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Lawyers don't give testimony so they technically aren't under oath. Also the opposing counsel can object so the judge can decide.
If that was the case, I'd recommend hari-kari.
Don't forget to slap a Nike swoosh to it as well.
TV news is all about ratings. It's sad. If I hear "exclusive" or "only on this network", I just cringe.
Blackberry sweetened the pot with a lifetime* supply of Canadian bacon and Maple Syrup. *denotes lifetime of company.
Forget the ITV set and iWatch, the iPlane is Apple's next big thing!
Isn't Vine owned by twitter?
Good luck to HTC. Hope they take sales away from Sammy.
Um...is Zuck having a one-third-life crisis?
Anecdote: my company buys $2k hp laptops and we use Citrix for many things.
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