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Perfect response. 😄Perfect means, more or less, "without flaws". There is a tolerance level to that depending on the person.
Doomed! Squeeze Sammy in its home turf. If these numbers are accurate, Apple could announce earth shattering record numbers.
Jobs likes the fight. Fight for your view and prove you're more right than he is. May the best idea win.
Because the vast majority of users wouldn't use a mouse on the iPad.Glad to see you're still posting, Relic.
That's what? 5% of the market?
Isn't that what they said before the 5S came out too?Apple makes multiple sizes of products. Witness the iMac going from 17" to 21" to 27". The MacBook has multiple sizes as well. Ditto the iPod. Why is it so hard to see multiple screen sizes for the iPhone? Apple wasn't forced to do anything.
Guess who's trolling now.Um... the 6 will be the best selling iPhone. Oh and didn't Jobs replace the best selling iPod mini with the nano?
They didn't have to. Apple doesn't get scared of the competition.So I guess never in Apple history has Apple released a larger or smaller sized version of an existing product before the iPad/iPhone? Of course we'll exclude the iPod and iMac, MacBook, ...
Android devices stolen in bulk is most likely accidental. There is no black market for Android devices.
The original surface was a table.
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