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But you said there was a mass smuggling ring. I asked you for numbers.NYC isn't representative of the entire US.
I hope Apple sticks it to Sammy on the supply chain side. We all know it can't be done cold turkey. C'mon Sammy competitors, step up your collective game.
So you've been to all the Apple stores in the US? Video evidence of targeting Asians? Are there any video evidence targeting other races? If not, then based on your logic only the Chinese resell iPhones. Everyone else just keeps them for their own personal use.
Mass smuggling? What are the actual numbers? What's your source? Anecdotal evidence doesn't count.Perhaps Apple shouldn't sell phones w/o a contract for a period of time after release.
Build excess capacity just for launch? Plus these iPhones use components. Who is to say that they get all the components for all the iPhones they would need at launch? It's a logistical dance.
That's fast. I usually wait until the first bug release before upgrading. Not this year as I'll get my iPhone 6 in three weeks.
It might work. Apple can say you can't get a numbered token until 10 am the previous day. And you need to come back by the time the store opens and line up by the numbers on launch day. But who is to say those line tokens won't be sold.
They will always run out of iPhones. You think Apple doesn't want to sell iPhones to everyone? There's only so many iPhones they can make. Suppose they could have start making them earlier. That means they would need to stop making the previous iPhones sooner so then they will have a scarcity of current iPhones by a month or two. How does that help?Because Black Friday sales always run smoothly.
"These people"? Plus they aren't the only ones blocking businesses and sidewalks. People of all races/nationalities do the same thing. Plus not all Chinese people sell these for the overseas market.
Please. Scalpers can also be white, black, brown. Just check eBay out. I'm sure people list the iPhone 6/6 plus on sale because they accidentally bought another one or changed their minds instead of returning them.
New Posts  All Forums: