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So basically you don't know if it's trees or an empty field.
No one's whining and I know the ball is in Discover's court.
Not sure but isn't Ive in charge of software and hardware design? So they may have a hand in future releases.
Well in some states, you do need third parties to sell cars by law.I still don't buy this project. It'll take years before it ever sees the light of day. Apple will need to get in the tire business as I doubt they'll trust others to make tires for the car.
No way Apple builds its own car. Apple likes to control everything it can. With cars, there are so many moving parts plus you have to work with the existing parts available. I do think it may be working on a more integrated brain of the car. Using Touch ID to remote unlock or start a car among other options.
Primary card. I do have a MasterCard associated with ApplePay.
How is that disappointing? Tell you what, I'll consider you a success once you make $15 MM a year. Otherwise you're a failure.
Still waiting for Discover...
Well 49" is too small for my room and 80" is way too big. 49" is probably too big for most apartments.
Ok. It's like having one beer instead of two beers. Or having Matt Smith as the Doctor over your favorite. Again, still good but not great.Why is the outcome only binary: mega-hit or failure.
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