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I'd take Sprint over Verizon and AT&T any day of the week. AT&T is slooooooowww where I live, and Verizon nickle and dimes you to death. Sprint is just right.
While I don't expect to take pics as good as those, I will appreciate the clarity and speed at which pics can be taken.
I watched the whole event later that night because I knew most of the sites would be a mess. No big deal.
Features matter. If they didn't, there would be more universal enthusiasm about the iP4S. If it featured even a 3.9" screen, it would have made a huge difference in shaping opinion.
Apple should exercise some caution with these patent wars. Everyone should because nothing good can come from it long term. If anything it motivates people to want to retaliate and sue you and pursue an injunction.
The iP4S is not very exciting, but it certainly has teeth. The A5 and SGX543MP2 is the most powerful CPU and GPU in the history of cell phones. Even more powerful than the Galaxy S 2's dual core exynos chip and Mali400 which held the title of most power chip in a phone till yesterday. So the iP4S may lack presentation, but it will deliver massive gains over the the iP4
I own an iPhone4 on Verizon, and a Samsung Galaxy S2 E4GT on Sprint. In addition, I have a older iPad and Asus Transformer Honeycomb tablet. I'm not an Apple person or Android person. I like gadgets of all flavor. That said, overall, the Sprint Version of the Galaxy S2 is a more enticing device over the iP4. Firstly, the super amoled plus display just looks more vibrant, with better contrast, colors and true blacks. Plus the display is massive so everything from surfing,...
New Posts  All Forums: