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If Apple was just about engineering, every product would be sterile metal boxes with no personality.In addition, there are multiple ways to solve a problem. One way might be more efficient or less costly or easily reproducible.Females were/are steered away from engineering and science jobs at an early age.I saw a documentary on LEGO and the chief product designer didn't realize girls wanted to built stuff too. That's why they now have the LEGO friends line.
Probably not but there are a lot of pilots looking to become series. Obviously apple needs "TV people" to help decide what to take a chance on.
Pay up, Sammy.
Apple should buy shows from studios. They shouldn't be a studio.
More diversity doesn't mean all walks of life. But you have to admit people with different backgrounds tend to have different experiences and different resolutions to the same problem.
Do public corporations count as they aren't owned by anyone, per se?No it's hiring the best candidate but giving minorities a better chance to have interviews to impress the managers.
Haha. By "bold, fearless innovation" I think he meant "blatant, shameless copying".
Waiting for the "Sammy Pay is the Apple Pay killer" articles.
Saying that and proving it are two different things. Were people buying more macs because of the iPod or because the iMacs were getting better and better on their own?Besides the iPod was Mac only at first.
Where/how did Gene get 30% early upgraders? I have no idea what no subsidies would do to Apple sales. If it was financed, I could see people holding onto them for more than 2 years. I could also see early upgraders every year. It's hard to predict.
New Posts  All Forums: