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WS raises estimates to 200 MM iPhones in FY2014.
Why do you think Apple won't dramatically improve the iPad by 2017 and think the others will magically advance in 3 years?
Wow. Who knew Cook et al knew what they are doing? Oh yeah, intelligent people. See Carl, Apple doesn't need your help.
It's not that hard to take video. And who will be taking the photos and videos?
It is weird until you go back later and try to remember what you saw and can't. I take it you have no family videos or video milestones.
What a waste of money. That cash should have funded the increased buy back and / or returned to shareholders! /s
It's all those mysterious "white box" tablets that no one ever sees although I did spot Big Foot with one. Prediction the future in tech is a fool's errand.
Then sell.
Thanks for the reminder to vote No. Cue the Carl Icahn posts.
I guess Apple is paying for my iPhone, unlocked.
New Posts  All Forums: