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Steve would never put an iPhone in his back pocket. My 6 goes in my front pocket very easily.
Would you work for a company that gives you 1 week of vacation or one that gives you 3 weeks of vacation? All else being equal. Do you want people to burn out or quit?It's about retaining your employees while attracting potential ones.
There are always "protectionist" tariffs/fees when foreign companies sell goods in a country.
F off, patent troll.
It's easier to break things you don't actually own. Because who is stupid enough to break something they bought.
I could probably do that to other display phones too but that is considered vandalism.
And boom, the black market ends. 60 MM in Dec qtr, here Apple comes.
1. Editorials are biased. That's why they are opinion pieces2. Why would Apple remove them? Wouldn't they get more sales by selling them? Plus they still sell refurbished 5s. (Oh yeah: **** that shit. )3. I disagree. Apple is constantly improving them. It may not be evolutionary but there are improvements. how many times must Apple remake a market?4. Fair enough. the 5C plastic isn't the same as other vendors' plastic. And the 5C wasn't the flagship. Jobs wouldn't have...
That sucks. Now you know you have to nail down those books. Haha.My iMac lasted 7 years but it didn't attempt suicide by jumping off a desk.----As for the 5k screen, I'm perfectly happy with 1080p.
Is that a design flaw? /sHow did it fall?
New Posts  All Forums: