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So basically Windows on ARM is shit. Nice waste of money, MS.
I love how you're against the death penalty but have no issues with abortion.That's what progressives resort to: name calling and labeling.
"Howley did miss the MicroSD slot, removable battery, and waterproofing that were jettisoned thanks to the redesign, but stopped short of calling any of those omissions dealbreakers" It's only a dealbreaker if it had an Apple logo on it. /s
The law is poorly written. If it's my walled garden I should be able to decide if I want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. I should be able to decide if I want to make a swastika shaped cake. I shouldn't be able to not serve gays just because they're gay.
Aren't you extending your beliefs towards those same religious folks?
And people who degrade religion are complete jackasses because they rather not deal with it or are criminals.I guess generalizations work both ways.
Because you'll be called a bigot if you target Jewish and Islamic people.
Griswold v CT is 50 years ago. Rush and Santorum are idiots.
That's funny.No one is banning birth control. The argument for that was who pays for it.Marriage is a contract so of course the govt has to define it.Explain abortion. Isn't that hurting an unborn child? I guess liberals can explain that away.Liberals are for free speech as long as it's consistent with their views.Conservatives aren't the only group that has fringe crazy folks.
How is it different? I'm not equivocating nazis and gays.I doubt it applies to just the person being gay. If it does, then the law is flawed as I said before. Perhaps they find two male wedding toppers to be offensive.
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