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Nope. Apple can proceed as normal.Nope. Apple just needs to focus like they have been doing. No sense being a jack of all trades.TVs are commodities. No money in them. You think it's just easy to add cable to Apple TVs? You do realize cable companies charge rent for their own boxes. Why would they give that up?Didn't WS want netbooks and cheap iPhones? Both are low margin products. Apple doesn't care what analysts want.Again, TVs are low margin and aren't replaced as often...
Wall Street isn't rational.
It was. Jobs learned a lot from the failure/embarrassment. NeXT and Pixar were the result. Then the mighty return.
It's BI. They write BS.Swedes?
Big Foot has been vacationing in the Pacific NW. He has my iPhone so I'm tracking him.
Google: the patents are a joke. Court: um, didn't you bid on them? Google: that was a joke bid. Court: um sure. We always bid on item in jest.
Sounds like the Swiss clocks will be extra large. In fairness, the SFR probably do need paperweights.
I don't think anyone said the avg Joe can't do it. It's that they don't care to change it.You bring up Maps, what's the usage of Apple Maps compare to Google maps on iOS? I have both.
Did you search for Google.com? Nope. Google will then "donate" to the DOJ and then suddenly the DOJ will investigate."If Safari becomes less useful as well, it's going to be third thing (maps, Siri, Safari) in iOS being second rate because Apple is having pointless feud with Google, and more reasons for users to switch away from what they already think is overpriced fashion toy."This quote sums it up. It's contrary to the evidence. Siri is very useful. Safari as well w or...
True but Apple's way is just the "convergence of design"
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