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Did Windows even have guidelines?
DOJ: we support Amazon's service and are investigating Apple's paid service.
Apple is wide awake and realizes your scenario is pointless. It doesn't help Apple at all.
No, the Dodgers were named that as when they were in Brooklyn, the residents use to dodge trolleys and became so skilled at that so the team honored its fans.I don't know what the laws were back then but it was probably as legal as jay walking.
Apple owes what the laws dictate. They pay what they owe. No wiggle room for interpretation.
Please, so you don't take deductions on your taxes or buy products where they tax you less than where you live?The EU and the countries write the laws. If they don't like 'em, change 'em.
POLITICS!!Btw, didn't John Kerry famously vote for and against the same bill.
Wow. No "Apple should buy GoPro" posts? Shocked.
Well that's Apple's "simple common business sense".
France can't stop anything.What sort of answer is that? Not everyone has the same morals. That's why we have laws. It's perfectly legal for Apple and others to avoid taxes this way.
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