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I guess I can get my 5S now.
We'll replace Chinese with a "protected" minority group.
What imperialism? The West had permission from the Saudis to be in Saudi Arabia. Bun Laden apparently had no problem with Iraq taking Kuwait.
Two words: mike daisy.
Apple should ask for the entire $60 million. Eff you, Sammy.
How many shares did crazy Carl have when Jobs was alive?
I doubt Apple would concede any more than they have to.Why is it only Apple have inaccurate guidance? Why aren't the analysts blamed for their inaccurate guidance? Do we blame weather forecasters or the weather for being wrong ?
Weren't some analysts saying Apple has no growth left and they need a cheapie iPhone to compete in China? What bozo should I believe this week.
Who wanted a Dell before?
New Posts  All Forums: