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Troll hard.I pre ordered my iPhone off contract. Mainly because my unlimited data plan.Troll harder.This wasn't the opening weekend. This was just for preorders.
Sammy's response: Tim, we need more details on your secret projects. Please Tim.
Yup. I'm getting 64 GB 6 instead of the 16.
Do you print out images in poster sizes? 8 MP is more than enough for 8x10s and below. Don't get me wrong, higher MP would be nice but at what cost: file size.I still have a point and shoot mainly to zoom in farther.
The fact Sammy customers waited is bad news for Sammy. Apple isn't going to get 100% of Sammy defectors but a little but every qtr adds up. Say only 10% of those folks buy iPhones now. That is still > 0.Troll much?
Stay classy, Sammy.
Analysts are never wrong. Apple switch at the last minute to spite him.
Detrimental? Are you mental? People will wait.
I was one of those anti-NFC folks mainly because of security. Now that Apple allegedly solve that, I might consider it. But only if Discover is part of it.
Same reason they announced the iPhone and iPad months early: FCC regulations will make it public anyways prior to release.
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