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I think most people are not exploring the full potential of the iPad to begin with. The one thing I would like to see for the iPad is a well integrated keyboard dock with extra battery, similar to the ASUS Transformer. For 75% of my needs, that combo, along with my iPhone, could easily replace my PC. I am all about the post PC era. I know there are people that need hardcore content creation software, so a PC is a must, but I am not one of those people.
Did you miss the seemingly insatiable appetite for iPhones and iPads in this country. Though I personally hope Apple brings more to the table than a better screen and camera.
The mobile landscape is growing and becoming more competitive. Apple should save the cash for R&D and innovation.
No dividend. Save the money for R&D and continuing to sell great products. If people want dividends, there are plenty of stocks for that. There is no one else for making the kind of products Apple makes. Nothing should detract from the core goal. If Steve were still alive, he'd say "No" and call it a day.
Interesting that the Evo 4G was the overall best selling android phone despite Sprint being tiny compared to AT&T and Verizon.
A $399 iPad2 would basically shut down android tablet sales except for on the very low end of $99 garbage tablets. It really is the competition's worst nightmare, especially with a reveal right after MWC. Talk about sucking the wind out of their sails. Unless there is some utterly innovative show stopper revealed at MWC, I can't see anything standing toe to toe with the iPad3 and not getting crushed. Then again, I don't care. I'll be line to get my iPad3 on day one.
I don't think the prospect of Office on the iPad is all that odd. MSFT has offered software on Mac OS/hardware since the dawn of time. It would be an instant best selling app as well. MSFT would make heaps fairly quick off the deal.
The difference is your contacts are all synced automatically while all your apps have to be manually reinstalled.
The minute it becomes more cost effective to run operations with automation, all those people will be sent back to their dirt poor villages in the countryside. Cheap labor is steady work. Expensive labor is outsourced or automated. More Americans need to get that through their noggin. Prime example: Detroit.
Care to explain what injustice has taken place?
New Posts  All Forums: