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I really like my Spotify service (USA), but if Apple offered a similar service I'd be all over it.
It's just a matter of one-handed use.   It's secure one-handed use. I can keep a solid grip on my iPhone while performing all the main tasks I need.   When I had a GSII it required more grip shifting to access all points of the screen, and perform regular tasks, which made the phone less secure to hold, which affects my day to day use.  
Those phones look like bags of ass.   And to think I was so fond of the real RAZR  
I think it looks like a solid device.   Certainly a cut above anything in the android world.   I look forward to Apple's response next week.
I'm ready. Bring it on.  
Burn them down Apple, then go for the devil Google himself  
The Galaxy SIII screen is horrid.   That alone is a reason not to get it.   It's also a platter, which I don't want or need.
  Go get your turd android phone from Walmart and be happy then. The service will be so much better...
HAHAHHAHA.     The android troll army will be out in force this weekend doing damage control.
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