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This would explain why the Surface is outselling... Nothing.Unless the OS is built for touch, touch won't occur on a laptop.
How is the smartphone market defined?Seriously? Every bad news in the tech sector is somehow worse for Apple and only Apple. WS cries market share like that is the only goal ever. WS complains about lack of cheap iPhone and falling margins. WS doesn't get Apple and it shows.
Because to Forbes, Apple is a Dead Company Walking. Only Apple will be affected by mass extinction, a 10 earthquake, or global warming. Analysts don't get Apple.
Use an iPad then Still I don't see an iPhone > 5". Perhaps around 5", but certainly not Phablet size.
5C can be bought by 3GS buyers. I'm not sure what mean by reverse. Should Android vendors release that info?What are you talking about? iPhone 5S is #1 and the 5C was #2 on the US carriers. You realize we're talking about models, right.We all know Sammy ships the most units and Apple earns the most $$$.[/quote]
You left the sarcasm tag off.
So now you speak for everyone? I'm sure Apple and its carrier partners share info.No but calling a lack of USB as a failure is trollish.
The market is already competitive. This won't change a thing.
I guess Amazon didn't "contribute" to the Court of Appeals. The case is a shame in the first place.
Apple always increases production every year and demand always increases as well. Say they meet demand for the first quarter after release, then what. They'll have to start drawing down production sooner than usual. When that happens, WS will flip out and sell.Having higher demand is a good thing.Apple didn't miss its expectations. WS did. Why should Apple be punished because of clueless analysts.
New Posts  All Forums: