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I have never seen an Apple product for sale at a Bose location. Maybe an iPod.
 In glorious multi-angle or 3D!
Yes... I am sure Jay-Z agrees on that and Samsung is already producing the campaign that shows Apple following their lead.  /s
That problem is almost like Android innovation: not accurate, faked, stolen and in some cases non-existent /s
Google has a clear strategy: they want to collect as much data and display as many relevant ads as possible. Then they want to free you of doing stuff like driving so you can keep providing data and looking at ads. That is why google wants innovation and content outside around their core strategy to be FREE. It is important to know why Google grew 40%, clearly they most be doing some stuff right. Not that here in AI we can find what, we focus mostly on the things they do...
 It is not about Apple announcing anything. They clearly have a strategy since they started partnering with Nike, then it evolved with the M5. They can't announce because for sure the are looking to partner with trusted brands in this space (which leads me to believe this is why Nike is reshaping their strategy) and for selected app developers to work on new APIs, sensors and services (most likely how the Health app got leaked). Samsung on the other side is not partnering...
Not a fan of Google or Android, but... What is limiting anyone from FORKING android, giving it a new name + new apps/media store and launching it on their own? I don't have a Kindle Fire, does it come bundled with YouTube, Google Play and the rest of the Google apps? How about the Nokia X? That was also a Fork of Jelly Bean.
So... Office Apps without Edit, Save and Print is like a mobile OS without Copy&Paste.
Answer: People with iOS devices spend more than any other mobile platform.
Today those patents might not be worth as much as when the infringement took place. Back then they were worth a lot as it took them to shift the industry to a new wave of products and more important: a shift of power from the Mobile Phone Carriers into the hands of the Hardware and Software Manufacturers. LG, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, etc. were all doing the same thing. Apple completely changed the marketplace and change pda-phones into...
New Posts  All Forums: