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How are they screwing up?Difference is Apple cares about compromises while the others release half-assed products.Blah blah blah. So are you a start-up guy or a CEO headhunter? Is every company calling you for CEO advice? What, no? What a shocker.You have no fucking clue what goes on at Apple.Oh and btw, NeXT and Pixar weren't overnight successes. He relied on his team
"Great, more ads" - said no one.
Blah blah blah. If your going to reference surveys, you better post the links.
I wish the World gets together and say to Sammy: enough of your thievery. The profit from Your sales of stolen tech should be prorated and returned to its rightful owners.
I had to quickly read all the posts prior so I could be first! Haha.
Haha. The iPad has been out since 2010. There's always an opportunity but no one is buying that tripe.
I think the eye pain is caused by Glassholes being punched in the face for wearing the dumb things in public.
But can you dance with the thing? That's what I want to know!
It's the principle. Apple: "you steal out tech, we'll sue the shit out if you. Now **** off. "Quinn's a lawyer and works for Sammy. That's double scummy for him.
Omg Apple TV hasn't been updated in two years!!Apple blew it? In what way? Why would they want a studio? Not every show is a hit. I guess the content on Netflix was so popular, they needed to raise subscription prices. Please Amazon has a different business strategy and goals.By the way, how much 4K content is out there?
New Posts  All Forums: