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Because you'll be called a bigot if you target Jewish and Islamic people.
Griswold v CT is 50 years ago. Rush and Santorum are idiots.
That's funny.No one is banning birth control. The argument for that was who pays for it.Marriage is a contract so of course the govt has to define it.Explain abortion. Isn't that hurting an unborn child? I guess liberals can explain that away.Liberals are for free speech as long as it's consistent with their views.Conservatives aren't the only group that has fringe crazy folks.
How is it different? I'm not equivocating nazis and gays.I doubt it applies to just the person being gay. If it does, then the law is flawed as I said before. Perhaps they find two male wedding toppers to be offensive.
Don't attack my religion. Can you force a Jewish bakery to make a cake with swastikas? If it's written by politicians, the law is probably flawed and too broad.
Great, ads on my internal organs.
You have numbers to back that up? Are you including MobileMe in your pre-Cook analyst?In this day, there are more Apple products in the wild than before and hence more vocal complainers.
The lawsuit is a money grab. You want them to report user accessible space? Write your representatives and Change the law.
Apple employees aren't allowed to talk about anything but current products.Anyone else doesn't know jack.
RIP. Apple sold that much every Two days in the last qtr.
New Posts  All Forums: