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Cue the MSM with articles and reviews and TV features depicting the bent Sammy. No?not popular enough? Anyone else want to go to Sammy Experience stores to do our own testing and filming? I'm joking, don't do it. That's vandalism.
That settles it. Everyone can pack their bags and go home.
Installed base or shipments? Ok, they may have had a quarter or two where they had a lead in shipments.
That's been said every year but it just hasn't happened. iOS has never had the majority market share.
Smart move. Drexel is in the heart of West Philly so this would be great for the area citizens.
$10 days Amazon or Googs has a complaint.
Didn't analysts predict Apple would fail in China and the Chinese population is too poor? Why do they have jobs still?
You think Apple is lying? How many iPad Airs have been sold? Several millions? So 10000 per million are not satisfied. That's probably where you are. Hardly a disaster.Searching for phrases mean nothing because of two words: vocal minority.
There are stats that back up those assertions. Your single datapoint does nothing to warrant "disaster".
Once again individual specs mean nothing if they don't play nicely with other components.
New Posts  All Forums: