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The case was "exceptional". No other company has cloned another's product so blatantly.
Only Apple needs competition. Any competition Amazon gets will have to pass the DOJ vetting process.
I think this is more of a competitor to Kindle than the iPad.
Apple has never sold more than 60 MM iPhones in a qtr, let alone 75 MM. So his ass numbers is a pump and dump scheme.
Why would it foolish? Wearables aren't setting the world on fire. It'll probably be another netbook craze.
It becomes stealing when you distribute a copy and keep the original. (Or keep a copy and distribute the original)
So instead of Apple stock has been negative since it's high, the story will be Apple stock has no change in two years. Hey where are the users that said Apple wouldn't hit 700 (100) again?
Sprint lost me as a customer a long time ago when they randomly charged me internet access fees even though I turned that off. They blamed me for it.
And where did they get the 75 MM from?
You're kidding, right? So guesses out weigh facts and actual data?
New Posts  All Forums: