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It's not puzzling at all. The Dec qtr is the best qtr to release new consumer electronic products because of the gift giving season. I don't buy that consumers already spent money in the prev 9 months and can't get something in the Dec qtr.I rather see too much demand than too little. Tim knows what he is doing.
Mac Pros don't count?
The original iPhone was also not subsidized.As CEO, she was probably obligated to stay 6 months. Besides, the bonus stuff is just rumors.Again, 35% growth rate is unsustainable. What's Amazon's or Google's growth rate? Those who want that are just money grubbers. The TV set and wearable markets are small relative to the smart phone market. In addition, the set market is a low margin affair. You're not getting 30% growth from that. In addition, wearables and TV sets aren't...
@drblank I don't feel like editing your comment in my reply so...Who says Apple has to get 30% growth every year? Apple doesn't NEED to do anything they aren't doing now. Why are you comparing qtrs to each other in the same fiscal year? Apple is in the consumer electronics business. The Dec qtr will always be the biggest qtr due to gifts and such. Why would you want to move away from that? Oh no, 3 months! The horror of waiting. I had forgotten Jobs announced new products...
Nope. Apple can proceed as normal.Nope. Apple just needs to focus like they have been doing. No sense being a jack of all trades.TVs are commodities. No money in them. You think it's just easy to add cable to Apple TVs? You do realize cable companies charge rent for their own boxes. Why would they give that up?Didn't WS want netbooks and cheap iPhones? Both are low margin products. Apple doesn't care what analysts want.Again, TVs are low margin and aren't replaced as often...
Wall Street isn't rational.
It was. Jobs learned a lot from the failure/embarrassment. NeXT and Pixar were the result. Then the mighty return.
It's BI. They write BS.Swedes?
Big Foot has been vacationing in the Pacific NW. He has my iPhone so I'm tracking him.
Google: the patents are a joke. Court: um, didn't you bid on them? Google: that was a joke bid. Court: um sure. We always bid on item in jest.
New Posts  All Forums: