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But but but open! Still analysts will spin this as a negative for Apple: If Apple captures the market now, where's the growth in the future?
Bad business deal = not my fault = lawsuit.
Sock monster has checked in to your dryer.
Nope. I can hear my toaster pop open. I can hear my dryer ding. I can hear my washer stop. I don't need them to connect.----I wonder if the the Sammy Galaxy S Toaster will have a stylus.
Options aren't standard. Nomenclature is.
Easily. My iPhone isn't easily accessible all the time. Why struggle to whip it out when I can look at my wrist.Cook isn't going anywhere because the watch isn't going to fail.
Apple isn't but it still has to conform to some standards as a comparison. Again, people are lazy.
"No matter what happened in the last quarter, the current quarter will always be worrisome." -Apple analysts.
How are you so sure. It may not be a home run but a double or triple is still pretty good. Oh and the iPod HiFi failed first.
As of Dec 2, lollipop has been installed on 2.1% of android devices. So unless they had a spectacular Dec, it'll be around that low for a while. Plus how many of those devices can run it. So while SD functions have been restored, the vast majority aren't experiencing it.
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