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While I think Apple won't make an iCar, never disparage/mock its efforts.
Sammy will somehow screw it up.
Unless mass transit goes door to door, suburbia isn't buying it. I'm not walking to a bus stop/train stop in the rain then wait when I can jump in my car and go.
And that's the Bromwich sandwich.
Obviously the decision in itself can't be sued over unless conspiracy/corruption is involved. Still her buddy was conveniently selected as a monitor. Follow the $$$.
It's not underground parking, it's a secret test track! /s
When Apple wins on appeal, the DOJ, Cote, and Bromwich should be sued.
I believe the FAA has jurisdiction of about 500 ft currently. Anyone exceeding that without permission is technically breaking the law. But that's like the height of a 40 story building.Stalking. Invasion of privacy.
Isn't that what they said about Jobs? If Ive trusts his team, the Apple is in good hands for the future. I've gets A+ designers to work for him.
Good product placement.
New Posts  All Forums: