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1% is pretty damn impressive after a month for only the newest phones.I haven't used it yet since Discover isn't on it yet.
You need a warrant to search if it's not in plain sight.
If you haven't done anything wrong, please let the cops search your house.
Pump and dump. 60MM is reachable. Not sure about anything higher.
Bullshit govt fishing expedition.
A smart decision.
I think it was analog to digital. In the commercial you can sort of see a wire from the MacBook lead to the turntable.
Apple didn't gut them. The companies themselves got lazy and complacent as Apple zoomed by.Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate.
Wait, does that mean I won't get a $2 iTunes gift card? /sHurrah for common sense.Actually Apple is glad there is a verdict. Can't be sued again for this issue.I hope the judge says to the lawyers: now that you've wasted all of our time, pay Apple its legal fees and reimburse us for court fees.
Sold out means nothing without quantity.If Sammy can pay for good reviews, it wouldn't surprise me if Xiaomi did as well.
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