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I am very interested in Sprint's sales numbers for a variety of reasons. I am sure they will release them over the next couple of weeks.
Condensation will trigger the indicators. I had that happen to me on my HTC hero a few years ago.
I am not a fan of these tech patent wars. My bigger concern is everyone declaring full on war on Apple. All it takes is one patent ruling to cause all kinds of havoc on future Apple innovations. IP trades and royalty deals are much better than wars.
Even longer than that. This feature was in Gingerbread since last year. Though, I have a GS2 on Sprint, and the voice control is much better than stock gingerbread.
Classy Move Google. Anything else would be in poor taste and exploitive.
When the iP4S was being shown, Steve Jobs was probably on his death bed. That is sure to affect the tone and mood. I expect the next event will be more lively since it will be long after people are done mourning.
Sprint site is slow, but I can order it without issue. Though, I need to sell my iP4 first
The quality of your service is 100% rooted in where you live and where you are at that moment. Everything else is absolutely meaningless. My iP4 is on Verizon, and the service is good, but the company is awful. Their billing practices are criminal. AT&T sucks, and hasn't a prayer of getting a dime of my money ever. I lump them in with Chase bank and Comcast...meaning satan's trifecta. Ma Bell should be starved, and never fed. I'm looking forward to consolidating...
Real competition is the only thing that keeps companies like AT&T from being stupid. Hopefully there is a big enough exodus to help them get their mind right.
I'm dumping my Verizon iP4 for a Sprint iP4S. I hate Verizon, and I'm really disgusted by AT&T
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