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Waiting for the "Sammy Pay is the Apple Pay killer" articles.
Saying that and proving it are two different things. Were people buying more macs because of the iPod or because the iMacs were getting better and better on their own?Besides the iPod was Mac only at first.
Where/how did Gene get 30% early upgraders? I have no idea what no subsidies would do to Apple sales. If it was financed, I could see people holding onto them for more than 2 years. I could also see early upgraders every year. It's hard to predict.
Was the original iPod a halo product? I don't think it was. Reality does lie in sales numbers and Apple did say it outsold the iPad and iPhone on their comparable initial release timeframe.
Not the same context.
What a waste of taxpayers money. A backdoor for the government is a backdoor for hackers. What don't these fools understand?
Dumbest comment of the day.
Again, is it Apple's fault analysts were wrong? The real question is why do people keep listening to these morons. Interesting the watch compares closely to the 3DS, kindle fire and nexus. I don't recall articles declaring those products failures or the companies are doomed.
There's a difference between static ads and intrusive ads. Don't annoy me with ads. Don't redirect me to the App Store. Don't make me watch a video.
Btw, apple shares have increased 21% from a year ago to its current price today as of this writing. Googs has increased about 17%.
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