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Not sure how it's marketing fault. They don't design the hardware. A buyer can always get the 32GB version.More memory has nothing to do with productivity. As I said, users are free to get the 32/64 GB iPads.What it is is that you don't want to spend the extra $$$. You feel entitled to a larger capacity iPad. If storage is important to you, spend the $$$.
No, he'll still complain about future results.
Well if it's a culture shock, the acquired employees would bolt. Apple isn't just acquiring tech but the people behind it.I Imagine Cook carries large bags of cash with $ on them and splurges.
I guess that bonus article is bullshit.
Do you have a link for SmartTV sales? I know Creepy Eric predicted something about GoogleTV but how did that turn out.
Many folks use a PC to check email and surf the interwebs. The iPad can replace the PC for them.----Where are the posters demanding a cheap iPhone? The 4S is the entry level iPhone.
I like the split. It always felt odd trying to sell 14 shares. Now I can sell 100.
Doomed! I bet the analysts will focus on the iPad numbers over everything else.
Why are we choosing an arbitrary point in time?
WS will always fill in any gap, no matter the size. How long after the iPhone was release were there rumors of everything.Slow innovation wise? I guess only new product lines count as innovation. Six year btw iPod and iPhone. 3 years btw iPhone and iPad.Actually Sept 2011, Apple was at 400
New Posts  All Forums: