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This is one your quotes "The tide is changing and Apple is not as dominate as it once was."How's that working for Sammy. Oh and let's see how many iOS devices will be sold in the Dec qtr.
Right. It's not because of what Apple was doing at all.
Why is he meddling in Apple's affairs now? Stop interfering. But what if Cook rebuffs him? I don't think Carl Ego will let that go lightly. Carl wants to be the puppet master. He pumps up stock as high as he can and then dump stock for a large profit. His own BoD/CEO will listen to his schemes.
I don't get it. Like what items will they stock? How would the customers retrieve stuff or would they rely on Amazon drones but how would they know what they want without seeing the items.
Wow. Way to go back to a dead thread. I did admit to being wrong on another thread. Plus Apple's version of NFC isn't a feature checklist addition. You really need a hobby.
Don't worry, the world will end prior to that.
That's the problem. They arbitrarily define the category to fit their agenda.
You're just thinking of just Icahn. He can influence many people (shareholders and middlemen) and gain enough votes to elect his own board of directors nominees. And boom, the BoD ousts cook and installs a Carl acolyte. Before you know it, the puppet CEO dismantles Apple for the sake of $$$.
Hogwash. Crazy Carl doesn't "own" $637 MM in Apple's cash. If he wants control, tell him to sell his shares.As for using foreign funds to buy stock. They buy it to retire the stock and not to put it in a stock/investment portfolio.
Go away you greedy Bastard.
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