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Did Apple stop selling its wares in your area of the world? Nope. If it isn't end-of-lifed or replaced, it's New. What's this fascination of buying as soon as it's released. Granted, I bought my iPhone on Day 1 but I bought my Mac a few months after release. Hell, people are still buying iPhones, iPads, Macs.Who cares if it's predictable.In the consumer electronics biz, the holiday qtr is the best qtr.
Hey Dev, why even release an iOS app if you hate the App Store policies. Oh, money. Perhaps it's not the real reason the app got pulled.
Not seeing what your point. Did they stop selling non iPhones the rest of the year?
How many games use the gyroscope? He has a vine video to prove it.
You mean Apple stopped selling products the rest of the year? Strangely I read Apple sold a record number of iPhones for a March qtr. must be just spin, right.
Semantics. Google will sell access to your into to anyone.
Um. Because they plan to release product for the all important Holiday qtr.Yup. What was their methodology.
Is Pooch your first or last name?Hahahahahahaha hahahaha. By kit Kat making older devices better, you meant it forces Androiders to buy brand new phones.Steal? He did ref Daring Fireball.
Open! Choice!
1. Nope. A studio doesn't do Apple any good2. Disney blurays comes with iTunes copy. You can also go to iTunes directly.3. Rumor isn't confirmed but I trust Apple has its reasons.
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