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It's pathetic. The water pour last a few seconds and Sammy couldn't get one phone to work for that long? There is no excuse.If imore dot com can pour ice water over an iPhone in one shot, Sammy could do it as well.
Everyone knows ice water sends people 34 minutes into the future.
Gruber says the vid is edited/fake. Look at the time in the upper right corner of the phone.
How is this a response? It's mocking Microsoft's copying skills.
Looks like Crowley and BF are at it...again. Guys, get a room already.
Alanis sang about that: with one hand in my pocket and the other one's holding an iPhoneThe other hand can always do things.Ask the princess and the pea. Ha. No I think the lense will be constantly rubbed when pulling it out and putting it in our pockets.
Apple doesn't respond to thieves.
Apple isn't going to have the lens stick out from the phone. The design would be awful.
Bullshit. Let's manipulate the stock price today!
But down to the icons, screens, cables, packaging, etc?
New Posts  All Forums: