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"However, well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has maintained that Apple will not exceed the 5-inch barrier on the display size " Ah shit.
Obviously you never been in traffic around Philly during rush hour. Oh, not those gestures.
Ebooks. They had 90% market share with a barrier to entry and DOJ support. Jeff B likes below cost prices to stifle competition. How is Walmart a monopoly?Mine was probably Columbia House CDs.
I heard you have to turn over the contents of your wallet or purse just to enter the store.
iPhone π or iPhone ∞.
DOJ to investigate Apple.
True but doesn't iTunes backup when you connect the iPhone?
Strange bedfellows. I wonder if Sammy will blame Apple and vice versa.
Probably sparkles, glitter, and fake gems.
The SG Note is $100 more than the SG4. I hope Apple doesn't replace the 4" with a 5". If they keeps the 4", the 5" will not be the same price.
New Posts  All Forums: