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I think Apple will increase the screen size just to accomadate a larger battery. 3.9" to 4" is what I am thinking. I have an iPad and personally don't need or want a larger phone.
Google thought it up it up all on their own. Apple wasn't a factor at all...right? Larry Page is a douche, and android sucks balls.
I wish Steve were alive to reply. It would be a legendary retort.
If Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, and just about everyone else has their way, this will come true. This is what happens when you roll out a half baked stolen product.http://www.businessinsider.com/googl...android-2012-4
I think Apple will increase the screen size for the following reasons: Larger design means more space for larger battery which will be a must for LTE. Going to an HD class retina display would make everything tiny on a 3.5" screen. Since Apple does a refresh every other year, that 3.5" screen would be the standard until 2014. Even a mild increase to a 3.9" screen would be work people into a frenzy and move a few million iPhones even faster. It would decimate...
If big screens were that important the 3GS would not have outsold ALL big screen android phones last year. It beat everyone. Maybe people just want their phone to be a phone and not a tablet. I am not opposed to a 3.7" or 4" tops. Over that is in obnoxious android territory.
I don't think people realize how much width the 3:2 aspect ratio screen on the iPhone gains when you make it bigger. Android phones gain height mostly when the screen grows.
4.6" iPhone is not going to happen, so your points are moot.
The retina display was introduced in 2010, and developers quickly accomadated the higher resolution. I don't think it is that big of a deal.
Steve made it a point to explain that the human eye can only discern 300 pixels when a phone is held about 12 inches from your face.So keeping that standard, what does apple need to do to keep the same aspect ratio, and PPI with a bigger screen and the same aspect ratio?960x640 = 614400 pixels3.5 = 329.65 PPI3.7 = 311.83 PPI3.9 = 295.84 PPI1152x768 = 884736 pixels4" = 346.13 PPI4.2" = 329.65 PPI1296x864 = 1119744 pixels (HD Level)4" = 389.4 PPI4.2" = 370.86 PPICalculator...
New Posts  All Forums: