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I heard he's renaming the team to the Los Angeles Clippy of Microsoft.
Well if you feel resistance from your phone when you sit down, adjust its position.
Ideas get traded around. Sammy outright copied Apple down to the packaging. You cannot deny that. Where was the fingerprint sensor on the Atrix? How did it work? Was it as simple as touching a button?Apple continued to sell record numbers of iPhones? Continued to earn the most profit?
Hey it's the "religion" troll talking point.
Oh Schmidt.
Bite my shiny metal ass. - Bender I want to see vids where actual scientific methods are used. I have a 4S. I put it in my front pocket. If I feel any pressure from it when I sit, I move it. I don't not do anything and have it continue to push against me. It's common sense.
For starters, Jobs died. Secondly, if Jobs was still in control he would have changed his mind in any case as shown previously.1. You need to look up the def of troll.2. You claimed Steve never listened to customers and that Cook seems to do that. You inferred that these new ideas come from customers rather than the employees themselves.3 all I'm saying is Apple hasn't changed in its thinking regardless of who is in charge.
Wouldn't you need a blood sample to test for that?
You don't think the brilliant Devs / engineers would have thought of these things too? You think they don't have ideas if their own.
Haha Sammy. That's a difference between Sammy and Apple. Apple leads and releases products when it feels the products are ready. Sammy follows and reacts.
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