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So how is Apple doing any of those things? Perhaps you should read he definition again.
You're not getting "raped". No one is forcing you to buy an iPhone. I take offense to using such a term on a product.
Weak product? Smaller than Apple TV market?26 MM iPods sold in the last fiscal year, more than half were Touches.
Who the **** cares. Would many people donate to charities if they didn't know someone or weren't directly affected by the cause?
So saying thanks is not charitable?Good for those companies.
Better than Google Maps sending you across the median into oncoming traffic.---Deja vu all over again.
And how accurate is the geo-fencing. Do I have to be IN the house or within the tagged area of house (which extends in 3 dimensions past the physical structure).
Sorry, she was de-fleshed unless you believe every Cube has a queen.
So what current Android phones can upgrade to this?
Hmm. This seems to affect Sammy more than Apple. How long until Google abandons this initiative.
New Posts  All Forums: