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  What ? I suddenly become a paid shill by samsung ? LMAO   I can not say anything against to apple because of this logic. LOL
    Apple should not use their arrogant tactic, “You’re taking pictures wrong.”   'Sapphire glass' is problem.   ------------------------------   We’ve just learned that the iPhone 5 camera may be faulty, showing a purple haze (yep, I said it) in certain lighting conditions. If you take a picture with the iPhone 5, and there’s a bright light that’s outside of the frame, you’ll see a purple tint come across the image. This is possibly due to the...
  A Store Is Born Sept. 29, 2000   "Apple began revamping its retail strategy last year, hiring away people such as Allen Moyer of Sony Corp.’s U.S. unit, who helped oversee the design of retail centers such as the flashy Sony Metreon, a Sony-anchored mall in San Francisco"   http://classroom.wsj.com/cre/2012/02/24/a-store-is-born/
In 1999, Apple hired Allen Moyer, a former Sony executive who had been part of the company's retail development projects, including the Metreon complex in downtown San Francisco. There, Sony had opened its own Sony Style store where consumers could wander in and get their hands on Sony's gadgets. Being in the middle of a densely populated and tourist-filled city, the store had the potential for big foot traffic. More importantly, it could be an...
What is the problem here? Was apple patented all store should belong to them ? Microsoft store is OK. Sony store is OK. But, Samsung store is bad ?   And don't forget Apple store itself is copy of "Sony Style store"
    NOT VIOLATING FRAND As to whether Samsung violated the Fair, Reasonable and Non- Discriminatory (FRAND) terms, the Seoul court ruled that it was hard to find the South Korean company did not follow the terms, saying that Apple failed to ask for a licensing agreement or consult on the use of standard-essential patents with Samsung before using the related patents. The court noted that Apple seemed to have the intent to avoid the claims of Samsung to stop infringing on...
THE high-profile Android case has led to pressure from the judge to disclose paid bloggers. Google named nobody, whereas Oracle named two . Now it turns out that “Apple has retained Florian Mueller as a consultant,” which is a known way of passing a bribe (it’s the business model, as Microsoft privately calls it). “So GROKLAW keeps catching FM showing bias while publicly holding himself up to be an expert on FLOSS patent violations and the like, and a...
Really? Show me some link. He is a heavy anti-Google/anti-Android/anti-Samsung guy. I can not trust your comment.   http://9to5google.com/2011/10/14/patent-analyst-accused-of-anti-google-stance-funded-by-microsoft/#idc-cover   http://thedroidguy.com/2012/05/florian-mueller-is-a-fraud/
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