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  Bingo. Apple can certainly the make the transition easier by keeping the same aspect ratio, but even if Apple gets some wonky ratio and resolution, the developers will still be all over it ASAP to take advantage of "made for the new iPhone" rush.
It's not about the size of the screen, it's about the user experience and how "seamless" the device is to use.   I trust Apple on this matter. They have a long history of putting experience first, and I see no reason why they would change that under Tim Cook.   If anything. Apple has a huge advantage over android because big android phones are ho-hum affairs and bordering on ridiculous with the Galaxy Note. A 4" iPhone on the other hand will be the 2nd coming due...
  Sure, if you like everything to be a funky blueish color.  
You are acting like no one here has any android experiance. The entire OS freezing and needing to have the battery pulled out is the status quo for android. No point in stating otherwise because I know this to be true all too well.
    It's not propaganda. It's an opinion. Either way, 4.0 ICS is not horrible, it just isn't good. Android is just bad software. It has been from day one, and nothing has changed other than the degrees of bad.   When you lack culture and vision, bad imitations is the end result. Just like Microsoft with Windows, and now Google with Android.
  I don't think so. Everyone should be well versed in Apple's product cycle at this point.   New iteration, followed by an "S" model the next year. This model works well for Apple in terms of cost, logistics, and for support from accessory makers. I don't expect this model to change either. It also fits well for two year contract upgrades.
If I were buying an android phone, I'd take the HTC One X over this plastic monstrosity. 
I don't care if they jump.   Only a mentally unstable fool would threaten to jump off a roof anyway. This is not the act of a sane, rational person.   Don't like your job...quit and return in eating rats and dogs in some shit hole village. Problem solved.
My first tablet was the Asus Transformer. As a product is sucked horribly, but the keyboard dock integration was done very well.   iPad has crappy clamshells and some other blah solutions, but from the looks of it, The Brydge seems to have nailed it.   Sorta pricey, but the hinge, locking system, and stereo audio are all winners. I was considering the Logitech Ultrathin, but this looks like it might be the better...
This trial has really made android and Google look terrible.   Apple should starve Google for biting the hand that feeds. Start with dumping google maps.
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