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You'll notice that no one puts this thing in the same league as the iPad.The two points that come up most are that android tablets sucks, but Nexus 7 sucks the leaast, but it's cheap so that's okay.Sorry if I don't see that as high praise or an endorsement.
Beyond being cheap, I can't see a reason for wanting this thing. Tim Cook said something about people that buy brand X tablets for whatever reason, and how great they are when first open the box, but how the excitiment drops off quickly due to a lack of quality in terms of apps, build quality, user experience and ecosystem. These same people end up as iPad customers more often than not. This is exactly what happened to the Kindle Fire, and the Nexus 7 will suffer the...
Not sure what you mean. This was said at the first iPhone reveal and is all over YouTube.He said it and the competition should have taken him at his word
A quick reminder:     Steve Jobs, January 9th 2007, 10:44am: "We filed for over 200 patents for all the inventions in iPhone and we intend to protect them."   What? Did they think Steve was joking?
It's funny what some people are comfortable saying now that Steve Jobs has passed.   Saying MSFT anything is like Steve Jobs would have brought quite the tongue lashing from Steve himself.   Anyway, as for Woz. His opinion means nothing to me.
  Already debunked.    And iOS is based on OSX. It's got a dock, and icons. The OSX layout was patented in 1999.
Since his comments are on record, Apple would be smart to use that in their future cases against whomever. As a Judge, your personal opinion means dogshit. Don't legislate from the bench.
The Note is probably the most obnoxious phone I have ever had the misfortune of holding. And now it will be even bigger... Yay?
Companies have no right to exist. Either you make competitive products and sell them or you don't and die. That's life. Maybe next time should HTC should choose a better software partner, because this whole android thing isn't going to well for them.
At the price of having "stuff" running constantly, eating RAM, GPU and CPU cycles and affecting system stability and battery life.I don't want that happening on my iPhone. Androids love of stuff running rampant in the background and foreground is why it has the rep for crashing, laggy, needing battery pulls and reboots to function well.
New Posts  All Forums: