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I think we all had this discussion before.In any case the law firm should pay for Apple's legal fees and all court costs for this sham.
Hey Mark, don't worry about Cook and Apple. Fix your damn wall. Why am I seeing posts from Wednesday and Tuesday for the first time today?!
Well others have said it but this lawsuit has been going on for years. Plus I'm sure Apple records this information in case of recalls, warranties, etc.
There's a difference. Apple's patents aren't FRAND. Plus if Apple's patents were just the cup holder, why did Sammy go all out in copying that cup holder.When does the 6 go on sale in China? That'll prove you wrong.
It'll be released when it's good and ready. Cook even mentioned they have secret products that no outsiders knows about.How can you ignore the low prices? Apple and the majority of resellers wants to make money so they will not sell things below cost.You can't prove a negative. DOJ has to prove that conversation existed. It didn't.
This is a joke, right? Most Of my music is ripped, stolen, or Amazoned. My iPod still had all the tunes.
Doomed! I'm waiting for a new version of Apple TV.
What were the real alternatives prior to Apple?Sarcasm tag missing. Just because you don't hear about anything doesn't mean nothing exists.You're right. Apple did raise the price of music from free (stolen) to $.99.So no, it's not the same thing.
A rounding error.Still how can anyone use ios without a detachable keyboard or stylus?! /s
Strange, I haven't rec'd any. Am I not good enough for (RED)?He's probably flipping off the DoJ.
New Posts  All Forums: