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I want the logo to glow.
Dear plaintiffs, you could have gone looking on your own time.
Sorry, that's the nature of IT: Nights, weekends, on call depending on role.I'm sure the women won't get pregnant at 50 but it gives them some wiggle room at the beginning of their career.My mom was 38 when I was born and 43 when my younger brother was born.
I don't see an issue with it. Do they have a similar program for sperm bank deposits?
@Relic I wish you the best In your recovery. But seriously, can you provide me an executive summary of your posts?
Im no fan of the NRA or guns in general, but guns can be used for self defense in trained hands.http://mobile.philly.com/news/breaking/?wss=/philly/news/breaking&id=279075291&
How long until the DoJ investigates Apple retail stores?
Can't wait for Amazon to get The Hague to investigate Apple.
What!?! So GTAT could have either signed the contract, fail to produce, file for bankruptcy OR not sign, stay solvent, be trolled by the Internet. Yea, I see that made the correct choice.
And where's the 5C? More proof Apple is doomed! /s
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