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Just because Apple hasn't announced anything doesn't mean they are ignoring existing products. The iMacs were refreshed
Apple to announce the iShuttle.
Silly rabbit, WS is never wrong. HaProve it.Wrong as well as Cook in q1 did say the 5C did better than the 4S did at the same point in the year before.
Yup. Typical dumb analyst talk.Who knew that $37 billion would be "uneventful".
Apple promotes current products and not imaginary/unannounced ones.
Truth > analysts.
I'm surprised the chart is to scale. Normally these charts skew the lower bars to make it seem like they are closer to the iPad.
Never. It won't help Apple sell hardware.
Or users should be more careful around water/liquids.
Give me an iPad or give me death. -Patrick Henry.
New Posts  All Forums: