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Tim Cook said it best:      
Price is going to be critical.   The keyboard is slick, but nothing we can't get on an iPad   I think overall it's a nice package...at $500 tops.   Also, this seems to be the very definition of Tim Cook's explanation of compromise when you try to merge a tablet and "PC". Not a negative, but certainly a fact.   I really would rather see MSFT do a proper mobile ecosystem between phone and tablet, and not worry so much about windows desktop integration.
That's when you bought it. It's actually 2 years old on June 24th.
The aluminum back is interesting.   Makes me wonder if Magic Trackpad like gestures will be possible on the back.
I have Apple TV and use Netflix mostly for my kids. It works great.
Halo effect. Someone who loves their iPad will probably invest in an Apple desktop or laptop later on. So yeah, this works out for Apple well. Count me in for a Mac Mini in a few month. I hate my Windows PC at this point.
Bigger than big brother...
iPhone 4 should be the new entry level baseline for Apple, not the 3GS. 3GS is just too old and lacks the hardware needed. It will hurt iOS development and app development if anyone caters to the 3GS.
I don't know about you but the feature I most wanted in a tablet was ads I dont want to see thrown in my face. Gotta love android...
The HTC One X is quite impressive...to bad it's running android. If that same caliber of effort were mated to Windows Phone, it would be much more enticing.
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