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I still don't trust any Mapping software for 100% accuracy. Things happen: emergency construction, pot holes, disabled vehicles, road closures, different traffic laws, traffic circles. For the longest time, Google Maps kept telling me to make an illegal hairpin turn to leave my neighborhood.
But but but Cook is just a great COO. If accurate, that's a lot of iPhones.
Have a good idea? Don't invite a Google exec to join the Board.
I think we can compare IDC numbers to its own reports and not to reality. Unless of course their methodology changed.
It's 3 months in a qtr.If accurate, that's a shame for Amazon and Sammy. Of course were their numbers really that high last year? Only Amazon and Sammy can settle this but they choose not to which says a lot.
Apple doesn't rank market share high on its list of priorities.
The petition is useless.
But but but market share...commodity...doomed!
But Google would or Sammy would.
Do you have any stats to back that up? I'm not talking about surveys that may or may not predict purchases.
New Posts  All Forums: