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Really? So we did get that Mac mini tower people have wanted for a long time? Did we also get that hybrid Mac/tablet device too?As a shareholder, I trust the current execs and their ideas. I'm pretty sure they are more knowledgeable about markets than we are.How many of those customers at these watch counters bought 18k gold watches...in a mall.
Why does Apple have to cater to every market? Let's say the gold watch is $5k. You'll probably complain that it should have been $2500. Apple is leaving out that market. Clearly there are people who want to spend 2500 but not 5k on a watch.It's s watch. Rich people have no problem spending thousands on a watch.
Therefore Apple's doing them a favor by pricing it out their financially irresponsible spending habits.
Apple isn't pushing the watch to users by just having the icon or removing competing devices. If the damn thing starts prompting me every time I unlock my iPhone...
The average middle class family isn't spending $5k on a watch when they're in DEBT. that's the stupidest scenario I've read. Ever.
I guess they can't run those Cortana vs Siri ads anymore.
Nope. If you afford to spend $5k on a watch, you can spend $10k.
That sucks but OTOH, thanks to the App Store you're making money on developing apps and selling on almost 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.
Specs are referential. You have the best individual specs in the world but if they don't work well together, the device will fail.I think it's pretty arrogant of you to say Apple didn't think of more ports. It made a design choice. On my work laptop, the only thing I plug in when at home is a mouse and power cable. That can be solved with a Bluetooth mouse. So if people only work like that, this thing is great for them. If you need more ports, get the other models.
Big black and beautiful?Don't bring this up again. It's not like the citizens were just chilling on a park bench.
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