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Ok, perhaps use the sarcasm tag next time.
As for unit share, 2012 had the iPad 3 in April. 2013 had no such new product. Market share will decline because one company can't grow as fast as the overall market if including these cheap tabs?does BMW get lumped into the entire vehicle market? Or do they just talk about them in the luxury/premium market? Ford and GM are selling tons of pickup trucks, BMW should make one too to keep up its growth.
You may not be explicitly saying that, but you are inferring that because she is the same nationality as a party in the case, she can't be impartial. She's also American so if she ruled in favor of Apple, would you say she had a bias towards Apple? Of course not.
How do you define a PC?The mini is very useful, especially for beginners.
Wrong. You think she has a bias because she's Korean. If the judge was white or black, that "bias" thought would not have crept up in your mind.Let me guess, you're probably white so you think you know how minorities feel.
That's why market share studies are useless when only Apple reports actual numbers. Usage share has less bias if they span a wide variety of sites/apps/etc.
Easy, how would the phone know what's on top if your looking at from below?I've dropped my phone a couple times but it never landed on the screen but on the edges. You make one edge a screen, that gives a higher chance of breakage.Left/right because how you hold it will block the curved edge.Why would I be done with Apple if they build this? I just won't buy it. Just like I won't buy the 5C.
It's like saying drugs cost
Racist.RacistSeriously? So then white people can't decide cases if either party is white.Aren't you a troll. A "bad" sales qtr is still more successful than most companies' record qtr. oh and how is selling more iPhones than the previous year bad again?A decrease in growth != a loss. Why can't folks understand that? A "steve jobs never" meme again.
New Posts  All Forums: