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"No matter what happened in the last quarter, the current quarter will always be worrisome." -Apple analysts.
How are you so sure. It may not be a home run but a double or triple is still pretty good. Oh and the iPod HiFi failed first.
As of Dec 2, lollipop has been installed on 2.1% of android devices. So unless they had a spectacular Dec, it'll be around that low for a while. Plus how many of those devices can run it. So while SD functions have been restored, the vast majority aren't experiencing it.
Rumor contradicts another rumor. Of course the contradiction is unconfirmed.
You could've said that about iPods, iPhones, iPads.
I always thought it was Jason Snell but he's no longer with MW. Perhaps Chris breen?
Sony studios are in Hollywood.Isn't your house private property?That's not the point. Who the hell wants to see Transformers but you can't ban those movies.
The Macalope already took them to task.
I disagree. Apple should work with what it knows best and that's ios. Simply because the limited number of iPhone models is a good start to test and refine.That said, these predictions are useless because we know little about the watch nor do we have an idea when it will be released.
There's no benefit to Apple. Unfortunately the average customers just sees numbers with no/little context. It's sad.
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