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Can't wait for OS X Compton.
It's not an "8" but the outlines of two new Mac Minis!
Didn't Brian X workforce Gizmodo? If he did, he probably stole a Beta copy than being told about it.
Blast! I just read his post in the other thread!
Seattle doesn't have a modern arena yet (Key Arena isn't modern). Also, what are the lease terms for the Staples Center. Any move would require NBA approval.
I wonder if Steve-O will rename the team to "Developers, Developers, Developers"
But does it run Office?
Blah blah blah racism blah blah blah. I never said I was the arbiter of good taste in music. I've played the violin when I was younger. Not that that proves anything. Beatles promoted getting high on drugs but they're white so it's okay. As seen above, Dylan and Cash also had some "bad lyrics" but you make excuses. Oh sell your stock and quite whining.
Last year they said 2013 and throughout 2014. Last time I checked, there are about 7 months left in 2014.
Read his posts. It's filled with subtle racism.
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