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What, no Galaxy SIII sales numbers? I thought Samsung sold 1 trillion of those, and we are expected to believe this was done without a stronger presence in the USA market...uh huh...
OSX devices are more popular now than ever before. That's probably the biggest factor.
I bet that's exactly what happens...
A bigger display would be mean nothing to me personally without bolstered software capabilities to take advantage of the larger display. A 5", 1080p iPhone that just gives me a couple of icons just isn't that exciting to me. I'm more concerned about iOS7 than iPhone 5S at this point. Cleaning up some of the weaknesses in iOS would be vastly more beneficial to the current and future iphone owners.
After every update, some people complain about reduced battery life. Literally, every update.   If true, add up all the updates and no iPhone should last longer than 15 minutes.
Looks like a bad translation for sure.   I bet they meant something like iPhone+   Or maybe the internal codename really is Math.   Who knows?
Do the opposite of what Sculley says. Make a 5", 1080p Newton successor. Go even more upmarket.
I have an iPhone 5 currently and I wonder what is it going to take to get me out of my iPhone 5 and into an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.   Assuming nearly every software feature in iOS7 turns up in iPhone 5, that leaves the hardware.   New colors? Nope Fingerprint scanner and E-wallet functionality? Nope 4" sub 720P screen? Nope Recycled iPhone 5 chassis? Nope Same battery life? Nope   In English, I'm mostly content with my iPhone 5 and Apple would need to...
Android has a billion activations a day, and the Galaxy S3 is the most popular phone in the Universe...yet the iPhone is always the best selling phone on all carriers.
I'm more interested in what Gil Amelio has to say...
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