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Blackberry sweetened the pot with a lifetime* supply of Canadian bacon and Maple Syrup. *denotes lifetime of company.
Forget the ITV set and iWatch, the iPlane is Apple's next big thing!
Isn't Vine owned by twitter?
Good luck to HTC. Hope they take sales away from Sammy.
Um...is Zuck having a one-third-life crisis?
Anecdote: my company buys $2k hp laptops and we use Citrix for many things.
My understanding is that Apple might be removing the middle guy between Apple's data centers and Comcast like Netflix is doing.
Courts to Sammy: bug off.
Why are you using a public network? On any machine, others could read your data you send over wifi unless it's encrypted
Once again Apple is taking advantage of the tragedy to offset the "5C is a flop" facts and to counter its lack of innovation. /s
New Posts  All Forums: