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Of course not.The NFL has the Rooney Rule that mandates a team must interview at least one minority for a head coach position. Can anyone explain why the league has mostly minority players yet only a few minority head coaches? It all starts with opportunity.
In an ideal world, hiring would be objective. We dont live in an ideal world. Everyone has bias. Hiring is subjective. Now I don't believe in quotas and I feel Affirmative Action is very flawed, however I think there could be improvement in opportunities given.
Gruber has this same analysis.
Politics is different. You have to lie better than your opponent to win.Damn, that was my response too.
How dare Apple lock the back door!Bwaaaa haa.Customer: Say tell me how to upgrade my android phone to 4.4. I just got it last year.Carrier: sorry, we may release an update in 6 months but what you really want is a new phone.
Yes but it's implied that people hire those they are comfortable with.
1 and 2 person hiring is different. I'm not arguing for quotas but if you're white and you hire three white people over the other qualified candidates who happen to be a minority, all else being equal, because you feel more comfortable, then that's racist.
Pretty sure they are still available for PPV. Besides, consider the US as stress testing for the rest of the world.
No but if you have 3 white people and 3 black people with similar experience and hire the 3 whites, that is racist.
Source? A lot of companies and universities have purchasing departments that buy assets for their employees. No employee just goes out and buys a computer for the employer without approval.
New Posts  All Forums: