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Um. I doubt anyone kept copious records of every mine they laid.
Protectionism or hatred of thievery?
What they don't tell you is Sammy has 1,2,3,4 and 5 fingered gloves in the product line:)
Exactly. Devs shouldn't use shipment market share to figure out which OS to develop for first. However that's all we hear about from analysts.
So where does Google's 35% come from?
Is that the last time Apple increased its prices down under? Uh nope.
That's the problem with lying. Sammy can't remember which lies it told.
DOJ to investigate Apple on the so called exchange rate prices increases.
Sammy is a thief. It didn't have any good design ideas of its own, so it attempted to steal the work of others.
In 10 years, we'll finally have a verdict.
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