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I have to disagree here. These aren't big gambles. Witness the Moto deal. People still believe that failure was a success.
You're not buying the tripe you just regurgitated, are you? Google's "bets" are more like the small blind in a poker game. They are just trial testing. They have to put something out there for PR. If it fails, they fold and barely lose anything. If they really wanted to gamble, release the Glass for mass production. Google is putting its toes in the water rather than jumping in feet first.When Apple gambles, they go all-In or nearly go all in.Apple's aversion To failure?...
Apple isn't a PR factory. It can't help it that its products are newsworthy. Just because Apple doesn't publish every product it's working on doesn't make them less innovative.Fact is the driverless cars, diabetes contact lenses are neat engineering solutions but they will not be mainstream anytime soon. And don't get me started in the Glassholes.I knew it was sarcasm. The use of "dude" and "totally" gave it a way.
There was an Ewok special? I thought only the Wookie special ever saw the light of day.
What resentment? So now we are blaming Apple for not raising everyone's salary? Did Apple stop raises for its employees? I don't think so. The average Joes doesn't know or care how much Apple has in its horde.
Somebody needs a pacifier. Just sell already.
This topic is so yesterday.
Most Android users? Bullsh1t.Again, an Android iMessage app is of no benefit to Apple. You say the experience is what Apple should worry about but it's still Android. What version should they release it for? What size if screen? Processor speed? Etc. it ain't worth it.
I think the odds of that occurring is equal to the odds the Cleveland Browns have at winning the Super Bowl next year.
Oh great. I never knew spending $19 billion was innovative.
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