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    Think twice, because in reality you'll be paying the equivalent of $1,298 for an iPhone.   How...   Subsidized plan pricing + monthly phone payment plan.   AKA Double Dipping customers.   T-Mobile's Jump is much better.
Is this supposed to make sense, because I really hope this is not your best attempt to articulate something intelligent.
It wasn't his fault...The S-voices told him to do it...
I think this story is a bit of an exaggeration.   The biggest issue with Windows Phone is app support.   The hardware is competitive from Nokia, but MSFT is doing a complete piss poor job with their mobile strategy.    For example...the name...Windows Phone. It's a stupid freaking name. Calling it Tile Phone makes more sense. 
Sprint might be a player in 6 months to a year with their new funding and huge supply of spectrum.   Today...they still need too much work for me to consider switching back.    When Sprint has 90% LTE market coverage maybe then I will consider changing back to them.   For now, my AT&T HSPA+ is so fast and coverage so huge, there is no way in hell I am leaving AT&T for a half baked competitor...especially a CDMA competitor. 
Interesting, but nothing to sway me away from my iPhone.   I like my 4S and 5 photos and look forward to the 5S camera improvements, but a 41MP super camera is no proverbial "killer app" to make me dump Apple.   And I do not see the appeal of 50mb pics eating up all my storage space.
We don't know the specifics of Verizon's commitment to Apple, so this whole story could just be headline grab-ass tactics.However, when Verizon signed on with Apple back in 2011, Apple had no real smartphone competition, and the smartphone market had less overall saturation.
Sprint has the cash, they have the spectrum, and the Nextel/Clearwire drama is over. No more excuses for terrible data speeds, slow LTE roll out, and spotty coverage.
The unlimited data and frequent upgrade flexibility is appealing. I think I might open a T-Mobile line in August, take it for a spin and see how it fits in my environment. If it looks good, I might just change over in time for iPhone 5S. I have no loyalty to AT&T. The high prices and 24 months upgrade cycle is getting old.
It's never a matter of what these devices can do, but rather how well they do it.   And as a Windows 8 user, the dual window touch interface is not all that good, while the task switching gesture of the iPad is quicker and more intuitive.
New Posts  All Forums: