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Take care, Relic. I do enjoy skipping over your longer posts. 64 bit is just for marketing. /s
Well I don't buy much music and I prefer a physical copy of movies. I also don't stream netflix. I also prefer physical books. So basically you're wrong. But that's not a surprise.What killed video stores? Netflix.
Wrong. Piracy was killing the music store and music biz in general.My ADD helps me avoid bullshit although it has failed from time to time, hence reading your posts.
This is an Apple ad: showing real people doing real things. No dancing. No spec comparing. No inferiority complex.
Um no. PowerPoint and Keynote are usable in both iPad and a Mac.Microsoft is still flailing. There's a reason why Windows tablets haven't caught on in the last 15 years.
Ebooks aren't sold in a vacuum. Cheap ebooks affect the sale of hard covers, which affects independent book stores, which affects the employees of those bookstores. Amazon isn't doing this for the benefit of the consumer. It's doing it to drive those physical book stores out of business.
Who is entitled? I paid for an unlimited plan so I should continue to get it. It's not my fault the telecoms were short sighted.
Isn't Bing losing money? Isn't the xbox breaking even? I rather have a small group of products making profit than a large group of items not making me money.Take out Windows and Office, what's the profit for everything else.
Wait, she's counting Surface, splitting Windows and Office into multiple groups?
16 businesses? I find that hard to believe.
New Posts  All Forums: