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Because he's not pro-Apple. He's pro-Carl with pro-$$$$ a close second.
As an owner (shareholder), I demand to see what they are developing. I can keep secrets. /s
I have no idea what this means. Apple insiders cannot buy shares based on inside information until two days after said info is made public.Nor can Icahn own enough shares to cause in increase in stock price.
Yup, Google always requires consent. They never find a workaround. /s
Ok. How about this. Dave, I see you are wearing shorts. You do realize its 50 F out there. How about some Levi's jeans. On sale now at JC Penney's. You really need to change though. And no, I'm not live streaming to you tube.
More realistic from GoogleNest: Dave, I notice a heat wave is in your area. How about some Lipton Ice Tea. That's brisk. You can also check out the personal AC from Brookstone. Only $100 if you mention Nest and give them your zip code.
Using substandard parts isn't Apple's MO. In fact, they improved some parts in the 5C compared to the 5.
Apple is still doomed, right?
Have any of you wondered how Crazy Carl is buying the stock? I'm pretty sure he didn't have it sitting in a bank account. He's selling other shares for a better investment. What do you think will happen if he finds a better investment than Apple? He ain't in it for the long term.
Steve is gone so no one will ever know if he would or wouldn't have done whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: