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How many of us will try to hold their iPhone up close to their face after reading this? I did. Felt weird and there would have to be some sort of software to account for the blurriness...
I'm disinclined to acquiesce. Means no. There was even a big blow up a couple years ago over some emails from a prominent global warming entity that showed they were trying to hide data that did not support their position. There is just not enough info yet to make this claim, there is tainted/biased data presented from "scientists", and too many people have an agenda. Call me a skeptic. I don't believe everything I hear and I'm not easily swayed.
I agree. I believe the climate changes. Of course it does. Just look outside everyday. Do we have as large an impact on it as everyone seems think (thank you media for sensationalizing it just to get views)? I don't think so. Do we have an effect? sure, but it's probably more akin to spitting into the ocean compared to other things. If you look back at reports and media from the 1970s several of the headlines would've sounded like they came from today, except they...
Is there a way to filter DED articles out of the RSS feed? That would greatly improve things. Or better yet, AI, would you let him go? I thought his articles were good, once. But now I try to avoid them but I still get click baited sometimes. /rant
Data stored on "secure" cloud vs individual, encrypted, user remote wipeable device. Aka losses would millions of bank accounts vs an unlikely one in the event of an attack. I don't think he thought this one through... either that or this guy has and is worse than Eric Schmidt.
My wife taught at a private high school who did one to one iPads to students. It was actually quite successful. The iPad was part of the tuition and after the kids graduated they got to keep it. The tech there knew how to manage the stuff and had a set of approved software that was installed on the device. They had purchased some digital books for the iPad instead of textbooks - it was probably split 25/75% to 50/50%. The school also had apple TVs hooked up to...
He doesn't need to prove anything? Any good computer scientist/engineer/specialist is going to ask him to.You are falling into the logical fallacy of appealing to authority. Just because someone who is knowledgeable in a given field says something is true, does not necessarily make it true.
I did. It read more from a standpoint of what is theoretically possible. I never saw a step by step WORKING example. I saw some naive code examples of how it could be possible that demonstrates the core idea. I also find it funny the mention of being able to spoof the fingerprint reader. I remember when news of that released. It basically required a perfect fingerprint under perfect conditions in order to work. Its POSSIBLE, but how likely is it?I never said what...
Totally agree. He just wants his 15 minutes. I say to him demonstrate it so apple knows what to fix or so that users can take cautionary steps. Otherwise he's all hot air.
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