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Apple is already doing a buy backWhy is more debt favorable ?Even if Apple buys 50% of its remaining shares, I (and the majority of individual share holders) will still own less than 0.00001%.Less shares on the market could mean outside entities could get a larger margin of shares and place their own BoD members for election.Short term stock price rise. Once crazy Carl gets his target price, he's gone. Apple will still be in debt.I don't like outsiders telling Apple how...
You serious? Why haven't they shown us before?
No economist but I once stayed at a Holday Inn Express.More debt for Apple. A rise in stock price due to a buy back would just be a short term play.Vote No and tell Crazy Carl to scheme another company.
British title have no sway in the US.I suppose he's not considered a SVP with a “policy-making function.”
For some Devs, Change and laziness.
You can't compare percentages! If Amz sold 1 kindle last year and two this year, that's 100% increase. Percentages can't compare. It's easier to obtain high pct change with small numbers than with large numbers.
Nokia had plenty of time to update the app for iOS 7. Its failure to do so is its own fault.
Except profit share, usage share (internet, apps, shopping, etc), US market Share, the minds of people. But yeah, every where.Android already leads by a massive market Share worldwide. Why hasn't it caught up with Apple on usage share? Easy, a lot of Androids are used as feature phones.
"Just three weeks." Google owns Moto so of course they would have advanced knowledge.Btw, record time is immediate as with iOS.
1. Apple doesn't play for budget users. Hell budget users still buy Android and wish for the iPhone.2. Do you really think Apple is just going to stop at the A7?
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