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We can complete it."Interestingly, Samsung reported.." That they steal from everyone.
C U Next Tuesday Sammy.
PCs already have enough stickers.
Wait, I thought increased competition is bad for only Apple.
How about this: Apple will announce and release its new products whenever the products are ready.
I don't don't know if the Chinese citizens are accustomed to it as the govt controls the media.Still, this is probably the only original idea for them.
Yea. Technology advanced, they didn't see it coming. They got lazy. Instead of welcoming Apple, they criticized it for being different.
Who says there aren't too many cell phone companies now? It's their job to make us want to buy their wares.
**** you, Russia. Hey Snowden, look who you're in bed with: A country that shot down a civilian plane.
Survival of the fittest. How many car companies were around 80-90 years ago. How many are left.
New Posts  All Forums: