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You know Steve personally? Steve Jobs also did not want to release the iPod or iTunes for Windows.Agreed. the 4S will be history. The 5C/5S will still exist and be a "step down" as always. The 6 and 6+ Will be 4" and 5C: free w contract, 8GB, one color.5S: $100 w contract, 16GB; silver, black6: $200 w contract, 16GB; silver black6+: $250 w contract, 16 GB; gold, blackObviously 32, 64 will exist on the 6. And 32, 64, 128 will exist on the 6+.
You think that would help? Wall Street is stuck in the "market share matter" game. Apple doesn't operate that way have always been different. If Wall Street hasn't figured that out in the last 15 years, nothing is going to change their mind.
Sure they are. Just like 1% accuracy is better than 0% accuracy.You have no proof. Strike 1.Still no proof. Strike 2. Apple didn't release any specific numbers on the 4, 4s, 5, or 5S either.Strike 3. Apple didn't intend it for WS "emerging markets".
Is that suppose to help? I hate that too and I also think that should be an opt- in as well.
Hey AI, can you post just one article about this bullshit and then delete it. There will be no 5+" iPhone this year or ever.
Because Wall Street doesn't understand Apple.
The tech is cool but isn't useful to the majority of diabetics.
Must have been a bad batch. My 4S 's wifi is fine.
The average stock holder owns Quote:Originally Posted by Flabingo I was at the Apple store and was told about the ability of the retail employees to buy Apple stock at a 15% discount at the lowest price during the quarter! up to 10% of their income. Where do these shares come from?There are buyers and sellers all the time. Employees pay 85%, Apple pays the 15%.Flabby's at it again. Carl will suck Apple dry and leave nothing behind. He's the crystalline entity of investors.
I like these ads. Inspiring and actual promotes real use of the iPads.
New Posts  All Forums: