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Then don't buy the watch if it doesn't fit your needs. Apple knows what it's doing. It has been very successful in doing what it's been doing.
the iPad and iPhone have room for a larger battery to be able to use a camera and still have a charge for a day.
According to your thinking, the watch software is set in stone and will never change.
Now you're just trolling. There is less to do on a watch than an iPhone. Who's to stop anyone from burying themselves looking at an iPhone. It makes no sense to have a camera on a watch.
1. iPod and iPhone were considered too expensive when they were first announced.2. You haven't used the watch yet.3. Same thing was said about the iPod, iPhone, iPad.4. Wrong. An actual user of the watch said he used his iPhone less and isn't constantly bombarded with alerts on his watch. By using his phone less, he isn't distracted by other apps and time wasters.5. Apple charged $200 more for a black version of a MacBook under Jobs.6. You don't know Jobs. You don't know...
Are you kidding? Gold color != 18k gold.
Really? So we did get that Mac mini tower people have wanted for a long time? Did we also get that hybrid Mac/tablet device too?As a shareholder, I trust the current execs and their ideas. I'm pretty sure they are more knowledgeable about markets than we are.How many of those customers at these watch counters bought 18k gold watches...in a mall.
Why does Apple have to cater to every market? Let's say the gold watch is $5k. You'll probably complain that it should have been $2500. Apple is leaving out that market. Clearly there are people who want to spend 2500 but not 5k on a watch.It's s watch. Rich people have no problem spending thousands on a watch.
Therefore Apple's doing them a favor by pricing it out their financially irresponsible spending habits.
Apple isn't pushing the watch to users by just having the icon or removing competing devices. If the damn thing starts prompting me every time I unlock my iPhone...
New Posts  All Forums: