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Now we got politics involved. Chicago is still corrupt. Also run by former Obama chief of staff.Back to the issue: if you don't use it (in a certain timeframe), you should lose it.
It's good, not gold plated so I can see it cost a lot more the 2.5k.Strange. Why would they set up a veiled display in the middle of the store for weeks on end. Floor space is valuable.
Not Apple's job to keep competitors in the market. It's the competitor's job to be relevant. .
Never heard of this bank. Now I know why.
Stop drinking and posting.
Bad news for Apple: the closer they get to a 100%, they harder it is for growth. /s
I wonder if they find 100 people who bought and actually use these Brand X tablets. Also, what do they consider as tablets.
If it's a unique idea, I think it should be patentable provided the inventor can prove it works within a limited timeframe. If not, the patent is lost and can't be patented by anyone else.
Ridiculous. Use it or lose it within 5 years.
Or magazine subscriptions, banks, charities.Yes. What are OEMs gonna do? Windows? Develop their own OS?
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