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HAHAHHAHA.     The android troll army will be out in force this weekend doing damage control.
  Pic was taken with a Galaxy Nexus
I have no confidence in John Browett   He strikes me as your typical MBA, middle manager, slash and burn, corporate scumbag.   He's exactly John Scully 2.   Everything you need to know is right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNcaMqiD64g   So when Apple employees start harassing you, remember, they've been told "Service is selling".   Remember they've been ordered to "overcome objections"   WTF! Overcome objections!? At Apple. No way in hell...
If Apple shifts away from Samsung as a supplier, the danger is not just about the upfront dollars. The larger danger is Apple empowering Samsung's competitors, which makes them larger, more wealthy, and capable of bidding on contracts that they might not even consider now due to less resources. If Sony puts out an RFQ, you think Samsung wants 5 new suppliers responding because they got in bed with Apple.
  Speaking of which, I did notice quite a few of those prototypes looked as if they were 16:9, and didn't make the cut.   So now one has to wonder what Apple has in mind for that aspect ratio to crop up again in the rumored iPhone "5"
Apple should never have shown those prototypes. Guess what the next ten Samsung phones and tablets will look like.
It doesn't matter who you are, when you steal someone's stuff, they will be pissed at you. Why Samsung is shocked by this fact, I don't know.
Steve Jobs has always preached about putting product before everything else. This is nothing new to people that know anything about Apple as it was in the beginning till now. And in a sense it is true. Apple has taken huge scary leaps where other companies haven't. Many products they've introduce have had no proven market either, but they put the product first and took a gamble on a great product creating the market, and hopefully making money. That tactic has worked...
It should be illegal to double dip customers on something already paid for. I pay for gas...Now imagine the gas station attendant asks where are you going so they can charge you an additional fee. Who the hell would tolerate that. I am on a tiered plan. How I choose to use my tiered data should be my choice. If I go over, I pay a fee, if not, kiss my ass, I already paid you.
New Posts  All Forums: