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I'm pretty sure Netflix paid Comcast directly for direct access to its customers and not through a third party like it use to be.
It means that people who want in on iOS but don't need the lasted and greatest can get in.I don't own any iPad so I have no recommendation other than the latest and greatest.I won't recommend an Android device. Ever. Again, the older iPads could be for kids or for display purposes as in "for more info" kiosks, medical applications that don't need the latest and greatest, menus at restaurants, etc.
What did you expect from brlawyer?I went from a 4S to a 6. I do miss the one handedness of the 4S but the 6 is a very nice upgrade for me. 6+ is way too big.
For those price conscious customers that don't need the latest and greatest.IDC: we make up numbers to benefit our clients.
So your prediction window is two years? Are you kidding me? It may happen on a blip. Be more courageous. Give a more precise prediction.
Oh Sammy. Next "original "features: SamPay, sOS, SammyID, ...
1. Where did you get that 50% install base is the 4? In addition even if that's true, you actually believe all the 4's were sold 4 years ago?2. Business insider. Haha. And do we have an accuracy gauge of his predictions?
The "best" analyst says it may be a 40% drop from 4Q to 1Q which is an absurd comparison as the 4Q is the holiday qtr which is traditionally where Apple sells a lot of shit.People upgrade phones on a 2 yr cycle usually. Those that do not have the 6 will get the 7 next year.
apple had a good Sept QTR so time to throw cold water on success. 4Q vs 1Q numbers is a useless comparison.
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