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Nope. While Apple has its own legal dept, it can hire outside law firms to help. And I doubt they are allowed to roam the halls.
Are you serious?Google "how to run a marathon" and I guarantee you step 1 is not "wake up, then start running 26 miles. "
You just said " There are many things to compete for, not just first place." They are competing against themselves for personal best times. Hence they are athletes. No one runs 13 or 26 miles just for the hell of it. It takes months of training. And that makes them serious athletes.
How do you define a "serious athlete?"
And those reasons make someone not a serious athlete?
1. Is that fact?2. Undercutting is also anti competitive unless you're Amazon.3. iTunes isn't a monopoly.4. Do you read what you write? You ask for Apple to compete "fairly" yet you want them to undercut its competitors. Talking out of both sides of your mouth.
Apple doesn't have a majority in smart phones. Google reminds us that Android is "winning" the market share battle.Apple isn't Microsoft.
Stop whining, competitors. App Store policy has been in place for years.
Um anyone running a marathon or half marathon is a serious athlete. No one wakes up one day and decides to run a marathon after breakfast.
DOJ to investigate: "Apple appears to be encroaching on markets dominated by certain donors...er bribers...er companies with the intent to dominate. We can't allow Apple to compete so willingly. Everyone knows only Apple needs competition."
New Posts  All Forums: