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Now that I has time to think, maybe it's Roku's ploy to get the DOJ involved. Only Amazon is allowed to undercut competitors.
It wouldn't surprise me if Sammy pays people to edit Wiki in their favor. Either that or Fansungs have a lot of free time.
Apple doesn't sell hardware at a loss. Next question! I do like that the CEO says "loses" instead of "looses"
Ugh so this is like the 35456th story on this rumor? IMO, Apple won't release a Phablet sized (>5") iPhone. I hope they keep the 4" and introduce a < 5" model.
Anyone is easy on the eyes compared to Balmer.I guess MS will need to change their W8 commercials.
Mainly because Apple doesn't just mark a checkbox on a spec list but actual integrates something in thee device.That being said, we'll still make fun of folks texting and walking when they walk into a fountain.
Ah yes, Google is our hero. /sAgain, I will always bring it up but weren't they two separate companies so how can Googs have sway on some things but not others? GG isn't a troll. A troll derails a discussion or says thing that are completely false just to get a response. A troll also whines about the same thing over and over. To my knowledge, GG has done none of that. He's a bit of a Google defender but whatever.
Don't bother with him.----I guess Sammy didn't write a bigger check? They sure won't punish the carriers by holding future releases a bit so Sammy is basically powerless.
Apple should just shock the hell out of you when you start moving and texting. Pay the F attention!
VR will be like 3D, a fad.
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