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At least we agree it's a Christmas Tree and not a Holiday Tree.
Yup, because people like to be lectured. What the most watched video in YouTube. How many views? What's the most watch TEDtalk? How many views?
That's the same line they've been using since 2007.These are IDC numbers. Take them with a grain of salt.
What would get your attention, a guy writing a check or someone dumping water over himself?
Steve Jobs would never... What, shouldn't Boston College be known as BCE instead of BC? Ha
Yes because there isn't any other data. No one but Apple reports numbers.Still, I wouldn't trust IDC for anything.
And you can airplane mode an iPhone to save battery as well.
We don't know what's going on in his mind. Depression is a mental disease. It's not a "case of the Mondays". This is not just ups and downs, it's a bottomless pit of despair. Again, I don't condone what he did and of course his family is going through hell.
Hey Sammy, what can you do with your phone when it's in "Power saver mode"?
Nope. If the two are similarly qualified and both interview well, who do you choose?
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