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It's called the vocal minority. Complainers want to be heard. Still I wonder if I can use "trying to save battery on my watch" as an excuse to not work out. I believe the battery life on the watch is fine for most users.
Lies, damn lies, and anonymous sources. Cote's buddy is monitoring Apple currently and is charging an astronomical fee to read the WSJ. Why would Apple do such a thing? It's lies from competitors and/or Apple enemies.
No it doesn't. iPads are still leading all tablets is sales, profits. There is no need to go to USB C. If anything, there could be a dongle but I doubt it. All the Macs should get USB c first before even thinking about putting it on an iPad.
Don't be a troll. Note Sammy had a billion different phone connectivity ports in the last 10 years.Apple isn't replacing lightning anytime soon.
If you're including third world countries, yes the iPad is expensive for most people.And if people can get Chromebooks for cheap, what are its numbers? And the PC market is in decline.
Have you seen the Phillies play? Haha. I'm a fan.I think his dad was a Yankees fan since the Phillies were dreadful back in the day while the yanks won a lot.
Can't Sammy come up with something original for once? Damn thieves.
I always thought the Western Hemisphere contains Western Europe as well as the Americas.
For accounting purposes, GAAP is followed. Sales occur when the company transfers the inventory to another seperate entity regardless of payment being received. So that's shipments. Payments outstanding is accrued.
Maybe but being an a-hole doesn't mean you're necessarily undesirable. Anyone can be an a-hole depending on who you talk to.When I think undesirable, I think criminals, gang members, druggies.
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