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16 businesses? I find that hard to believe.
I used 4+ GB of data last month and I did notice a slow down towards the latter part. It was frustrating.
You don't read Gruber a lot, do you.It's interesting that John Gruber sort of confirmed a watch while Hans Gruber died while he was holding onto a watch.
And yet Apple is the most successful retail store per sq ft. Where does MS rank?
DOJ: nothing to see here, folks. move along. Maybe Amazon could get the DOJ to investigate the authors for forming a conspiracy.
I can't believe this thread turned into a debate about a song. Kudos. You must be the life of a party.
Steve did release the iPod HiFi.
I'll bite. No where did anyone said Apple invented retail. However MS can't pick its own location and must follow Apple.I've been near a couple MS stores and always the employees outnumber the visitors. I've seen a MS kiosk and did see a couple dudes playing with the xbox.
How long before it turns into a kiosk.
I wonder if the Note will be 7" and include a man bag? I bet the event'll be sexist and out of touch with reality.
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