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We will never know what the 5 would have done. But many people want new phones rather than last year's model. Also many put color near the top of their selection criteria.Haha. Can't be any worse than the iMac color / designs back in the day.Really? You know what Apple expected on the 5?
I respectfully disagree with you. The 5C expanded iPhone availability to those price conscious consumers. In addition, it allowed Apple to test creating two new popular iPhone lines concurrently.
If anything, it's Sammy sells cheap low margin crap.Bullsh1t.iOS apps can run on iPads so iPhone market share by itself under counts the entire iOS population.
Has any of IDC's forecast been right?
Yes. Apple will still maintain a healthy profit margin.So are you saying they should add a modem too? Just in case the Ethernet port dies and wireless isn't working.As for your optical drive scenario, how often does that occur? In addition, you can put it on a USB drive.
Considering iOS apps can work on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, smart phone market share is not indicative of the entire ecosystem.In addition Apple has never had a majority of the "smart phone" market and it's doing just fine. It's share of the cell phone market is growing.
Why don't you ask the other phone vendors first. And you do realize regular cell phones do the same "damage".Battery life, weight...
So you include an iPod nano but won't include the iPad Air or the iPhone 5? You include the Cube but won't count the Mac Pro?Let me guess, Cook iterates and only Jobs innovates.
I wonder which moron case makers have already started to produce cases for this thing.
This guy seems quiet now
New Posts  All Forums: