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Sammy is a thief. It didn't have any good design ideas of its own, so it attempted to steal the work of others.
In 10 years, we'll finally have a verdict.
Don't worry, Sammy. Your products will still be shown on plagiarism and willful infringement videos.
Pretty sure this is an editorial and not news.
Wiki is advertised as an online encyclopedia.Cook said the mix was off but the 5C did outsell the 4S in the same period last year.So you know that's what the 5C was suppose to do or are you speculating.
Shouldn't there be a different judge presiding over the case? Cote already made up her mind. Now it's just a farce.
Now that I has time to think, maybe it's Roku's ploy to get the DOJ involved. Only Amazon is allowed to undercut competitors.
It wouldn't surprise me if Sammy pays people to edit Wiki in their favor. Either that or Fansungs have a lot of free time.
Apple doesn't sell hardware at a loss. Next question! I do like that the CEO says "loses" instead of "looses"
Ugh so this is like the 35456th story on this rumor? IMO, Apple won't release a Phablet sized (>5") iPhone. I hope they keep the 4" and introduce a < 5" model.
New Posts  All Forums: