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That's unfair. Jobs founded Apple and resurrected Pixar prior to becoming CEO again. He already has money. Plus Jobs had those stock options.
I wish I could visit my mother's homeland but the flight would kill me.
Apple knows where it doesn't have stores. If Apple can snap its fingers and put a store there, it would. Unfortunately the real world doesn't work that way.
Are you serious? People can take your phone when you leave it unattended or are sleeping.
If you're working on a patient or fighting a fire, chances are you're not looking at your phone anyways.Why aren't you charging it at home?
I read somewhere that you don't plug it in and it's charged "wirelessly". Perhaps that's the difference.
58 seems kind of high for the after holiday quarter. Then again I thought 60 was high for the holiday quarter. Whatever number it is, it would be frakking amazing.
Wouldn't it be cool if Cook said into his watch "meet me on stage" and KITT arrived!
DC replaced my card without any action by me. They also sent me a letter indicating no fraud detected but it was replaced as a precaution. I also check my statements so no unauthorized purchases there either.
Frakking insane numbers. I wonder how badly Sammy Galaxy 6 will do in the next quarter.
New Posts  All Forums: