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Me thinks you mean Two-Face.
So Batman is Jobs? Sweet. Was the Jobs the CEO we deserved or the CEO we needed?
How long until someone bends the nexus 6?
So what's the diff between android TV, nexus q, chrome cast, and nexus player? Sounds like Googs is grasping at straws.
Ok sorry. I wasn't sure compared to other comments on the thread.
It's an evasion. In many states, you are required to pay use tax on things you buy online if the company doesn't collect them at the time of sale. Govt don't go after individuals but they do go after companies that try to evade taxes.
Wow. What a douchey comment. It's harder to start a career later in life.Who's gonna pay for it?Apple doesn't own the eggs. I'm sure the woman would have to pay for storage/maintenance costs after leaving Apple.
I want the logo to glow.
Dear plaintiffs, you could have gone looking on your own time.
Sorry, that's the nature of IT: Nights, weekends, on call depending on role.I'm sure the women won't get pregnant at 50 but it gives them some wiggle room at the beginning of their career.My mom was 38 when I was born and 43 when my younger brother was born.
New Posts  All Forums: