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@Russell 75 million was just for Project Red. I'm not sure what other charitable contributions they've made over the years.
Two wrongs don't make a right. Again both need to be evaluated individually.
Because it's Apple. Every Apple "molehill" problem is automatically a mountain.
More proof of Appe's Doomedness. What's that "Apple is Doom" countdown clock at? Good deal for students and businesses.
I totally trust Google not to change the terms just like Lando trusted Vader.Google probably has a workaround in place just like they did with Safari.
There should be more punishment.
Apple didn't fix prices. Google was also involved in the anti-poaching lawsuit.Googles probably reads all your text messages.
Bono had me until "religious cult". Apple doesn't need to brag about charity. I guess Bono still hasn't found what he's looking for in a partner. Bono, Apple moves in mysterious ways. Apple is just One company. Apple will continue its charitable work with or without you.
Perhaps L is for "losers" or "late" or "laggy"
Actually guests do get paid for an appearance on a talk show. I believe they get the minimum scale wage per the union contracts.Not sure about SNL but im sure there is a performance wage.As they say, time is money.
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