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Not the same. What's the difference between vista home and vista home premium?Here the configurations are tangible and easy to understand.
Have you read some of the comments? Some are too troll worthy to be ignored (ironically).Others have said it already.Really, so Apple couldn't have relied on 30 yrs in the PC industry to improve the iPhone?Again Apple has years of experience with PCs and how to improve them. We know for sure that without the iPhone, Android would be a blackberry clone.
But but but an Android alternate was touch based! There's a difference between what Apple did with touch than what others were attempting to do at the time. (Catching up on the comments)
Apple not selling enough iPods. Doomed. /s Still it's amazing the MP3 player market has risen and fallen in such a short time.
iSight-gate! Doooooomed!
Difference is Sammy is trying to be Apple and has a history of blatant copying. Apple isn't trying to be Sammy.
Hogwash. I can certainly tell if someone shoves a cell phone in my crotch. People can also tell if someone "points" a cell phone at them.
Stop this "Steve Jobs would" crap. Jobs didn't do anything concerning Apple stock price during its dips.Cook did say you can't judge Apple's supply chain with a single data point.
Because Sammy doesn't care. Sammy prefers the shotgun approach and hopes it hits something.
I thought demand was soft and the young ones prefer android. I don't get it. /s Here's to a joyous Dec qtr!!
New Posts  All Forums: