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I would love to see this headline: Analysts once again failed to predict Apple accurately.
Not sure how it's marketing fault. They don't design the hardware. A buyer can always get the 32GB version.More memory has nothing to do with productivity. As I said, users are free to get the 32/64 GB iPads.What it is is that you don't want to spend the extra $$$. You feel entitled to a larger capacity iPad. If storage is important to you, spend the $$$.
No, he'll still complain about future results.
Well if it's a culture shock, the acquired employees would bolt. Apple isn't just acquiring tech but the people behind it.I Imagine Cook carries large bags of cash with $ on them and splurges.
I guess that bonus article is bullshit.
Do you have a link for SmartTV sales? I know Creepy Eric predicted something about GoogleTV but how did that turn out.
Many folks use a PC to check email and surf the interwebs. The iPad can replace the PC for them.----Where are the posters demanding a cheap iPhone? The 4S is the entry level iPhone.
I like the split. It always felt odd trying to sell 14 shares. Now I can sell 100.
Doomed! I bet the analysts will focus on the iPad numbers over everything else.
Why are we choosing an arbitrary point in time?
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