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You left the sarcasm tag off.
So now you speak for everyone? I'm sure Apple and its carrier partners share info.No but calling a lack of USB as a failure is trollish.
The market is already competitive. This won't change a thing.
I guess Amazon didn't "contribute" to the Court of Appeals. The case is a shame in the first place.
Apple always increases production every year and demand always increases as well. Say they meet demand for the first quarter after release, then what. They'll have to start drawing down production sooner than usual. When that happens, WS will flip out and sell.Having higher demand is a good thing.Apple didn't miss its expectations. WS did. Why should Apple be punished because of clueless analysts.
To my knowledge, they aren't using the same machines/floor space/workers to churn these different devices out so why would multiple products cause an issue.You know it causes issues? It hasn't so far.
Good thing the ruling was overturned. I can't see how the gov can force one company to license it's non SEP patents.
No shit. Apple has known this for a while. Analysts are just figuring this out? Here's your growth right here.
Demand will always be high at the time of product releases. Thats a fact. It doesn't matter if it's February, April, August, or October. Demand is high. Now they of course can start earlier but then it'll cause more issues for existing lines. I have confidence with Cook and his team.
Bad idea. A lot of Fandroids and Sammy employees/paid endorsers could enter and win. Too risky.
New Posts  All Forums: