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October still has 31 days regardless of how many days are left.Still, I'm not sure they'll reach 64% by the end of the month.
They cloned Steve Jobs! Surprise!
I'm sure they have bets on what pro and amateur gets it first.
Sigh. You do realize October has 31 days.
New Apple TV (no set, Gene). Or an iPad 60".
Two different sources. apple looks at App Store visits while Chitika looks at web impressions.
Sammy didn't take a risk. It used a shotgun approach to products to see what sticks.
More bad news for Apple: 1000 infants were surveyed and none of them knew what an Apple watch was.
That's what she said. Sorry, too easy.I don't know if the Apple watch will be a success but to predict it will be a failure is foolish. We barely know anything about it.
So why does AAA single out Siri? Why not Google Now and the majority of Android? Click bait. I've never txt or update Twitter/FB while driving. Oh Android users are too cheap to own a car. I'm joking. Haha.
New Posts  All Forums: