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I don't get why people have so much interest in Apple's stock anyway. I come into contact with hundreds, if not thousands a products day that are made by publicly traded companies and I honestly couldn't tell you what the stock price of any of them.Good or bad, I think Apple's stock price is mostly troll fodder. All these android trolls will be quick to tell you Apple lost 10 points but couldn't begin to tell you the stock price of Sony, LG, Samsung, or HTC.
4S with LTE and 4" Retina (aka 5th Gen ipod touch) Maybe even a 5 in a new body. Neither would surprise me, with the latter being less likely.
About this vulnerability, installing a hobbyist, basement designed ROM is certainly NOT a solution as the makers will certainly never have the resources to properly test for weaknesses and won't go back to plug weaknesses. You are gambling big time with these ROMS floating around. Google will patch this massive security hole, but God help you if you don't have a Nexus 4, or Google Edition GS4 or HTC One or one of this year's carrier subsidized flagship's from one of the...
I don't know how valid Samsung's numbers are, but there are a hell of a lot GS3 and GS4's out there. I'm seeing them as much as iPhones these days.
Just did a speed test and got 39.25 down and 11.92 up.   That crushes my home cable internet by more than 50%.   ...only my home internet is vastly more useful because it isn't capped to 6 puny gigs a month.   Raw speed is meaningless with these expensive low limit data plans.
  I work in a federal facility that is basically a concrete bunker with few windows and my AT&T LTE reception is always good.   Sprint on the other hand...in that same building 3G and Wimax were both at zero bars.
I think some here are over reacting and overstating Android's security vulnerabilities.   These things always get fixed with the latest software updates, so there's nothing to be concerned about at all.   Just wait for the Jelly Bean update and all will be fine...any day now... 
    $299 is wishful thinking at best, and $200 is not going to happen.   How is an iPhone Lite supposed to come in under the price of an iPod Touch when a phone has far more complex silicon?   Adding cellular support to any iPad adds $130 to the price.   The cheapest iTouch is currently $229 sans rear camera. Add the camera and plastics and you probably end up with a $250 device. Add your cellular radio which we know is a $130 mark up and suddenly you have a $380 phone....
The all white version of this iPhone would sell like a monster at $400-450   Same specs as the current 5th Gen iPod Touch is my prediction.
I don't care. I only use Safari on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.   Tried some other browsers and went right back to Safari.
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