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You're right. It's about Amazon whining and paying the DOJ to go after Apple.
Thanks for making this statement first. Kept me from wasting time reading the rest of the post.
Yup, for the next 10 years, Apple will release nothing and buy no one. Apple knows what it's doing.
This was Apple's first attempt at cell phones. Other manus were integrating music in to their own cell phones. If Apple failed, the others would slowly eat away at the iPod. If Apple failed, there would be no iPad. There would be no Apple.
If true, it would be fn amazing. No growth, my ass.
Metal might be too "premium" for SammyS5 plasticS5C siran wrap + duct tape
Oh gosh, Google guy. Apple took a big risk w/ releasing the iPhone. Google just followed the leader with minimal risk (relatively speaking). There was nothing like iOS on the market with a software keyboard.
Oh boy it's the convergence of design. /s Sammy just writes these jokes on their own.
In the mean time, Amazon is back to 90% market share. Yay, govt enabled monopoly.
Somebody needs to upgrade their sarcasm detector. Unless of course it runs Android, no updates are available.Perhaps Googs just bought Fadall to help reimagine Moto's phone.
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