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NFL and NBA players should sue. Try fitting 5 NBA players or 5 linemen in a Honda Accord.
Fake? You have every right to speak your mind no matter how wrong. There are of course limitations.
Sony has better things to do with their time. Besides hacking is still illegal.
Since you returned it, you don't qualify. Oh and I smell BS.
Sorry, I don't use Apple mail so I'm not forced to go to the cloud.I chose an iPhone. Don't like it, go use something else. Quit whining.
Disagree. They should drop the 8 GB iPhone. 16 GB is a fine starting point.With the 32 GB version, he'll take more videos and will just delay the inevitable.
I'm sure they'll do fine with the multi billions they can get from the networks.That won't happen anytime soon.
The NFL is not going to sell rights to online streaming-only networks.
Exactly. People's needs do change. So can I sue my home developer for not adding 500 sq ft to account for my kid?I had a 16 GB for 3 years and I managed. I then bought the 64 GB iPhone 6.
Apple doesn't advertise a perceived negative. If everyone else isn't required to advertise usable capacity, why should Apple. Sammy has 16 GB. Iphone has 12. Sammy must be better. There is no benefit to Apple as many customers see numbers without context.
New Posts  All Forums: