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And there are more cockroaches than humans. Market share isn't everything.
Who says they have a free pass? There isn't a worldwide taxing authority so it's not Apple's fault they are taxed the way they are in the rest of the world.Does Apple effective tax rate include property taxes, sales taxes, etc?
Sorry, Only linked to Apple, regardless of fact.Jobs is dead. That was 7 years ago. Just like people shouldn't use "Jobs would/wouldn't...", people should stop bringing up a quote from 8 years ago.Apple's been in business for almost 40 years. Are you saying they shouldn't bring technologies, features from its other product lines to the iPhone and vice versa? iPhone wasn't designed in a vacuum. Apple has a history of making screens larger or smaller on its products.
Um it's a business. Profitability is more important than market share. that doesn't mean it's the only goal nor does it mean profit at all cost.Many People aren't happy with $200 phones or $300 PCs now. What makes you think they would be in 20 years? iPhones and Mac increased sales again. I see, it's the old "Apple is doomed in the future" meme.
Size and success alone doesn't entail scrutiny. It's the abuse of its power that doomed Microsoft. Apple didn't force carriers to sell iPhones at the expense of others. Appld also doesn't have the market share lead either. Everyone is free to buy another phone. Apple is "winning" because people want to buy iPhones.I hope this kills the Temple of Market Share crowd. Market share doesn't pay the bills.
Apple's effective rate: 26%. My rate:
Samsung? innovate? Haha. Apple marches to the beat of its own drum.Most of us are fine with competition. We just hate obvious thieves.
One more thing: cue the articles stating this is bad for Apple.
Sports analogy: so if the Phillies won 95 games one year and won 92 games the next, it'll be a failure. If the Cubs won 71 games one year and 78 games the next, that's a success?
New Posts  All Forums: