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Because only Apple needs competition, right?
This is a weak argument. Murder is illegal. Murder for political reasons is a terrorist activity and is also illegal.There are laws on the books.Stealing classified information is illegal.Let's say Snowden stole the nuclear launch codes and the location of the nuclear warheads and release it to the public. Is that not a traitorous act?
Terrorists are the enemy. You don't think the info aids then? He may not have hand delivered the info to them but he made then widely available.The soviets were our enemy but we weren't at war. The Nazis were our enemy prior to Pearl Harbor but we weren't at war.
SCOTUS decides what's constitutional and unconstitutional. Not some mid-level analyst.
They settled already with Apple, Inc. owning all the "Apple" trademarks.
Leaking classified info is a crime. He's a traitor.If there's a statue, knock it down.
Well of course there are delays, it's hard to build Swedish products with just Allan wrenches and picture diagrams.
Regardless, he's still a spy and should face treason charges.
But since that is subjective, you can't ding Apple. I don't care about FM radio on my phone so it doesn't make me less satisfied.
The edge is a gimmick. If you really want to see your phone screen. Don't place it screen down.
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