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Yup. Eventually everyone will have cars, smart phones, PCs, TVs, etc. why bother.
Hogwash. Don't like the 30% cut, don't offer subscription services in the app. Make spotify ads refer people to spotify's website.
DOJ to investigate because Apple. Apple not only gets 92% of the profit but gets that without releasing cheap ass hardware that Wall Street inexplicably likes.
The iPad can use both.So Apple is allegedly cautious about a rumored unannounced product. Doomed™!
Mad had 90+% market share. Apple has no where near that % in iPhone share.
This is bullshit. The govt can kiss my ass. I guess it's ok for only Amazon to undercut competitors. Apple has barely entered the streaming arena. How can it have this much power?
You think marketing dollars is the main reason? Why can't the Galaxy phones every beat iPhone consistently if money is reason. Same for the Surface.In addition, how do you know what Apple or others spent in marketing. Remember the commercials for Galaxy Gear? Where did that get Sammy?Apple doesn't do free hardware.
I wonder if Sammy's special event will be sexist or poor taste? Sammy Galaxy Note: look at me! I'm still here.
Somehow they will magically find a shit ton of "others" just to lower Apple's market share.
Surprised IDC didn't spin this as a negative for Apple.
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