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Google has the power. Most Manufacturers aren't creating their own versions of Google services so they have to license them from Googs. And with that license, Googs can dictate terms. You think the manus will run to Windows Mobile?Googs doesn't do this simply because it's no benefit to them. Android 1.X will still deliver ads as well as they to for 4.X.
[quote name="gwmac" url="/t/162201/arizona-governor-vetoes-gay-discrimination-bill-apple-rallied-against/240#post_2478892"... but do not try and impose your beliefs on others. [/quote] This works both ways.
And that is why google is to blame.
I'm not talking about forked versions of Android. Google services are "baked in" with a license agreement. Googs can easily add "you must also push any and all Android updates within 60 days of availability to end users for at least 18 months after device's initial release. "
They can force them to use Google services so why can't they force them to upgrade Android when available?
And your hatred of Christians is also intolerable.
Not a good analogy. If an app has an update, it'll be in iTunes and the user can update it at will. When Googs has an update, the user may not be able to update because Googs somehow doesn't have power to force it out. Google has that Open Alliance group and it appears they have no teeth.
Why does it bother you? You updated, right? It's available so users need to download and update.
Actually I don't think it's the Korean courts defending its own, but just that Sammy wrote a bigger check.
Ok the example from the poster was wrong. You can have Blackberry and Apple.
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