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No offense, but that's the dumbest idea ever. Apple sells iOS devices. They make money selling iPhones. HTC isn't making money on Android.----So 106% is the new 103%.
His favorite design tool was a copier.
Fair enough but both were fired for strong reasons and not Cook cleaning house.
All of it was a stretch. People retire all the time. I'm happy she chose her kids over work. Hopefully there is an open door if she wants to return
Especially if they use fun house mirrors to represent Sammy.
I dont think Apple has used review quotes in its ads. I may be wrong.Not surprised by Sammy. Even shitty movies cherry pick good quotes.
Fine it's the iPhone 6++
Does Apple have any stand alone stores? I think they do own some retail buildings but usually Apple puts stores in shopping centers.You have the Nets. I think the official name is One World Trade Center
You chose to click on the story. Perhaps you should ignore headlines with Sammy's name if you don't want to read about them.When you read the sports section of a newspaper, do they only have stories on just the local teams?
As soon as Sammy stops stealing.
New Posts  All Forums: