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Rumored 12.9" iPad delayed and then summarily cancelled.
Apple will also release 4.4",4.5",4.6",4.8",4,9", and 5" iPhones.
Free falling? For the iPhone, I guess it depends on what your definition of the market is. For iPod, Apple still has 70% MS.No $300 iPhone. Apple makes more money on iPhones than on iTunes.
Whew. Good thing you posted this or I would have sold my shares.Side note: a lot of trollish comments on this article.
I don't think you do. Apple doesn't participate in evey market. Hence no netbook, no dumb phone, no cheap junk smartphone. Is there really a market between a iPad and a MBA? People who need the power of OS X won't settle for under powered chip.
Make it stop!
100 million users? Damn, how much profit are those guys making? Meanwhile Apple has 43% of the PC profits just by selling what they have.
If you ask the avg consumer what phone they had before their current phone or even two phones ago, I bet you most will say iPhone or an Android or a flip/dumb phone.
The avg consumer doesn't care about that.
That's not what I meant. How many users said/knew they had a Sammy phone without looking at it prior to the clone? Of course people can read the brand name.
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