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Strange, I haven't rec'd any. Am I not good enough for (RED)?He's probably flipping off the DoJ.
Keep fighting, Eddy. It's still amazing that the DOJ allows Amazon to operate as a monopoly.
When did Apple have a monopoly?
IDC: We make up data to best represent our customers.
I couldn't play windows games on my Mac, can't play Xbox games on my Wii, etc...
This is to be expected. Since Apple didn't shake up their mgmt, why would Sammy not copy Apple?
"What remains is an allegation that Apple attempted to maintain a monopoly on the portable media player and downloadable music markets " Apple's screwed. Only Amazon can have a monopoly.
Hopefully the armor actually protect the person and can take more than one blaster shot.
But it has so many problems.I understood that part because Nero wanted Spock to see the destruction of Vulcan.
ST 2009 has 4x more reviews. You do realize reviews are subjective, right? Plus I never said that one was terrible.
New Posts  All Forums: