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Those RAM starved chickens are coming home to roost. 
 Not really all that clever. This is how the iPhone 6 shipped in 2014... iPhone 6:1GB RAM720P display (326 ppi)1810 mAh Battery16GB starting memory option8MP camera1.2-megapixel photosMind altering battery charge times10 hours WIFI use The S6 is superior than all of the above...how's that 2007?
Fingerprint sensors have been in laptops for over a decade.    They've already beat Apple to the punch and no one cares.
Don't really care what Tim Cook does with his time and money outside of Apple.
Wait on a product waiting to be released.   Sounds legit.
Looks big, but I'll deal with it.
 Isn't that a paradox? If nothing leaked we wouldn't have been talking about it.
"You mean the one of which we’ve seen no parts, leaks, or any evidence whatsoever? Good luck with that."Would like some fries with your crow?
I'd have to hold both in my hand before deciding, but the 4.7" alone is a lot less likely to get me out of my Galaxy S5, especially if it is saddled with 1gb of RAM.
What the hell do people expect from a Chinese company, or China in general?   You have to be on drugs to buy any device loading up with Chinese software.
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