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Are you using the same app? I'm replying to you with the app right now.
I want the judge to say "GPNE has wasted everyone's time and is now required to pay Apple's legal fees."
I'm sure there's a "Troll Apple fan sites" app in the Play store.
Possible NYT headline: Apple double charging Apple Pay users. Paragraph 10 of expected article: ...this glitch is not Apple's fault per se, but with Bank of America...
...for you.I rarely drink Starbucks so it's not better.
What ever happened to this analyst? https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-collapse-340-140700748.html
Oh yeah, I went from Security to Meridian to Corestates to First Union to Wachovia to Wells Fargo in SJ. Then I closed my acct when they started charging $7 a month but not until I realized it a year later.Interesting to note the Corestates Center changed to the First Union Center.
I remember when journalism was based on facts. Now it's click bait headlines. Thanks, WaPoo.
Jobs would have bought that planet just for iPhones. I hope Sammy Mobile dies a quick death.
New Posts  All Forums: