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Considering it's your second post, you had no Apple shares to begin with.
Could be worse, people could actually listen to yours.
So how would you manage supply chain for oneoff the most valuable companies in the world? Oh what's that? No one hired you?
So the proof is....29% growth in China.
Doooomed. China hates Apple. No growth in China!!! Run for the hills!
Did Apple miss its expectations? Nope. Did it "miss" analysts wild guesses? I guess. So let me get this straight, stock holders would rather listen to outsiders than insiders. Ok.
I trust Apple knows what it's doing compared to advice from some random guy on the internet.Apple will never compete with the cheap phones. Why doesn't BMW release a sub $10000 car or Tiffany's sell costume jewelry? There is no money in it for them.
Frak WS's expectations. They are all guessing!!!
Can you patent theft?
Sometimes but probably because WS wants to see a large drop when earning are announced.
New Posts  All Forums: