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Was dropping the atomic bomb considered a war crime back in WWII? I think that killed more civilians than these drone strikes.
That's because we remember the failures. Success is too boring for coverage.
It is bad news for only Apple. People get coffee and donuts at DD. while waiting in line, they play on their iPhones. With less stores, they'll be less people waiting and thus less need for an iPhone. It all makes "Wall Street" sense.
Is there app that counts up all the victims killed by terrorists?
Anyone got a 6s they want to lend me so I can test it? Nothing is too small for Apple to consider improving.
Apparently Apple knows otherwise as it has the data.
That's not convenient. Why bother having a sensor if you force people to use a pin.Did geotagging get that precise to tell that I'm at my desk on the 3rd floor and not on the lounge directly below my desk on the first floor? Or if a person in the neighbor cube swiped it and have it at their desk?
It's a toy. Doomed™.
Now analysts are saying 3-4 MM are China just so they can say yoy is flat in other launch countries. Analysts, always trying to turn an Apple positive into a negative.
Yea, I don't get the placement for the sensor. There are lots of time I have my phone on my desk and need to check something quick without picking it up.
New Posts  All Forums: