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Well that deserved a good percentage of the hate.
Frak Sammy. It's obvious it's willful infringement.
At the same time when did the last 6 months not count as part of the year?
And from the new version, people search for clues on everything in the code.I hope Apple releases a new 4" along with a ~5". Not buying this iPhablet sized thing.
I believe Jobs was referring to the TV Set. You're right, Apple TV needs an update. But so did the Mac Pro but than languished for years.Was there a new law dictating buyers must but products as soon as they are released?
Who's pissing on Jobs legacy? Note Jobs was against native iOS apps, iTunes and iPods for Windows, had a different retail design in mind, etc. Jobs was brilliant but he wasn't perfect. Innovation takes time.I'm pretty sure the other execs had a say.Jobs may have cracked the TV but who says content owners want to play that game.
Cook became CEO in 2011. Not even three years ago.I remember Jobs creating new product categories every quarter and never has more than a one day gap between breakthroughs. Oh that never happened? You mean there was 6 years between the iPod and iPhone? Jobs should have been fired for that innovation gap.
Another strategic purchase. Kudos for Apple for not spending/wasting billions on a headline purchase.
Yeah, Cook needs to put up because there are only 8 months left in the year!!!!Apple will also not announce an Apple TV set, an iPlane, an iCar, or an iCarly.
Laziness. That's why Android partners, except Sammy, are screwed.
New Posts  All Forums: