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Not really. The 4S has been sold for 2+ yrs while the 5C has been on sale for 6 months. 2 yr contracts are expiring/have expired for only a potion of the 4S set. I also have a 4S and my contract expired already. Perhaps when the 5C is a year old, you'll start seeing them more than the 4S.You're quoting bgr and cult? Those guys fit the story to the headline instead of writing a story first.Cook also said the 5C sold more than the 4S did last year during the same timeframe.
You do realize the 4S is 2+ yo. Of course you'd see more of them.Still, Amen to this.Facts > trolls, media.
In the Korean copy of Fortune, he's #1.
Bale is a horrible choice. He doesn't even have NFC or an SD card slot!! I can't even customize his face.I think Bale has Jobs' temper down. Good choice.
I remember when a 39% increase in stock price is considered a success.
Now I changed my mind
1.2 MP is ok for forever on a phone image never to be printed. I won't complain if it's bumped up but I'm not worried about it.
75 does seem like a lot but remember its retail so there are probably more part timers, sales/techs/cashiers, open 7 days a week for 12 hours, 2 shops, a couple mgrs per store, inventory crew, etc.
Spring Forward, Fall back.
Selfies rarely leave a computer/phone screen so it's useless to have 8 MP on the front facing camera.
New Posts  All Forums: