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Since the iPad is now just...an iPad Does that mean there will be no more talk of iPhone5 or iPhone6 or iPhone-4G. Will it just be iPhone? Seems like a logical move on Apple's part.
Get the i4S. The next iPhone is too far away to worry about.
What exactly would be the point of having 48-bit color. How many colors do you think the human eye can discern? Do you think 120 frames per second are better than 60 frames per second as well?
Much ado about nothing. AT&T calls HSPA+ 4G, and I like seeing when I actually have coverage.
There are plenty of tablets with SD slots that can't sell one percent of what the iPad does. Clearly it isn't all that important of a feature.
I was not a fan of the iPad when it first dropped. However the app selection and iOS improvements have really given the product a usefulness that far exceeds my initial impressions. What really won me over was the fact that other tablets were so awful, and still are to this day. Only the very recent Windows 8 tablet looks like it might be a viable contender and it is 3 years late to the party. I don't think it's wrong to be a won over skeptic.
I don't care if the iPad3 has LTE because I'll be buying the wi-fi only model anyway. I don't need LTE at all in fact. LTE coverage just isn't where it needs to be for it to matter at this time. Maybe in another year it might factor into my decision making on a product, but for now, it's a non-issue that probably matters more to bloggers and android spec sheet monkeys. In terms of actual use, HSPA+ can keep me happy for a bit. The only thing I'd really like to see from...
Crushing? Really? I'm not seeing it?
I think most people are not exploring the full potential of the iPad to begin with. The one thing I would like to see for the iPad is a well integrated keyboard dock with extra battery, similar to the ASUS Transformer. For 75% of my needs, that combo, along with my iPhone, could easily replace my PC. I am all about the post PC era. I know there are people that need hardcore content creation software, so a PC is a must, but I am not one of those people.
Did you miss the seemingly insatiable appetite for iPhones and iPads in this country. Though I personally hope Apple brings more to the table than a better screen and camera.
New Posts  All Forums: