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Sammy, karma's a bitch. Where are the market share preachers?
There's also a lot more devices to upgrade to the 8 than there were to upgrade to 7 last year. Still, I'm waiting for 8.1 and skipping 8.0.2 for now...
Haha. The Next Big Decline is almost here.
Look, if you can bend a phone in your front pocket and not feel the phone pushing back, you're an idiot. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction.My 6 sits fine in my front pocket.Not another "Steve would..." post. /s
So it's a mistake and instead of returning it, you auction it off? It's theft, stupid.
Enough force? With enough force, I can break a lot of things. But who is stupid enough to attempt to break their phones?
Disagree. While Hewlett and Packard are two names, you can't break that up. That's its identity.I'm sure its enterprise partners will be informed to contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Oh good. I won't feel bad about selling HP inc stock when finalized.
Fyi. Relic's not a troll. We like her, although she can be a bit wordy. I wish I can feel the same way. I need to put a case on my 6. My 4S tried to commit suicide a few times.
Security is only as strong as your weakest link, ie users. Now you know why Apple locks down its iOS devices.
New Posts  All Forums: