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I would be in for this.   Especially if the size is in the same ballpark as the G3 and S5, which replaced my iPhone 5S two months ago.  
It's a feature I use often of my S5. Having it in iOS would be appreciated.   You'd end up using it more often than you think.
iOS based OS with a iOS/OSX hybrid UI that can also play iOS apps. 
 Pretty much. I wouldn't expect him to say anything else, but at the same time I am skeptical about anything earth shattering happening. Would be nice if it was true however. Apple stacking Q3 and Q4 leaves a pretty big drought for about 10 to 11 months so any news would be interesting at this point.
 Use your brain for a moment. Apple has hundreds of millions of credit cards on file. Apple now has a very sticky new service with Beats. Even if Apple converts 10% of those cards it translates to a reliable, large, revenue stream that will only get larger because this is the future of the music industry. Apple is also in the cross platform business now. They can fight Spotify, and Google Play music on Windows Phone, Windows PC, Android, Mac and iOS further expanding their...
 Same thing was said about the iPad Mini for awhile.
Bring on the 5.5" model
I seriously hope there is more to iPhone 6 and iOS 8 than "health book" and a bigger screen.   That larger canvas offers so much potential for new levels of interactivity and productivity.   ...like being able to see two two apps to avoid the annoying as hell app reloading when trying to multitask and share information between apps.
I like it.    The change to 3:2 aspect ratio, as we know from the iPhone, gives a lot of viewable content and is a good compromise for usage and viewing video.   I like the idea of a laptop when I need it, and a tablet for just relaxing on the couch watching "Game of Thrones".   Concerns: hinge life and tension after a year of pressure, and battery life.   If my MBA and R-Mini died suddenly, I'd get the Surface Pro 3. For $999 + $129 it's the better value prospect...
  Nothing? Really? Instant cross platform streaming service that will get money out of Windows, Android, OSX, and iOS... Instant foot in the growing streaming music market which is growing daily. Instant hold of negotiated music contracts for content. No need to disrupt and dilute the iTunes music purchase and radio model. Get a piece of the Beats headphone profits with double branding potential (increased value and margins) on iOS devices that come with Beats headphones.
New Posts  All Forums: