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That's good for all 1000 of the nexus 6 users. I kid. Still, I'm a little weary about having Google "monitor" my voice, vid, and SMS chats.
So who did Steve fire when the white iPhone was months late?You have no idea how mgmt works.It didn't have enough inventory so it switched gears. No big issue. The worse thing to do was stay on course and have people lineup for no reason when supplies are limited.
Considering Safari isn't on Windows anymore, 5% isn't bad WW. Neither is 10% in the US.
Why do you Attack someone who doesn't deserve it. Is it her fault supply is constrained? Her fault demand was overwhelming? She made a executive decision to change the initial method of sales when she received the appropriate information. A failure would let it stay on course and allow it to turn into a cluster.Haha. Like you know what Apple good is. Like you have any information on why the decision was made.
I remember when heads rolled after the white iPhone was delayed. What? Never happened?
Don't pretend that you knew Jobs. She was a very successful CEO which is probably more than what I can say about you.Still not sure how it's a disaster. It's not officially out of the preorder stage yet. Apple has and will alter course where it sees fit.I rather this change be done now than during the middle of launch weekend.
What's the difference? Google services.
If Googs can require Android to be licensed to use Google services, they can add the min hardware requirements as well. I'm not talking about open source android.
Google can enforce a minimum requirement for its software.
Well his 15-20 MM estimate seem plausible for 2015. Perhaps it's because the consensus is so far fetched when no one knows how well it did with the preorders.
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