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CR is subjective and they like checklists. You can't really rate experience and you can't place a check mark next to that either. SD card: check; large screen: check; openness: check. = Android "win"
Hmm. Why isn't the text being quoted. Anyway, not all these updates are security related. If you think that Android is more secure just because they don't update it, you'd be sadly mistaken.Leave it to Google guy to defend Googs when no attack was issued.Oh and wasn't Googs dinged for having its services highlight at the top of its search results?
Great post. It is quite evident that Sammy pays for good reviews and fanatics.
iTunes for windows help sell more iPods. What would an Apple Android App Store do for Apple? In fact Apple would probably lose money in that venture as many Androiders don't pay for apps in the first place.
Apple: stop cloning our products Sammy: what if we clone half of them Apple: no cloning Sammy: what about just a qtr of... Apple: no Sammy: no deal!
1. Wasn't Safari for Windows gonna do the same thing?Did Apple block Facebook messenger, what's app? You can still use them so your email analogy is flawed.
This doesn't make any sense. They could iMessage their iPhone friends with an iPhone. Why would making iMessage global change in Apple's favor if they are considering an iPhone in the first place. In addition, they can still use what's app.
If iOS users want to communicate with non Apple users for free, they could download an app. I see no benefit for Apple.
iTunes for Windows sold iPods. What does iMessage for Android sell? If you have an Android, you're not going to get an iPhone.
But it will still be on Android.
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