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Wow. No "Apple should buy GoPro" posts? Shocked.
Well that's Apple's "simple common business sense".
France can't stop anything.What sort of answer is that? Not everyone has the same morals. That's why we have laws. It's perfectly legal for Apple and others to avoid taxes this way.
HAL: I'm afraid I can't do that.
Maybe Apple will redesign the mini as Mac Mini with Beats.
Apple isn't cheating. The money was earned outside the US.A few states have sales tax holidays for a day or so on certain items.
No way. Corps should not pay less than the middle class tax payer. 10-15% is more appropriate.
According to whose morals?
I think a 10-15% tax rate would be ok to repatriate the cash. I am a shareholder and US citizen.
But can I see ads on the thing?
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