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Unless mass transit goes door to door, suburbia isn't buying it. I'm not walking to a bus stop/train stop in the rain then wait when I can jump in my car and go.
And that's the Bromwich sandwich.
Obviously the decision in itself can't be sued over unless conspiracy/corruption is involved. Still her buddy was conveniently selected as a monitor. Follow the $$$.
It's not underground parking, it's a secret test track! /s
When Apple wins on appeal, the DOJ, Cote, and Bromwich should be sued.
I believe the FAA has jurisdiction of about 500 ft currently. Anyone exceeding that without permission is technically breaking the law. But that's like the height of a 40 story building.Stalking. Invasion of privacy.
Isn't that what they said about Jobs? If Ive trusts his team, the Apple is in good hands for the future. I've gets A+ designers to work for him.
Good product placement.
Reasonable rules. How long until Amazon cries to the DOJ?
1. That is his smile.2. You never met Jobs do your opinion doesn't hold water. I trust the guys that have worked with him for 14 year to have an idea of what Jobs would like. Btw, were there no bugs in ios or OS x was Jobs was around?
New Posts  All Forums: