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Who's getting upset? You atheists are upset that Religious holidays are mentioned in public. God forbid you see from a public sidewalk churches decorated for Christmas.Again, I'll say Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate it, I'll ask what you do celebrate? Good day.
Why? I answered that. I don't celebrate a generic holiday.What kind of bullshit are you spewing? If you're Jewish, I'll tell you to have a happy Hannakuh. If you're athiest, I'll tell you to have a good day. If you're an asshole, I'd tell you to **** off.
I celebrate Christmas and not a generic holiday. I'm offended by "Happy Holidays".
How does "Happy Holidays" acknowledge other religions? It doesn't. It groups them into some PC crap phrase. Merry Christmas or Happy Hannakuh.
It is piracy if the file or physical media is given to someone else.
When did this discussion go global?Winter always starts before Christmas. However Hannakuh sometimes begin before winter.
I will note that Christmas is a US National Holiday. Merry Christmas.
John Hodgman is the PC. He's also recognizable. The commercials were not referring to users.
What shame? If shame is getting 4x more donations than last year, shame on me.Sure beats auctions and donation gifts.Oh boy. Windows.1985.1. Sammy's CEO would just dump ice shavings on his head.2. No one knows why viral vids go viral. I'm calling out grumpy cat, keyboard cat and lol cat to do this. The internets would explode!
Fine. We'll make a judge or a triumvirate of judges decide if the lawsuit is without merit or frivolous.
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