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So you've used one and speak from experience?
Try Jasmine. Very slick YouTube app.
If it happens, I'll get one for the wife for Christmas.
Sure it's still android garbage, but it's for sure a step in the right direction.   The Galaxy SIII has no where else to go in terms of screen size.
  U mad about getting banned from Macrumors, bro? Continuing your terror campaign here?   Clearly your S3 can't make you that happy, because your bitterness is still shining on yet another Apple site.
AT&T site took a big shit. ISP died Connected iPad3 to iPhone tether, and used the Apple site. Worked great. Pre-order done. Now comes the week long waiting game.
I really like my Spotify service (USA), but if Apple offered a similar service I'd be all over it.
It's just a matter of one-handed use.   It's secure one-handed use. I can keep a solid grip on my iPhone while performing all the main tasks I need.   When I had a GSII it required more grip shifting to access all points of the screen, and perform regular tasks, which made the phone less secure to hold, which affects my day to day use.  
Those phones look like bags of ass.   And to think I was so fond of the real RAZR  
I think it looks like a solid device.   Certainly a cut above anything in the android world.   I look forward to Apple's response next week.
New Posts  All Forums: