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From the impression I got from the keynote was that volume and power were commands passed over hdmi. Aka the command from the remote to Apple TV would be over Bluetooth and then from there over hdmi. The Hdmi spec supports it but I haven't seen any setups use it yet (then again I don't see many setups so I could be wrong)
Agreed. Going from 4s to 5s was skeptical, but once I held a friends I thought it was nice. Holding the 6 in one hand just feels to wide. I thought it might be a similar transition where I'd be ok with it but I can honestly say 4.7 is too big for me. I'd probably have been ok with 4.0-4.5ish.
I sold my 16 GB 4s for $350 on eBay when the 5s had been out for 2 weeks. I keep all the original packaging/parts and put it all back together. My phone was in like new condition, except maybe the battery.
Capability and wanting are 2 different things. Wanting something doesn't make it right. What you're saying only confirms that it is mutable choice and therefor not a civil rights issue.
Anybody else find the blue face pictured in the article creepy?
Says who? You? That's not a way to convince anyone your position is correct. All you've done is resort to ad hominem/bandwagon attacks because you can't come up with a well thought out argument to counter mine. Nice.
When I was instructed by my parents and reaffirmed from the bible.
You don't get to choose whether your male or female. That's a civil rights issue because that is immutable. That is determined at biologically at conception. Having a sexual preference is a choice, whether right or wrong, so it's not a civil rights issue. Pretending to be another gender when your not is a choice, so again, not a civil rights issue.
This is not civil rights. Civil rights refers to immutable characteristics a person has, such as ethnicity, skin color, and birth assigned gender (can't believe I have to qualify that). It doesn't matter how much wants to change their gender, how much they change their appearance, or how much they act the part, who they are attracted to - it is what you choose to do - aka a its "mutable". You are still male or female because you haven't changed your genes (xx, xy). All...
Oh so it's only ok for you and the LGBT to impose their beliefs on us?Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear declines to hold special session to create accommodations for clerks not wanting to perform same-sex marriages, says they need to comply with the court’s ruling.“Christian Colleges’ Right to Deny Married Housing for Gay Couples Is ‘on the Edge of the Indefensible,’ Barry Lynn...
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