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I guess Reznor was also upset at Dre going to Apple.
Don't forget the billions of Devs that will abandon Apple due to Beats (Dr Dre).
Ha. Drblank probably would say he lost all respect for him because he's supporting the thug economy by staying after the Beats purchase.
Gung-ho? Not quite. She did her job well. I dont understand your hatred.Why would I sell just because the PR exec left?Can't prove a negative. Obama's press secretary left. I guess there's another person upset at the Beats deal.
Oh my God,
Considering I got my shares at 64, my ROI is fabulous.
Pssst. When Steve passed, he wasn't CEO of Apple. Why would the stock change much.PR runs a lot of press relations behind the scene.
Not everyone is a racist.Spend more time with her kids. She's worked at Apple a long time and made lots of money.
OS X Beats, anyone?
New Posts  All Forums: