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If I was a TV exec, why would I want to limit a potential hit show to five seasons?
But they did know the major story lines for the show. EW had a feature on finales and the Lost guys were part of it. I don't remember if it was them or other writers but they question who says the finale has to be the best episode? The finale wrapped up the show. Unfortunately you can never please everyone. I enjoyed the finale.
Nope. Into Darkness was a mess. I enjoyed it because I'm a nerd but it was still a mess.How can you write the ending if you don't know if you'll make it past 13 or 22 episodes?They can have a loose guideline of what they want to cover.
Beaten to it, but I will make Han shoot first in every scene. Will they release the prequels so fans can write better dialogue, plot, and kill JarJar?
Amazon's offices.
Was it a bribe or was it part of the patent dispute settlement?
Two things: what's the battery life on this thing and how long until the DOJ investigates Apple for "forcing" a high start price on poor Amazon.
We're mocking Kanye with his own quotes. We aren't commenting on his race or "culture" or stereotyping him. Biiiig difference.
So they got the first ever iPhone pricing wrong. So was Jobs a bean counter then? They've learned.The iPad is probably a better product than the iPad mini. I don't know. I don't own either of them. Anecdotal evidence, if anything.The original ATV had a harddruve. The revisions didn't.
New Posts  All Forums: