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 Speak for yourself. I like the look of worn leather.  More importantly it feels phenomenal in the hand.
Who knew back then that the iPod was the beginning of a monumental shift in the way we think of "computers" in our daily lives?   I hated the iPod at first. I was all into the Sony Mini Disc format, but finally gave in and got a Nano years later as a gift. It was my first Apple product. 
 This is a myth. They have almost nothing in common.  New? YesRefreshing? I certainly think so. I like Windows Phone quite a bit.Similar to iOS7? Not even close, and anyone that actually has spent time would both would agree. 
 Microsoft is giving away Office for free because this phantom of "serious work" doesn't exist for most people. Sure Microsoft might have enterprise under the thumb, but that weight is shrinking daily as more users realize you don't need expensive and bloated Word, or Excel for the functions most people use. If Office was such a grand commodity, bet your ass Microsoft would not be giving it away. Don't be like the obtuse masses that said the iPad would be a flop because...
 I've been saying this since the A7 went public.  The Galaxy S5 will be shouting 64-bit in name only performance from the rooftops with no OS or software to support it, and the androidiots will eat it up.
 Excel and the entire Office Suite are becoming less popular commercially because more and more consumers are figuring out that light productivity tools featured in Google Drive and iWork are perfectly capable of performing the functions they need on a daily basis. There is a reason that MSFT is literally giving Office away with Surface. They know like most know that Office is not the commodity that it was 4 years ago. Only a small percentage of Office users are even aware...
You are not the only one. I really wish Apple had put the 5S hardware inside of a 5C chassis
The sooner the better.
I personally do not like the entire Apple lineup being stacked into Q3 and Q4. It's going to make launch day a complete mess. Like to a nightmarish extent.
This just keeps getting sadder and sadder
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