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I don't think that would happen in the near term. Perhaps a "Made for Beats" is in the offering
How is it desperation?Apple is doing fine in Asia and will always improve. Not sure what Europe is about.
1. Barrier to entry is Amazon's predatory pricing. Sure the pubs can go somewhere else but Amazon is the dominant player. What don't you get about that.2. What?!! Amazon sets the pricing. You can't be that foolish to think pubs are willing to lower the price of ebooks below cost. How can Apple leverage anything when they weren't in the market? You think Apple had a near monopoly in music and movies yet think Amazon is just a majority player in ebooks prior to the iPad?...
This comment is idiotic.Still interested to see what this means. In the short term it means nothing.
1. You think raising prices is the only way to be a bad monopoly? Barrier to entry. That's what Amazon has with its predatory pricing.2. In addition, who allowed Amazon to set market prices? Never in the history of anti-trust has the govt acted so early. Usually in new markets, the free market would decide what's fair or not. There is more to consumer protection than prices.3. That's great. With iOS devices, you can get a multitude of third party ebook apps plus access the...
1. Please. Amazon has a commanding market share. DOJ just pretty much legalized its monopoly.2. Everyone would have recd 30% and that's not all profit. In addition Amazon gets up to a 70% "discount" on hard covers. So your greedy Apple narrative falls short.3. Can I use another ebook app on the Kindle? Can I buy from other ebook stores on the kindle?You can still go through the browser to buy ebooks from Amazon, etc.not sure how you can be a monopolist in profits.
This is obviously bad news for Apple. Everyone knows China is full of poor people and they can't afford a new iPhone. I predict growth for those white box phones and Android. Apple will fall to -10% market share. Why minus? Because rich folks will buy overseas and return them in China. Duh. /s
Latest rumor: iWatch by Beats by Apple.
Since only Apple releases numbers, I'll take this "report" with a grain of salt.
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