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Curiously you left part of the quote out: "A lot, but not enough. The only number I’ll give you is that demand divided by supply is greater than one, and so that’s all I’ve got for you, Walt. It’s a lot."Puts your partial quote in better context. That FUD seems trollish.
Point to the PR or quote where Apple said the apple watch would be the next iPhone. That's impossible. Is it making money? Most definitely.WS = failed business folks who pulled numbers out of their asses.Media. Haha. Haha!Every single iPhone user? Even those that don't wear watches and don't care about fitness? Hyperbole much? It was design for those users who would like a fitness tracker, notifications filter, etc. Someone who wants to whip out their phone less. Anyone...
Whose expectations?
Analysts to predict 120 MM iPhones for Fy16q1. Anything less spells Apple's doom.
Obviously you haven't taken a statistics class or performed a scientific survey.What are the demographics of the responders? Does it just rely on volunteers or did it reach out to those representative demographics? Which outlets did they track? What's the margin for error?Of course it's not going to be a blockbuster like iPhone or iPad. It's more strategic than anything else.
F U, govt. If there is a backdoor, anyone can attempt to crack it and some nefarious users could be successful. We shouldn't give up our freedoms for public safety.
Hogwash. He said Apple wasn't going to release numbers prior to launch. It's more strategic on its part rather than anything else.
Technicality. The lawsuit should just be dismissed.
Yea and the iPhone never had a removable battery or sd card but the sell record quantities year over year.
I remember when jobs released MobileMe. It was flawless and everyone still uses it...
New Posts  All Forums: