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The difference is your contacts are all synced automatically while all your apps have to be manually reinstalled.
The minute it becomes more cost effective to run operations with automation, all those people will be sent back to their dirt poor villages in the countryside. Cheap labor is steady work. Expensive labor is outsourced or automated. More Americans need to get that through their noggin. Prime example: Detroit.
Care to explain what injustice has taken place?
Do you understand the notion of buying power?
This will largely depend on if Windows 8 tablet has more in common with Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 PC. If MSFT brings Windows 8 tablet to market with the full arsenal of Windows PC applications with close ties to Windows Phone 8's ecosystem, it will get interesting fast. Though, this will be more of an issue for android than Apple.
I think most of these big city liberal activist types don't understand anything outside of their academia circles. And you are correct. I didn't see any walls or machine guns holding people in. Clearly people would rather work hard for Foxconn than eat cat meat and rice in some shit hole Chinese country village. China is a glorified 3rd world nation. No wonder thousands line up for work. I would too. Also, all these leftists union morons need to get it through their...
It's still very laggy, and unresponsive. Better than previous versions, but still. Why does it ten cores and 20 gigs of ram to make android run reasonably well? iOS and Windows Phone aren't anywhere near as demanding because they are designed flat out better.
It looks like hard work, certainly not fun work, but I'm not seeing any sweat shop. The wages and living standards are magnitudes higher than many in China. If Apple had a similar factory here, it would go out of business fairly quick. Between the unions, the EPA, taxes, and Obamacare, manufacturing electronics here is damn near impossible unless you want to pay $900 for an iPhone.
This whole affair isn't about China, it's about America. The unions, regulators, and taxes have driven labor abroad, and now they want to piss all over China to somehow force those jobs back. Not going to happen. Our government and special interest groups have made manufacturing and labor impossible in the USA, which has utterly destroyed the middle class. China wont make our mistakes, and they will continue to thrive. So before we start pointing fingers, remember...
Not for nothing, but consider the source of these leaks is China...No reason to be skeptical at all... Everyone just prepare yourself for the possibility that the real iPad3 might have nothing in common with the speculation...especially speculation from China of all places. China is Home of awesome "Apple" products that Apple has never heard of.
New Posts  All Forums: