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  Nothing? Really? Instant cross platform streaming service that will get money out of Windows, Android, OSX, and iOS... Instant foot in the growing streaming music market which is growing daily. Instant hold of negotiated music contracts for content. No need to disrupt and dilute the iTunes music purchase and radio model. Get a piece of the Beats headphone profits with double branding potential (increased value and margins) on iOS devices that come with Beats headphones.
 I work for a Fortune 500. BES was retired January of this year and replaced with Good and Airwatch. And I am not surprised Office is in decline. You pay massive licensing fees for software that most employees dont even use, and of those that do use it, they only tap into 5% of the features at best. I'm been a dedicated user of Google Drive and iWork since 2012. At no moment have I missed or needed Office. More people are waking up and discovering the same. This is...
 Then there will probably be blood in the streets for a short period of time as lots of android phones don't get sold. The great disparity currently present that draws people to android will be gone resulting in: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/178977/survey-suggests-apple-could-sell-15m-more-iphones-in-us-with-larger-5-display-option  Whatever the market dictates, apparently, since that is driving the increased screen size. Tim Cook and SJ have made their thoughts on...
This is not a zero sum game.Rewind to 2011 and among flagship device buying consumers it was damn near all iPhone.That's not the case anymore. Now tens of millions are actively passing over the iPhone for competing flagship devices, with the largest impetus being screen size.
 To your first point, to some extent people are flocking. All one need do is consider collectively that most people buying an LG G2, HTC One, Samsung S4/S5, Note 3, etc etc are not also buying iPhones. While I have an S5 and 5S and 5, I am certainly in the minority. Otherwise that will equate to well north of 40 million+ people who are passing over the iPhone, and I'm willing to bet the screen size is the number one allure of competitors. Most of these competitors are also...
 Samsung devices are getting further removed from their more contentious catalog from a couple of years ago, with the saying "designed by lawyers" becoming increasingly common when it comes to devices that compete with Apple currently. As patent disputes becomes less applicable, these stories will start to fade to something occasional rather than daily.
 That's pretty funny. And wasn't it just last year that Research firm Strategy Analytics said that "Samsung's operating profit for its handset division stood at $5.2 billion in the second quarter, topping Apple's estimated iPhone profit of $4.6 billion. This marked the first time the Korean firm has overtaken its U.S. rival." Furthermore these two companies have completely different business models and operations. For one Samsung is completely vertically integrated. They...
  720P with 316ppi would be plenty. It would easier on the battery, RAM, CPU and GPU as well. Would also keep heat down. 1080P would be better though but certainly more taxing.
  That's a matter of opinion and preference. Apple being who they are, would not increase screen size if there was no point.  The point being I suspect Apple being unable to cram more tech into a small chassis and public demand.
 These types of cases will shrink over the next couple of years. We are seeing claims against newer Samsung devices not getting much mileage compared to everything from the GNEX, S2 and before. S3 got hit a bit, but not much has happened with the S4.
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