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That's it? SELL! SELL! SELL!
So WS predicts boffo $$$ for an imaginary product so it can drive Apple's stock down in reality when this product is "delayed" or "cancelled."
You may think it's ugly or barbaric but you are trying to project your views onto Apple.
Yes, auto correct. A perspective can be wrong if evidence points to the opposite. Our perspective back in the day said the sun revolved around the earth.
Your prospective is wrong as Apple has and will advertise during football games and other sporting events.
No, Cook stated the 5C was short of its expectations but still sold more than the 4S did in 1QFY13. That's a far cry from "not popular". Again, define smart phone market.
That doesn't make sense. Why would Apple think the event is beneath them. Apple didn't want to spend money on an ad. Period.
I highly doubt this was her first time sitting on her phone. I suspect she's been doing this several time a day since she got the device. After a while, you wear out some things and break some more things and hot damn, you burnt your ass.
That's what she said.
No. Costs were cheaper back then and the 1984 ad introduced the Mac.I'll attack anyway. J/k.
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