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I live in Comcast country (Jersey burbs of Philly). I only get Comcast. I would love competition.
1. It's a joke. I guess I didn't run it by the PC police too. 2. Where did you get your numbers? 3. Let's not rehash it. Intelligence was there. It was wrong. British had their own Intel. The CIA dir said it was a slam dunk.
Shhh. People might get offended. Happy generic holiday! /sPeople voted for O because he was black. Is that racist?
And there are quotes from Dems doing the same thing in Bush's term. Politics as usual.So where has that happened? I'm curious.Wow. Just wow.
I don't have an issue but as they say, the devil is in the details.
Or maybe because he's a democrat. And it's politics as usual.
There's hatred on both sides. It's only feels more prevalent now because of social media.No one said anything about race. Is that what the left does? Name calling and playing the race card where it isn't applicable?
Exactly so the former is truer to a conclusion.
GTAT = scum. You willingly signed the contract. You over promised. You under delivered. Yet it's Apple's fault.
Proves that a lot of Android devices are junk or the more powerful Android users go on Google+.
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