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Wow, TS. An apology? Sweet.
$10 billion is so unlike Googs. I would have figured they would bid $12.3456 billion or a Fibonacci sequence. Or just blow $15 billion.
Is it because you already...
Riiiight. The supplier just told you that because they like violating Apple's Nondisclosure clause.
The iTARDIS? Looks small on the outside but once you slide to unlock...
Overrated. Did the Google guy that brokered the Moto acquisition move to Facebook?
His market is the "Galaxy S" market.
I guess you missed his sig: "**post after SGS5 is released."
Do they have the contents of your email? Your search history? A list of your friends? Your likes? Your map history? Your starting point for directions? Your wifi data?
Nope. Many PC owners upgrade to the latest OS by buying a new PC. My Mac lasted 7 yrs. my PC lasted 3. iPhone users may upgrade more frequently but those early upgraders trade in their old iPhones ( to be refurbished and resold), hand-me down to children, or sell it.
New Posts  All Forums: