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I don't wear my current watch to sleep or shower and it is water resistant. So nothing will change for me if I get an Apple watch.
None of my cell phones have ever been waterproof and I don't drop them in water. I also don't wear my watch 24/7.If waterproofing is your number 1 criteria, get something else.
My wallet is leather. Definitely not water proof.Easily? Haha. Release your water proof watch then.
I don't think I'm getting one but I'm not going to whine about what Apple needs to do to get my money.
So you want Apple to build a watch that no one will use at that depth?In that case, I want a nuclear bomb proof watch.
I know. My tv should be water proof too. Along with my wallet. And my photos.Give me a break. If water proofing is your #1 need, get another item.
No, I wish I had $350 to "throw away". That's what they're doing when they purposely pushing the limits.
I wish I had money to waste like that. Fools.
So according to you the Apple watch is only available on April 24 and then will be pulled from the market.
Look at me! I'm still relevant! - Microsoft Still I blame Angela for not forseeing this from Microsoft. /s #BlameAngela
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