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You still pushing this tripe? Apple has perhaps dozens of secret projects they are working and won't announce anything until it's ready for prime time. Google announces shit purely for PR and no where near consumer ready, if ever.
No shit. Did we really need an analyst to "confirm" this? Perhaps Dodo did.
The LA NAACP honored Sterling once and was about to honor him again.
How did they get this estimate? Oh yeah, I saw an analyst bent over with another analyst pulling a number out of the first one's ass. There is no iwatch and we don't know what it does.
Sorry, Googs. You are getting no way near my medical records.
Yes, Do no evil, indeed. Google could have at least try to be ethical.
iTunes for windows help sell iPods. What to any of these relatively new services help Apple sell?
Did Windows even have guidelines?
DOJ: we support Amazon's service and are investigating Apple's paid service.
Apple is wide awake and realizes your scenario is pointless. It doesn't help Apple at all.
New Posts  All Forums: