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Agreement? This is the internet. We don't agree on anything.
Anything to counter Apple's success/ stock increase.
Strangest Hitler analogy on the Internet."And you, sir, are worse than Hitler." - The SimpsonsAnd why all the Woz hate? Without the Apple I/II, there would be no Apple or iOS devices. We'd be stuck in a DOS or Windows 3.x world!
Jobs may not have had a "you're fired" moment but he was marginalized and demoted and that is like a firing.
Didn't analysts say China would be delayed or China is too poor due to the currency issues?
No numbers = failure. /s
But they'll gladly extend bend gate even though their phones bend under pressure as well. Apple generates headlines and page clicks.
Don't worry, Tim. Since Apple is "failing" on China, it won't have to pay too much taxes in the future. /s
Apple isn't Google. It doesn't want/need every bit of information on you.
Cmon, it probably wants to isolate your voice from other voices. You don't want strangers to route bridge functions to engineering and lock it from the bridge if they gain access to your command codes.
New Posts  All Forums: