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Looks like a bad translation for sure.   I bet they meant something like iPhone+   Or maybe the internal codename really is Math.   Who knows?
Do the opposite of what Sculley says. Make a 5", 1080p Newton successor. Go even more upmarket.
I have an iPhone 5 currently and I wonder what is it going to take to get me out of my iPhone 5 and into an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.   Assuming nearly every software feature in iOS7 turns up in iPhone 5, that leaves the hardware.   New colors? Nope Fingerprint scanner and E-wallet functionality? Nope 4" sub 720P screen? Nope Recycled iPhone 5 chassis? Nope Same battery life? Nope   In English, I'm mostly content with my iPhone 5 and Apple would need to...
Android has a billion activations a day, and the Galaxy S3 is the most popular phone in the Universe...yet the iPhone is always the best selling phone on all carriers.
I'm more interested in what Gil Amelio has to say...
I think more and more users are looking to Macbooks, iPads and iPhones for their Apple fix. Mobile has taken off on all fronts, and desktops are slowing for everyone, not just Apple.
If Apple does 1024x768, as many suspect it will, then it will be a none issue.
So you've used one and speak from experience?
Try Jasmine. Very slick YouTube app.
If it happens, I'll get one for the wife for Christmas.
New Posts  All Forums: