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Apple didn't have to do anything but release a new iPhone.Where did it say that going smaller would be successful with the iPod nano?
It's not the specs but the entire experience. Everything works together as efficiently as possible.
What's your point. He asked for Galaxy numbers.I'm surprised analysts didn't guess elevenity billion. I think 60 is reachable if China is included for at least a month or two in the Dec qtr.
Wah. Free music! Quit crying.
You ditch something successful for something that will be more successful. Witness the iPod mini and iPod nano.
Who's saying that? Analysts? Hahahaha. It may be a factor to lore Fandroids but I doubt it's the driving force. The driving force is a New iPhone.
Um no. Bigger, faster, stronger isn't a spec listing. 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, etc is. That being said, I know MP is used for the camera but that's because the average joe knows digital cameras that way.Yes. Once they got the user experience, weight, performance, etc, to their liking, they went with it. But it's the whole package and not an individual spec that drives its products.
Because if they waited until demand is fulfilled the rest of the world won't get the iPhone until 2015.
Please...if Steve had his way, iTunes and iPod would have been Mac only.If the majority of Asian smartphone buyers (allegedly) like large phones, then why shouldn't Apple go after them? It's not like they just expanded the size.
Sammy is a joke of a company. I hope their mobile division bleeds money. Screen size isn't copying. They had to create larger phones because they couldn't compete with the iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: