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ie you don't know how Apple works or what numbers actually mean.Well Apple has announced record sales of iPhones in yoy qtrs. market share is lower because the shipment "smartphone" market is growing faster than one company. If you look at the overall cell phone market, Apple has increased its share.Source for this 75% campus share?
Are these promotions iPhone only? If not, Katy, how do you explain why Android isn't getting a bump as well? iPhone demand will be high regardless of promotions.
Wrong. Apple releases things when they are ready and not because Joe Corp beats it to market. You can't rush innovation and quality.
Agree. Just because Apple hasn't announced anything or beta'd much doesn't mean they aren't innovating, Walt.
Yes it does.And that's where the problem lies. Why are minority execs in short supply? Don't tell me none are qualified. Why isn't there more opportunity? There has to be a non-quota way to fix this.I don't think Jesse Jackson should be the face of this issue. He's a race baiter. He's only in it for himself and his publicity.
Well if you ship to an address in a non sales tax state, you also pay no sales tax.
Lots of students have computers before they go to college. Lots of students decide to get a computer before they go to college if they didn't have one already.And by recently, do you mean 15 yrs ago?
Really? What pct of Apple sales to students come from these college stores?
Welcome back! Sorry, I only read this far.
You obviously don't know Apple. The 4 isn't the low-end.Why? If we waited for the latest and greatest, we wouldn't buy anything because there is always something better on the horizon.
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