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Bullshit. You know it.
Perhaps it's AT&T. I preordered my 6 from Verizon on 9/13. It was quoted to be delivered on 10/14. I recd it on 9/30.
It read this as iBacon. I'm hungry now.
Bizarre. I've been rubbing my 6 all over my facial hair and nothing happens.
Negative headlines attract trolls and hence page views.
It's not Apple's job to create a market for competion. Survival of the fittest.Plus the Apple of the 80s/90s is a lot different of the Apple of today. Apple has focus now.
They didn't pay for the prototype. They paid for a regular iPhone.
Sammy, karma's a bitch. Where are the market share preachers?
There's also a lot more devices to upgrade to the 8 than there were to upgrade to 7 last year. Still, I'm waiting for 8.1 and skipping 8.0.2 for now...
Haha. The Next Big Decline is almost here.
New Posts  All Forums: