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Who wants only one company? Is that Google's talking points?I wouldn't mind seeing Nokia or HTC survive with Apple.Nope. People are in the mindset to upgrade every two years when their contract runs out. That's not going to change.As for subsidies, I don't think tmobile is doing them anymore. However they offer a payment plan if the lump cost is too high. Likewise for the other carriers if they choose that route.But why would that affect only Apple?
I like it. So much easier to sell 100 shares post split than 14 shares.
Difference is the iPods were different gens and not a cosmetic change.
Lie, cheat, steal, bribe: the story of Samsung.
Well some comments have already reached the the bottom of the dumbness scale.Pssst Apple achieved higher phones sales and revenue in the latest qtr (yoy) in China.
Somehow the analysts will spin this as bad news for Apple. So much for marketing.
Here's the deal, though. Adobe has said Flash is needed for the "Full Web Experience" and people have harped on Apple not including it by default on OS X and not including it all on iOS.
What other cell phone companies were advertising color prior to the iPhone 5C? I don't recall any. This campaign should have been done a long time ago. If Nokia did, Apple probably wouldn't have done the 5C ads.Oh and since the 5C was advertised as colorful, how can Nokia tout they're the only ones in a b&w world?
Source? Still I think Apple will release a ~5" iPhone. Not sold on a Phablet.
Wasn't the iPod's tag line "more colorful"? In addition, MS marketing should have stayed away from the color ads as Apple already used them for the 5C.
New Posts  All Forums: