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Please. No one buys it.iOS does not need these massive overhauls every year because it doesn't suck and Steve was right when he said it was 5 years ahead if not more.Android has these massive OS overhauls because they are crooks and need to get around patent litigation in addition to the software being so bad that it needs to be gutted often to improve the abysmal user experience and performance issues.Android is bad software that can't be fixed with better hardware.
    I'm actually going to agree with you on this.    The HTC One X is utterly stunning. It looks and feels incredible. The screen is the first that actually looks better than the iPhone Retina display. It makes a big screen look really good. In terms of build quality it has some slight quirks. It's such a good looking phone that putting a cover on it should be a crime.   The downside is it runs android, with the same android issues. 
    In relation to overall thickness, .4mm is pretty significant. The difference in your hand would be instantly tangible. 
I actually agree. Windows 8 is a bigger deal than some on here think for a few reasons.   I'm considering overhauling my current PC hardware and installing Windows 8, but for sure I am adding a new Apple desktop as well. Just waiting for the Sandy Bridge refresh with the biggest and baddest graphics you can get.
It's still just a lateral move from android to android. All the same issues in a new casing. I was with android for 3 years before the iPhone. I came to the conclusion that android sucks and I see nothing introduced in the last 8 weeks that would make me change my mind in the slightest.
I think the Lumia 900 has a much better user experience and build quality than anything in the android world now or ever before. If Apple was not an option, I would get the Lumia long before any android phone.
I have an iPad if I want a larger screen. However, would I burst into flames if the next iPhone has a 4" screen? No, but I have no desire to see Apple join the obnoxious android phone size club.
All Google is doing is trying to expand the android net for search and ads. Google does not care about quality products or a positive user experience. They want your private information so they can monetize it. That is their business. That is all they care about, to the extent that they will even bypass Safari's security measures to steal private information. Apple has been in the business of making quality products that people love for 30 years. It shows. It's...
I got to play with the Lumia 900 today for about 20 minutes. Build quality and materials are top notch. Much better than anything in the android world currently. Windows Phone looks great, and is blistering fast and repsonsive. Animations and transition effects are seamless. Not a hint of lag anywhere. It makes the best android phone look sluggish and pathetic in comparison. Screen is slightly pixelated at times because of the low res. Blacks are deep, colors are...
Agreed. If Apple makes a bigger screen iPhone they will have a good reason for it beyond just following the competition's design trends. And I don't think the next iPhone will rehash the 4S design. It will look different. The A5X on a smaller, lower resolution screen would be disgustingly powerful as well. Running the same core hardware as the new iPad makes sense for many good reasons.
New Posts  All Forums: