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TSA searches your body, Google searches everything else.
Beat me to it! Although if we flag him, maybe he can get more thumb ups.Mike daisy. Page views. NYT want to be in the news itself.
NYT probably went to a counterfeit Apple store. Frak the grey lady! So much for "fairly crowded" to be a negative.
Some irony there.
Apple is happy to work with others on Search. It doesn't need to make its own. It just needs to move away from Googs. As for Apple Maps, it was expected once Google release Android and shunned Maps for iOS in favor of Android Maps.
The Mechanism is bribery. .
Cote to Apple: it's my opinion my personal friend...errr...my choice of monitor should continue to operate freely at Apple for the benefit of Amazon...um...the American people. The fees he is charging Apple is just as I get a cut...uh....as it is consistent to the amount Amazon pays me...I mean...the amount other violators have paid us...um...him.
But it's an arbitrary divide. It's like saying people over 5'5" are more likely to own houses and cars and have a job. Little do we know the study includes children under 5' 5". That data skews the data for the
If any other company did it, it wouldn't be an issue. This is Sammy we're talking about. Its MO is copying.
US Govt to Apple: we'll get your money one way (lobbying, contributions) or another (fees, fines, settlements, anti trust lawsuits without merit).
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