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This whole affair isn't about China, it's about America. The unions, regulators, and taxes have driven labor abroad, and now they want to piss all over China to somehow force those jobs back. Not going to happen. Our government and special interest groups have made manufacturing and labor impossible in the USA, which has utterly destroyed the middle class. China wont make our mistakes, and they will continue to thrive. So before we start pointing fingers, remember...
Not for nothing, but consider the source of these leaks is China...No reason to be skeptical at all... Everyone just prepare yourself for the possibility that the real iPad3 might have nothing in common with the speculation...especially speculation from China of all places. China is Home of awesome "Apple" products that Apple has never heard of.
October makes sense as a release date. The i4S is doing well. No need to shorten its life cycle to rush out the next generation iPhone. Plus we now that Apple is their own biggest competitor. No need to put iPhone 5 and iPad 3 on the market too close together. A little breathing room between the two is a good thing.
Anyone that has touched a Tegra2 based tablet or phone knows that chip absolutely sucks. Not even in a small way. Performance is utterly abysmal in fact.
You can always get an ASUS Transformer Prime. Sure it is laggy balls, but at least it is quad core. The "paper specs mean everything" disease of android needs to stay there. As we've seen many times over "lower spec'ed" Windows Phones and Apple devices are far more satisfying to use than fully spec'ed out android devices. Do what you want, though.
Sorta true. Google stores a ton in the cloud, and it all moves with you. Not true for apps. But even an iPhone owner gets the same perks through the Google Voice app.
Symbiotic is more like it. People introduced to iPads tend to buy iPhones, and both are launch pads for Macs. It all works together. As long as people are having a positive experience with Apple products, they will continue to seek out a greater Apple ecosystem.
It just means an android phone maker shipped garbage from the factory, which is something Apple would never do. That is why android loses.
In your dreams it does.The instant anyone says anything about rooting and flashing ROMs it just feeds into why the iPhone is better.
New Posts  All Forums: