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Um no. Bigger, faster, stronger isn't a spec listing. 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, etc is. That being said, I know MP is used for the camera but that's because the average joe knows digital cameras that way.Yes. Once they got the user experience, weight, performance, etc, to their liking, they went with it. But it's the whole package and not an individual spec that drives its products.
Because if they waited until demand is fulfilled the rest of the world won't get the iPhone until 2015.
Please...if Steve had his way, iTunes and iPod would have been Mac only.If the majority of Asian smartphone buyers (allegedly) like large phones, then why shouldn't Apple go after them? It's not like they just expanded the size.
Sammy is a joke of a company. I hope their mobile division bleeds money. Screen size isn't copying. They had to create larger phones because they couldn't compete with the iPhone.
Troll hard.I pre ordered my iPhone off contract. Mainly because my unlimited data plan.Troll harder.This wasn't the opening weekend. This was just for preorders.
Sammy's response: Tim, we need more details on your secret projects. Please Tim.
Yup. I'm getting 64 GB 6 instead of the 16.
Do you print out images in poster sizes? 8 MP is more than enough for 8x10s and below. Don't get me wrong, higher MP would be nice but at what cost: file size.I still have a point and shoot mainly to zoom in farther.
The fact Sammy customers waited is bad news for Sammy. Apple isn't going to get 100% of Sammy defectors but a little but every qtr adds up. Say only 10% of those folks buy iPhones now. That is still > 0.Troll much?
Stay classy, Sammy.
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