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  That's a matter of opinion and preference. Apple being who they are, would not increase screen size if there was no point.  The point being I suspect Apple being unable to cram more tech into a small chassis and public demand.
 These types of cases will shrink over the next couple of years. We are seeing claims against newer Samsung devices not getting much mileage compared to everything from the GNEX, S2 and before. S3 got hit a bit, but not much has happened with the S4.
 Samsung isn't forking android anymore than Motorola, LG or HTC. Fragmenting yes, but it's better that these companies are all trying on one-up each other in terms of getting more from android, which is really nothing more than a foundation. Raw android really is stale as all hell and not all that functional outside of the very basic expectations of a smart device. But between LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung they are all "feeding into the pool" in a way that influences...
 Not spin, but the iPhone 6 will be one of the most one handed friendly phones ever made out the box, and certainly easier on the hands than 99% of the android phones out there of similar size. 1: It's thin, so you won't need as big of a grip or stretch as often2: control center puts many toggles and settings on the lower part of the screen so you don't have to reach3: Gestures make navigating easier without reaching for in app controls No android phone outside of the...
I expect some additional services and a couple of tweaks but not much else in terms of functionality.I'll be honest and say if the leading features are Healthbook, and dedicated iTunes radio app/icon, I will be disappointed.
Activation is gesture based. As arduous as swiping between pages in Safari in iOS. Literally.Disable is one tap.Dead simple for the times it is needed.
With tech patent disputes, getting a savvy enough jury that understands the scope and damage of copying will be damn near impossible.
Not pathetic at all. Does exactly what it needs to do when you need it.
From day one I thought Apple forking the 5C and 5S could open the door to different size iPhones.   I hope it happens.
 I have the S5, and one handed operation works pretty brilliantly. It essentially converts the screen into a resizable window with one easy gesture.  There are certain times as you said, where one handed operation is very valuable. For me it's the gym and walking around town. One gesture and my 5.1" screen turns into a 16:9, 4" window just like my iPhone 5S. Very easy to use with one hand.  The bottom row has multitasking, home, and back buttons, and also a volume up/down...
New Posts  All Forums: