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1. It's an editorial.2. Apple didn't pull the 5 from stores3. Rivals also had experience building smartphones, MP3 players, tablets prior to the iPhone, iPod, iPad. Look where it got them.4. You know nothing about what Jobs would or wouldn't do.What happened to you? You've been Odo'd!It take about 70lbs of force to bend the iPhone. With physics, there is an opposite and equal force appled to your body. If you can't feel that and adjust your phone accordingly, I have...
Well if I felt my phone in my pocket pushing against me, I would move it. Only fools put their phones in their back pockets.
Wow. I think frosty is edging closer to Odo's level. Such a shame.Jobs: MobileMe, g4 cube, iPod HiFi, "antenna gate". Jobs wasn't perfect.Lucky you. I have one friend like that. Everyone else has iPhones. So when he's in the iMessage group, he can't follow the conversation.
Well obviously it should be able to double as a car jack.
Haha. The same consumer reports that recommended the 4 before the antenna "issue" was discovered?Get real. Again the 4 wasn't redesigned. The bumpers was temporary and the 4 was still sold for 3 years afterwards.
The watch isn't finished yet. How can you predict anything on it.
So the 4S improved on the 4. So I'm glad we're in agreement.
1. Design may not have been finalized2. iOS 8 may not have been finalized3. Um they still produce/sell last year's iPhone.4. QC with the first units before ramping up.5. Components.
1. So they should snap their fingers to create 60 MM iPhones this instant? All of companies wish they had this "problem".2. So if they delayed rollouts to other countries just to fulfill demand in the US, you don't think the grey/black market will increase its size?3. I'm patient awaiting my 6. Less than 3 weeks to go.
Again, by your logic the 4S design was a complete disaster because they replaced it with the 5.And as you previously ignore my comment, the 4 continued to be sold for another 3 years with no changes. The bumper was only free for a limited time and was not included with all 4 purchases.
New Posts  All Forums: