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You're kidding me, right? The Mac Pro is a professional grade machine.It's whiners like you that complain Apple hasn't released stuff like they "promised." Apple has maintained products will be released through 2014. It's five+ months into the year. Wait until Nov to complain if they haven't released a thing.
Look at a fucking calendar. There are twelve months in a year and we haven't hit the halfway mark.Apple has a clear vision. How many consumer-level accessories are TB2?
Nothing will advance if "none" was a choice.
It's only a multiple choice if "other" was one of the choices.
I didn't realize technology is a multiple choice exam.
Dumbest post of the day!
Plagerism is wrong. Paraphrasing is acceptable.Not this troll meme.So no improvement? When did you get iOS 8? Oh wait.
And Amazon had the right to not agree. It's all negotiations, right?
There's a difference, Apple has patents and doesn't merely copy. It improves upon and integrates ideas not bolt it on as-is.
These dumb analysts haven't realized that this is developers conference.
New Posts  All Forums: