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Remember when steve jobs would answer the media when deals were prematurely announced? Neither do I. In fact, as linked to earlier in the comments (in this or another Beats thread) all references to the offender were removed.Cook will also not answer any questions if the deal doesn't go through. Easy answer.It's great you know human behavior of someone you never met nor seen since this rumore started.Btw, Johnny Cash sang about killing a man in Reno.
You don't know Cook. Don't pretend you do. Afraid to talk to the media? He doesn't have to nor is this transaction confirmed.Every generation has "problem" music. Drug use was prevalent in the 60s and with bands such as Phish and Dave. Hell, Elvis was controversial. I'm not a big fan of hip hop but that's okay. Get off your high horse. If true, This thing isn't going to damage Apple at all.
Don't confuse SEP with non-SEP. how can one differentiate its products if the other guys are allowed to keep copying? Apple made deals with HTC and now Moto.I won't even discuss the absurdity of the size comment.
3. While publishers will make less, there would and have been more competition. In addition, they would have control and limit Amazon's bullying. Also, the ebook pricing wouldn't devalue books, in general, and will slow down the decline in hardbacks or paperbacks sales.5. Is the publisher setting the price too high or is Amazon demanding a larger discount? It may not be a monopoly in the purest sense but it is by far the largest player. If it was a smaller player, this...
The boy who cried wolf? Sammy stole from Apple. There's no denying that. Apple was then competing against its own tech. How can that not do harm to Apple?
What is it about Beats that brings the nastiness out.
An article from Billboard. Last time i checked, they don't conver tech news. Plus it's only rumors.
Is this the Dyson design inspired vac?
There are more entrants because of the Agency model and not the DOJ's early interference.
So do you have a specific example of this occurring?How can the market set the price when Amazon had a monopoly. Surely you have to give the market time to balance. 2+ years is a small time frame.
New Posts  All Forums: