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I've only seen 2 chromebooks out and about. One was at my work place in IT where they were testing/doing a trial with it to see if it was with it. It was discarded after a week or so and business continued as usual. The other is my niece's. The high school she goes to provided it to her. She only uses it when she has to (which is for not very much). She says it is wretched, hard to use device and a waste of money. She does all her work on a MacBook Air and an ipad...
Mikey Campbell's I think is an alias DED uses based on what others have said:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/159508/hands-on-with-the-new-64-bit-a7-powered-iphone-5s-with-new-m7-camera-features-touch-id/120#post_2397407
"Last thing to talk about, before end of discussionI heard power corrupts, no it just shows our corruptionBut power's really a blessing, to meet it, to resurrection"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g7ydLH5Uvo-- Trip Lee - Heart Problem
Power corrupts? No, power only shows that corruption.  I could never be in a position with power for that reason.  Having said that, they do need a new judge.
I see. Makes a bit more sense now. Thank you for the clarification.
@Flaneur I see your point, but I think the Macalope does an exceeding better job than DED when it comes to throwing punches. Just my opinion.First off, this does not address the issue we were talking about. Rather you set up a straw man attack to discredit my opinion about DED's writing style. Again, I don't disagree with with many of the stances he takes with apple, google, and samsung; just in the manner that he approaches it. This among other things (other stances...
 Apple Insider isnt the main problem.  Most of the authors do not do what you described above.  They are usually tactful.  That said, I have largely started to avoid articles written by Daniel Eran Dilger for various reasons, including the reason you have stated.  I love apple products and reading about them; I am not fond of android products, but there are occasionally neat uses for it, however I would never own an android phone, tablet, or set top box. I do not think...
  I see.  I wasn't trying to compare to the iPad, just saying thats what I go to if/when I want a bigger touch screen and the apple tv isnt around.  I find it hard to share photos etc on any phone... we always end up just passing it around instead of everyone gathering around a single phone.  Most of my family members own an apple tv and we all have iOS devices so its real easy just to airplay stuff we want to share.   I have trouble getting my 2.5" pocket knife out of...
  What exactly is the allure of having a bigger screen?  I can do everything just fine on my 4s.  When I want a bigger screen (say for watching a video), I throw it up on the Apple TV or go to my iPad.  I really don't understand this thinking of the NEED to have a bigger screen on the phone.  It just sounds so cumbersome and annoying.
That was what I was trying to convey.  In large part the MacPro was a complete surprise, although I thought there was a rumor about it having lots of thunderbolt ports (which I thought was obvious at the time).  Thats the only thing I can remember.  But you are right, they are just rumors and many have been wrong (wouldve provided an example now and in the last post but I couldnt remember any off the top of my head).
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