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It would if Vanilla Ice didn't agree to pay up.
Because he paid up and they were credited as song writers, I believe.
Do you have a pic of the iPhone 5/5S, which came before the Alpha.
Then why'd they steal it.Just because Apple is successful doesn't mean they weren't harmed.Was Queen/David Bowie irreparably harmed by Vanilla Ice? Nope but Ice did steal the bass line and was forced to pay up.
Common troll post. If the iPhone was just a phone, why did other smartphones suck at the time? Why did others quickly copy it?Apple spent millions developing it so why should others be allowed to steal it.Punish thieves.
How would you prevent accidental photos? Even on a P&S, you still need to turn the camera on and hit the separate shutter button.
Exactly. What' good is market share when you're losing money.
But why would you need a separate button when you're not in the camera? Unless you do want to take pictures of the inside of your pocket.
Profit and revenue is Apple's game. Market share only matters if you're not selling anything.
They don't need to. The volume buttons double as it.
New Posts  All Forums: