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Sounds like a "please use Cortana. Please use it. Pretty please" desperate move.
Haha. you lament that no one wears watches yet you try to push Google Glass on people? Irony.I've been wearing a watch for 25-30 years.
Not cheap plastic at all. I wonder how other plastic phones would do ?
Interesting. I never heard it as a derogatory expression.
Interesting. I bought Apple without his advice some 10 years ago.
How dare Apple upgrade iMac orders without user permission. Dear Apple, no one likes free upgrades! /s
Gene and Carl should roadtrip together.
Holy shiitake, Gene gave up? Apple so release an Apple TV set now and name it iGeneTV.
I don't think it's trust. It's more of a devil I know issue or the lesser of two evils.
Nope. Most of us already have TVs and don't need a replacement yet. I know I don't (hopefully).
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