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Or you can remove 1-2 songs, 1-2 images.Haha. Apple doesn't make money on the apps. They're there for convenience and ease of use. The people who want to remove them already downloaded other third party replacements.That thinking has sure hurt them since the iPhone came out. People are jumping ship as we speak.
Considering you can't call it Android without Google Apps, did they really relent?
It's as simple as Jobs and his execs. They see a problem with current devices and they work on the problem until they satisfy their criteria: simplify, ease of use, experience. That's why Apple rarely is the first out of the gates.Other companies just want to make a "me too" product or complete a spec list.I apologize if my tone on my previous responses felt like an attack.
But a Apple doesn't have a monopoly.Why is that funny? Do you represent a majority of users? I use both.
That's not luck. That's preparation and culture. They think of things and cultivate the tech to meet their needs. The iPad was first thought of back in 2003/4 me thinks but the tech wasn't ready yet so they switch gears while continuing to get the tech to be ready for a tablet.
I figured many of the Apps are integrated. I'm not too worried. Possible BI headline: Apple considers first part app removal to stop iPhone decline
Unbelievable. Lack of numbers mean failure for only Apple.
Another Kardashian app? I'm wishing the App Store approvers find a way to remove this drivel.
And Apple usually sells out on launch. So sold is more than likely the same as sell--through.
Why even include the artist rendering if it's poor? Apple shouldn't buy tesla. It's overvalued.
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