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 They should. The iPhone 6 should have been 1080P from day one.
 You must be new here. Hating everything new is the de rigueur.
Can't be worse than the iPhone 6. If anything I am expecting Apple to put their house back in order with the 6S and 6S+. 
Been waiting for this since the watch first dropped. Now I can take advantage of buyer's remorse a score an Open Box Apple Watch.  There's always a good selection of Open Box Apple products at my local Best Buy.
Somehow I don't see Verizon and AT&T doing anything that is good for customer choice. Right now I can pop out my SIM and put it in any iPhone I want and AT&T has no power to stop me. Will that still be the case with this e-SIM?
I absolutely despise this pointless pursuit of "thin". It's about as annoying as the android screen size wars that lasted the last 4 years and seems to have died down recently.
Civil rights? Segregation? Suffrage? Let's not pretend it's same thing.One of these things is not like the otherMarch on SelmaSuffrage marchWorkers rightsPride
Those RAM starved chickens are coming home to roost. 
 Not really all that clever. This is how the iPhone 6 shipped in 2014... iPhone 6:1GB RAM720P display (326 ppi)1810 mAh Battery16GB starting memory option8MP camera1.2-megapixel photosMind altering battery charge times10 hours WIFI use The S6 is superior than all of the above...how's that 2007?
Fingerprint sensors have been in laptops for over a decade.    They've already beat Apple to the punch and no one cares.
New Posts  All Forums: