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The sooner the better.
I personally do not like the entire Apple lineup being stacked into Q3 and Q4. It's going to make launch day a complete mess. Like to a nightmarish extent.
This just keeps getting sadder and sadder
Tim better not crack and allow the Chinese to sully Apple products.
  That largely depends on the point of this sensor.   If it's linked to some type of "iPay" Air Drop powered currency exchange and payment system, it's basically going to bury NFC, ISIS and whatever else and help Apple bring in billions.   If it's just there to unlock my phone, no thanks.
  I think some people need to divorce their own ego from their cell phone. A plastic iPhone is not reflection on you as a person, and it certainly is no reflection on Apple, which as you pointed out, did sell the plastic backed 3G and 3GS.
This big bump in resolution is pointless on a 4" screen.   For one, the fusion of a tiny battery and a huge GPU crushing resolution is a bad combination.   And really, over 300 PPI on a 4" screen? What's the point?
  I think Windows Phone manages the lock screen information better than Android and iOS6 at this time.   Look forward to trying iOS7.
Just so we are on on the same page, your solution this fall is a 3 year old phone that will run iOS 7 horribly most likely, with no air drop, no Siri, no LTE, no HSPA+, limited carrier support and who knows what else...And this is preferable to an iPhone 5C because...
Unlikely. That's a lot of time and money, with no assurances, for a single market.That could turn into a billion dollar write off real fast. Too much risk, not enough reward.It's pretty clear, based upon the currently available information, especially packaging design, that iPhone 5C is iPhone color.4S is dead. 30 Pin is dead. 3.5" screen is dead. iPhone 5C is going to huge this holiday season. Probably bigger than the 5S, which is mysteriously quiet considering we are so...
New Posts  All Forums: