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Look at the credits. It'll say list the "promotional considerations". I've seen Apple included in the list for some shows.No such thing as free advertising. Plus if a logo'd device is used in an inappropriate way, they could be sued.Well in fairness to MS, the Surface is a laptop replacement, not an iPad replacement. Haha.
Don't go there. We have this discussion every time articles like this occur. HahaStill, I wonder what the acolytes of the church of market share have to say about this.
Haha. I suppose you forgot Apple paid for Google Maps data to begin with.
I meant the debit card. But I'm sure you guys have perfect posting history.
The front end was written by Apple but Googs supplied the data. Turn by turn navigation, etc should have been given but Googs wanted more user data. So to keep from falling behind Android, Apple sped up development of a replacement.
True but whose fault was it to not update Maps to be on par with Android Maps? Google forced the issue.
I have to admit I'm still wary of linking these things directly to my bank accounts. I do trust Apple Pay is secure but you never know... Edit: I meant debit card.
The trailer part. Unless they automate the trailer somehow. Plus distribution center lots aren't mapped.
Keep swinging and missing, MS. Sooner or later you might make contact.
They ran out of money in their season budget. Hence cheap clips. I've wiped that episode from my mind.
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