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He's read to many Daniel Eran Dilger articles. I avoid them like the plague.
I can't wait till iOS 8 so I can install adblock plus and ghostery in safari so when I accidentally click on a Daniel Eran Dilger piece he will not get any ad money for the Tl;DR articles or other junk he writes. Most of his articles are a waste of time, even if I do agree with him 85% of the time.
The phrase "the fact that" bugs the heck out of me. It is unnecessary. It could easily be replaced with just the word "that".
Absolutist: There are absolutes we all must adhere to. Relativist: There are no absolutes. Absolutist: You just made an absolute statement, and therefor self contradicted yourself. All relativists are relative relativists. They are ok with everybody believing whatever until what someone else believes infringes on what they believe. Relativist: What is right for me is right for me, and what is right for you is right for you. Absolutist: I believe it is ok for me to steal...
Macalope vs Kane would be much funnier. DED has a tendency to dig himself into holes he doesn't realize he's in.
Setup a secondary wireless router that is only or the nest. Don't hook that router up to the net. Done.
Agreed. Seems wasteful to throw out the tech along with the bulb. There would need to be some sort of recycle center.Why not make socket speakers for home theater systems instead of they way things are done now (minus this light idea). Install a pivotable mount on your wall that you can screw different speakers into. That way if one goes bad / outdated all you have to do is unscrew the old and screw in the new - no messing with wires at all. However, that would require...
Warning - opinion ahead:I refuse to pay for TV. Most of it is utter crap and not worth what they charge. I've got better things to do than to schedule my life around programmed TV. Netflix is nice, as well as other on demand video services because I can watch what I want when I want. Radio is a bit of a different beast because radio can be listened to while being active (running, driving, etc). An internet radio service that feeds me random songs that it thinks I like...
That said my wife taught at a high school that had a program that gives each student an ipad to keep throughout their years there. They also get to take it with them after they graduate. It's a private school though and it's included in tuition. They've done this for 3 years now with good success. The school as a result is able to have a smaller student to PC ratio and overall has reduced costs.
1. Yes. That is the case.2. I am aware of this. My aunt and uncle are very well off (high 6 digit income).
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