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Possible NYT headline: Apple doomed? 60% iPad buyers say 'No' to the iPad Air.
Android is worse: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2014/01/google-play-store-lets-your-kid-spend-like-a-drunken-sailor/index.htmOh and it's called "personal responsibility".
Tell coke, it isn't 1920. They should stop defending the curvy bottle design.My oh my the trolls are out in force. What time is it in SK?
If I don't understand something, I look it up. Are we going to blame Ford if we failed to enable the child safety lock because we didn't understand them?
"In-App purchases" are listed in the game information in the App Store.
No. Apple's fiscal year starts in Oct.
Just like child safety locks should be enable by default on vehicles, right? And TV controls on by default, right?If you are too lazy to thumb through the settings on a new device, God help your child.
I'm thinking close to 55MM iPhones sold. Analysts will probably increase their estimates just to say Apple once again missed their wild guesses.
Until you realize how many diabetics can wear contacts, how many can afford this "solution", how can these be mass marketed/mass produced.
"Poor track record"? That's a funny way of saying Apple doesn't overspend on acquisitions.
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