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Anyone that has touched a Tegra2 based tablet or phone knows that chip absolutely sucks. Not even in a small way. Performance is utterly abysmal in fact.
You can always get an ASUS Transformer Prime. Sure it is laggy balls, but at least it is quad core. The "paper specs mean everything" disease of android needs to stay there. As we've seen many times over "lower spec'ed" Windows Phones and Apple devices are far more satisfying to use than fully spec'ed out android devices. Do what you want, though.
Sorta true. Google stores a ton in the cloud, and it all moves with you. Not true for apps. But even an iPhone owner gets the same perks through the Google Voice app.
Symbiotic is more like it. People introduced to iPads tend to buy iPhones, and both are launch pads for Macs. It all works together. As long as people are having a positive experience with Apple products, they will continue to seek out a greater Apple ecosystem.
It just means an android phone maker shipped garbage from the factory, which is something Apple would never do. That is why android loses.
In your dreams it does.The instant anyone says anything about rooting and flashing ROMs it just feeds into why the iPhone is better.
I finally got fed up and dumped android for an iPhone 4S. Here's why: 1. I shouldn't have to handle hardware and software integration to get android to offer the best performance. I don't want that job. The phone makers should be doing this, not me. 2. Android is poorly supported by carriers and manufacturers. You'd be lucky to see one major update a year on a brand new device. Apple gave the 3 year old 3GS their current iOS5. Better support is a must,...
Kansas City, Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Atlanta all go LTE for Sprint in April/May time frame of this year. No doubt Apple has told AT&T, Sprint and Verizon if LTE is coming for iPhone5, so I would expect all carriers to be VERY aggressive with deployments over the next few months to get up to speed.
In recent years HTC has made 33 different android phones and 17 Windows Phone models. That's 50 different phones since 2009 or so. That is just a terrible business model from an R&D expense perspective and logistics perspective. It's just not sustainable long term, especially when you consider many of those phones will be junk by design.
New Posts  All Forums: