American Northeast.
Google likes to form partnerships. Remember that Android Open Handset Alliance. Good times.
Well considering they all hated their cell phones prior to the iPhone...
You clearly don't understand the 5C is still an iPhone, the iPad mini is still an iPad. The fitness tracker you recommend is not an Apple Watch.
Except the C is still an iPhone and can do what a "normal" iPhone can do but without the latest and greatest features. Perhaps at the next cycle or two they would release the old watch hardware into a new plastic case. Who knows.
Somehow the DOJ would find a way to sue Apple for predatory pricing as compared to cable/satellite.
New Posts  All Forums: