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Doomed. Apple's growth in Europe isn't "growthy" enough! U.S. Share is fading. Wither thee Apple. /s
Nope, they categorize PC/tablets according to the predetermined results they like to "prove".
Apple would get bad press anyway. Even successful, record breaking quarters are deemed not successful enough.
Doooomed! I haven't tried it yet. Waiting for my primary card to be on it.
iPhone need people to buy them. Apple watch needs iPhone buyers. No one needs an iPhone or an apple watch.
Are you kidding me with this shit?How many people are in the world? 7-8 billion? Apple "only" sold 48 MM iPhones in the last quarter. That's pretty week considering the potential market. That's less than 1%. Apple is doomed!Apple fans aren't lemmings. Don't patronize us.
Where's the proof of decelerating iPhone sales in China? I hope those investors that listen to BOAs advice sue the analysts once Apple proves 'em wrong.
I don't think they're faking the beheadings but could be faking their location
Did Apple say that? Nope, but of course Apple wants to make money but these are the same analysts that predict doom for Apple on a yearly basis. They also predicted the devices would fail. Their analysis can been taken with a grain of salt.
Apple should just flip the bird at CNBC. If they continue to bring stupid analysts on air to talk shit about Apple, frak 'em.
New Posts  All Forums: