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Too big. 4" maximum for a screen.
I am interested in seeing Windows 8 in all its incarnations. Though, I think Android has most to fear from Windows 8.
Tegra 3 features a low performance GPU that is sub iPad2 level. The current iPad is even a bigger beast. Performance brings heat. However, you always have the option of buying Android garbage that runs cooler if that is what matters to you.
Kanye West: You see the hate, that they servin on a platter. Drake: But Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.
Between iPad 1 upgrades, Apple fanatics that buy everything Apple, and first time adopters, hitting a million is easy. Just because Apple did a better job with supply chain management this around doesn't mean they failed by any means. Last year Best Buy got far fewer iPad 2's and sold out faster. This year they were well stocked but most are still sold out of wifi models.
I think we will see improved image quality and display tech outside of resolution Better contrast, deeper black levels, higher color saturation. All worthwhile pursuits.
I'm certain the new iPad was most likely near finalized from an engineering perspective before Steve passed on. If he was opposed, I don't think Tim Cook would have released it. Same for the next iPhone.
If it was important than Android tablets would actually sell well. But they don't, because they are crap. The market has already spoken on this issue. Some people are in denial or just not bright enough to concede this battle has already been fought, and their side lost overwhelmingly.
I get where you are going with this line of thinking. You're probably right as well. Next year should see an actual bump in battery life.
Worse than that. All Tegra2 tablets are horrible bags of ass, so I find it impossible to believe that anyone could be happy with one. I say this as a reformed Asus Transformer owner
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