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Haha. Oh wait, you're actually serious. I will give credit where credit is due. I'm not going to give credit to thieves.
Microsoft Windows Pay for Mobile 10.
In Sammy's defense, they only have access to "copy/paste" and not "edit". 😃
Haha!Sammy has no loyal customers. Plus I bet the number that care about removable batteries or sd card is relatively small.
No thanks, Google. I don't want to hear an ad instead of a disk tone or ringback tone.
Kudos to Sammy to copying Apple more closely than before?
Apple doesn't need competition to "push forward". It does that on its own.
Not this statement again. Competion is always good but everyone else seems to follow Apple. Apple shouldn't be the world's R&D department. It's frakking shameless that these competitors ape the Apple naming conventions.
Sammy, you're shameless.
The patent system is broken.How is it fair that one inventor invents something but does nothing with it while another inventor invents the same thing (not knowing of the first inventor) but actually does something only to be sued.
New Posts  All Forums: