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The ones in China who can afford an iPhone is growing every year. In a few years, that number will surpass the entire US pop.
It'll be even creepier if you add "...I have lots of photos that prove it!!"
Hillstones, not all cars look alike. Mustang != Corvette. Jeep != Hummer.
Never. Apple never sold its soul. In addition, Apple doesn't even authorize ads showing an idevice and a competitor.
Somehow I may have over edited and removed something your wrote. There is nothing wrong with iterating as long as the baseline was successful. Ford doesn't redesign the Mustang every year. Chevy doesn't redesign the Corvette every year either.
No it doesn't. Apple has been successful in doing its own thing. Chrome book is the new netbook but with Google calling the shots rather than MS. How much were net books compared to the original iPad?
And within a few years, the ones who can afford iPhones in China will out number the entire pop of the US.
Most of my friends/immediate fam have iPhones or will purchase one in the next 3 months. In a mall a week or so ago, I saw 10 iPhones to one Sammy being used in public. All strangers. So my anecdote cancels your out. In addition I saw someone buy a 5C.
But those who can afford them in China probably out number those who can in the US.
In unrelated news, a similar incident occurred at a nearby MS store. Nothing was missing but inventory for the Surface 1&2 increased.
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