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Latest rumor: iWatch by Beats by Apple.
Since only Apple releases numbers, I'll take this "report" with a grain of salt.
Wait I though Amazon would never raise prices and become a "bad" monopoly.Amazon isn't doing this for the Customer, it's abusing its power.
Apple doesn't rush things.
How long until the dr. posts? I still don't see it happening. Color me surprised if it's confirmed.
Half the price, half the quality. In addition to iOS having a better ecosystem and is guaranteed to have its OS upgraded.
The weakest link will always be the human element.
Oh great. How long until Googs make live-streaming an opt-out.
It's the hair coil. Throws everyone off including a supposed award winning reporter in Lois Lane.
A little self absorbed to donate time to charity? Wow. Just wow.Growth rates slow down. You think they can be hyper growth forever? That's not realistic.Pushed the product release dates to the holiday quarter. Why is that bad thing? Delays due to too much demand is never a bad thing. So when Jobs was CEO, there were no delays what so ever. Is that what you're saying? Even a good thing as increased stock price, you somehow managed to put a negative spin on it. First of...
New Posts  All Forums: