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It's too long for my ADD. But I do note you don't know Apple at all. In recent history, Apple has always looked outside the box. It always is looking to skate to where the puck will be. You compare to Google, they are using a shotgun approach to research. None of these external projects have amounted to anything. They are mainly using them for PR. Meanwhile Apple is quietly doing what it does best: produce amazing products. It will release new products when it seems ready....
Over time, perhaps that's ok. But I'm really talking about these different research entities in the present. What quantifies a smartphone for them?
Note: the Apple III failed.
Hot damn. Poor people in China and no growth. WS told me so.
Isn't Apple an underdog though since Android apparently has 80% MS.
Near Zero. The gen public doesn't care where its products are made.
New rumor: Apple to use diamond glass displays in iPhone 8.
This is why there is no "smartphone" market as the definition is arbitrary. There is just a cell phone market.
Wow, TS. An apology? Sweet.
$10 billion is so unlike Googs. I would have figured they would bid $12.3456 billion or a Fibonacci sequence. Or just blow $15 billion.
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