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Not black and white. If Google didn't care about market share, why even bother with Android to begin with. They could sell ads on all the platforms and behave decently for a change. Why are they offering free services if they could play ball in the ad games.Apple couldn't care less about the low end market so they have conceded it to those willing to play at that end.
...yet. But as they say, some folks rather be the boss rather than an underling.
Based on what non anecdotal evidence? The "Your verse" campaign is great as is the "Powerful" campaign.
That's been the case for 7 years yet iPhones are still selling shit tons.
Wrong. Usage market share is more important than shipment market share. Devs care about who is using smartphones than who has them. If usage drops to single digits, yea Apple will be in trouble. Then again iOS apps can be used on all idevices. Why do people forget that?The iPhone is most definitely a smartphone. Deny it all you want, but you won't change history.
In related news, Sammy is also considering Apple's in house advertising group. Literally. Spies are everywhere.
Not sure what you mean. Apple approves all ads anyway. They are always in control.
I forgot that Google is the knight in shining armor, protecting our right to choose as long as it's a Google service.
This isn't the 80s and 90s. Apple failed then because it tried to go after market share. Its Mac product line lost focus and try the shotgun approach. Apple has never had the majority of smartphone market share.Exactly about China. That's why Apple will succeed, the middle class in China is growing fast.I believe my dumb phone back in the day could run apps. It certainly wasn't a smart phone. The definition is arbitrary and none of these reports explain how they define...
I seem to remember Google rewriting history stating they didn't want to the future of mobile tech being decidedly one man (Jobs) or one company (Apple).
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