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Lots of downloads from South Korea.
Cook power waning: "lunch with CEO" proceeds drops almost 50%!
Apple doesn't comment on rumors. And they shouldn't either.Apple doesn't pay people to use its products (product placement is different). Celebs already use Apple products prior to advertising celebs with the idevices.
Wow. Snap your fingers like it's magic. No sh1t.
Apple should only drop Sammy as a supplier if they can get the same (or better) quality and manu capabilities elsewhere.
If it's "only" 3%, why'd they steal it in the first place.
Except or accept?Google is a thief. F*ck all thieves.
Apple should build a moat and fill it with sharks outfitted with lasers. Apple should put up posts spaced 3-4 feet.
What a coup. Nokia is "Finnished".
Is it a Google jet pack?
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