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If there has to be a physical hub in the home, I still stand by apple putting it into their network hardware or in some third category outside of Apple TV or router. The apple tv just doesn't make sense as a "hub" in my mind. In my opinion it would be like making a toaster and blender into one device, or even those combination DVD/VHS players to a degree.
Not everyone has an Apple TV either. I guess the ideal solution would be to associate homekit devices with your iCloud account - then there is no need to buy a hub, you just hook them up to your account. However, that would be become a pain for adding and removing HA devices as more are adopted into the home.
See my edit.
I think it makes more sense for the AirPort Extreme, express, and time capsule to be the hub(s) for homekit, or at least the gateways to outside access for controlling homekit accessories. Let the Apple TV be a content hub like its intended to be (streaming from Mac/iCloud/other, AirPlay, hopefully games soon). With as small and portable as the Apple TV is, I'm likely to take it to a friends house. What if I wanted to control my stuff at the house? The...
I agree. Benjamin Franklin once said, "if we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both".
Newsflash, we already knew it wasn't a Christian nation. But it was at one point based on Christian principles because the founding fathers saw merit in them, whether they were Christian or not themselves.This question can easily be turned towards the lgbt movement as well: what makes you think you deserve special treatment?
Amen brother in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Dude, read Song of Solomon! There are a bunch of allegorical references to oral sex. It's hard not to get a boner reading it. The bible doesn't condemn it, but rather encourages it as long as it is in the context of a monogamous relationship.
No it doesn't. As for religious texts, the bible is probably the most conisistent. Most "apparent" contradictions can be reasoned about in a logical manner, especially after understanding the literary context, the culture of the day, and going back to the original Hebrew or Greek. Full meaning of a particular Hebrew or Greek word(s) may not be easily conveyed in English, which is why in order to fully understand and appreciate a particular text, you need to get to the...
I forgot to add it is because of this, true believers are more tolerant than secular liberals.
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