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First of all, i don't know how you breathe with the lack of O2 where your nose is. Secondly, I'm not a fan or rap/hip hop but that doesn't mean I denigrate its listeners. Thirdly, you think it's the music that causes "thuggery" and not the environment? Fourthly, since when were you appointed the arbiter of good taste.
Someone should get off his high-horse. Music taste is learned at home and from the radio. You listen to what you like.
Beats isn't a major player so why would the Feds care? Oh yea, Amazon's payroll.
I don't think it's a question of difficulty but perhaps a question of a redesign. Maybe the mini will turn into a puck shaped device.
I believe they were referring to Beats Music service.
No they don't. They can keep buying strategically like they always have.
Apple is going into the oil business!! Agreed, he probably meant the whole spectrum of devices and not just individual products.
In the US, we have studios, networks, service providers all duking it out for control. Some of these entities have the same corporate parent. In addition, services such as hulu, netflix, YouTube have exclusive digital rights as well. This is even before Apple can do anything.
Eddie is the boss. He isn't going anywhere. If anything, Eddie would delegate some responsibilities while he concentrates on higher priority items.
Coming soon: iwatch by Beats and iTV by Beats.
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