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No regrets. I preorder a 6 last week and went to Apple store to check it out. The plus is just way too big. There are lots of time where I use the iPhone one handed. The 6 is big enough for me.
I disagree. Gene Munster isn't evidence of channel stuffing. The 5s and 5c were successes last year because they were 1&2 in the four major US carriers in the Dec qtr, I believe.
True but those cases don't apply to Apple.True but why doesn't Apple want to sell iPhones?If you really want to pay for a boat with pennies, go ahead. I'm sure you'll have to stay until all the pennies are counted.
I don't think you can stop people from using cash. It is legal tender. As for buying gift cards, more hoops to have legit customers jump through.
The 5S/5c was released in China the same day as the US.I don't believe it will affect opening weekend sales since demand is so high in the countries it's being released in and Apple places a limit on devices available. It may affect Dec qtr sales if It's not release in China in the next couple months.
How so you know what Apple does or doesn't have in regards to third part sales.
I don't think so. The fact is Apple keeps a lot of iPhones for its own stores for opening weekend. If that's the case, they aren't considered sold until Apple sells them to the end customer.So not stuffing inventory at all.
Every year has the best iPhone ever made.
67% is kind of high for the Plus. Obviously it's not scientific. But I can see users go for 64 GB more than the 16 GB. I did the same.
So in this thread you've blocked two users. Wow, look who's not accepting opinions of others.
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