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So saying thanks is not charitable?Good for those companies.
Better than Google Maps sending you across the median into oncoming traffic.---Deja vu all over again.
And how accurate is the geo-fencing. Do I have to be IN the house or within the tagged area of house (which extends in 3 dimensions past the physical structure).
Sorry, she was de-fleshed unless you believe every Cube has a queen.
So what current Android phones can upgrade to this?
Hmm. This seems to affect Sammy more than Apple. How long until Google abandons this initiative.
Any change of date will be a "delay" because Apple.
1. You honest don't believe the tripe you just wrote, do you? $50 million for treatment.2. Lots of companies employee match. Are they less altruistic?
It'll cost Google $2000. If Apple pulled this shit, a class action lawsuit would've been filed.
Wrong? Hindered? Are we looking at the same iPhone numbers?
New Posts  All Forums: