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I will note that Christmas is a US National Holiday. Merry Christmas.
John Hodgman is the PC. He's also recognizable. The commercials were not referring to users.
What shame? If shame is getting 4x more donations than last year, shame on me.Sure beats auctions and donation gifts.Oh boy. Windows.1985.1. Sammy's CEO would just dump ice shavings on his head.2. No one knows why viral vids go viral. I'm calling out grumpy cat, keyboard cat and lol cat to do this. The internets would explode!
Fine. We'll make a judge or a triumvirate of judges decide if the lawsuit is without merit or frivolous.
Sounds about right. I believe It was because the local priest/clergy chopped down a tree pagans (?) were worshipping and in the next year it started growing again. A new birth.
The Irish? I kid, I kid.That's absurd. Every knows Christmas is coming. Why bother hiding it behind a generic term like "holiday." You're not fooling anyone.
That's why all religious holidays should be celebrated instead of calling it a generic holiday season. You learn nothing about generic crap.As a side note, should we stop calling the Fourth of July, Independence Day? It could offend non-citizens or Brits.
I remember singing about the dreidel in grade school and had no issues with it.
I did warn you about that. Haha.
Is that why people are promoting Holiday Trees and banning (non religious) Christmas songs at schools?Merry Christmas!
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