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I've seen a handful of 5Cs in the wild. Mostly with teenagers.
He's just saying because he is paid by Apple. The convergence of OS X and iOS is inevitable. Just like the convergence of all appliances. In a few years, Sammy will introduce a fridge-oven-sink hybrid appliance. /sHappy birthday, Mac.
I hope you're using the other hand to hold on to dear life when using mass transit.
What matters more, your opinion or the people who actually are using the iPad in those situations?
Color, don't need the latest and greatest, cost, don't need to whine on tech blogs. I've listed four reasons.NFC isn't going to be there. Apple has moved on to other tech.
How many Crazy Carl articles do we need? It'll be dominated by Carl...err...sog35!
Apple has been doing fine for the last 10-15 years without the WS distraction. In addition Amazon is out in force to distract WS from looking at their numbers.
I was going by history. Not sure they need all five colors and perhaps they'll go with 16GB.
The 5S.
Yes but they have less info on me. Googs has search history, email, friends, location, etc.
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