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Wait so Kuo is telling us the next iPhone will have improvements over the current iPhone? Shocked. Touch ID works great although it could be too good as it unlocks before I have a chance to look at the notifications on the lock screen.
Nope. It's not Apple's fault no one can compete. It isn't preventing competition like Microsoft. Nor is it using predatory pricing a la Amazon.
102 is the new 103. Sweet money! How long until the Android manufacturers give up and demand $$$ from Google.
Oh God! I remember when Jobs conquered new markets daily. I also remember Jobs redesigning all Apple's products yearly. Oh wait, that never happened!
No it doesn't. The mini is a smaller iPad. No difference in how it works. iPad apps works on both sizes.
Nope. ios was not designed for the mouse just like OS X wasn't designed for touch. Hybrids have failed.Apple has no problem cannibalizing its own products.
Who'd have thought 45 MM iPads would be considered a struggle.
Drones may be cheaper but are they authorized to go down streets at a low altitude? Plus vans aren't noticeable per se.
You have no basis for criticizing her alleged actions. She was a successful CEO of Burberry. Ballmer failed and MS. Elop failed at Nokia.
Rob Enderle is an idiot. Why anyone would pay for his services is beyond me.
New Posts  All Forums: