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  I was thinking the same thing about the shake to send feedback but forgot to mention it in my post.  Whose bright idea at Google was that?  Also imagine this while walking down the street.   To easy to generate a false positive with that "feature".
I personally don't need or want it.  I haven't used street view for about 2-3 years on my laptop.  For the times that I did use it, it was a cool novelty but wasn't really useful.  The birds eye 3D, while still kind of a novelty at this point, has proven to be more useful and has the potential to become one of those must haves for me because it allows me to see what the entire area looks like - not just some progressive snapshots.  Don't get me wrong, street view is...
  Because everyone has the desire to spend the time and money to mount it on a wall... thats un-apple like because it needs to just work out of the box with very minimal setup.  A stand makes that a heck of a lot easier.  I would bet however, that the stand would be removable for the option to wall mount the device.
Apple will probably not make a full fledged TV, it will just be new, larger thunderbolt displays.  The Apple TV will then sport a thunderbolt port to connect to them.
The apple maps implementation has correctly identified where my house is... turn by turn took me right to my garage door. Google maps directions doesn't even register the roads in my sub division exist. They SHOW up on the map, but forget trying trying to get directly to my house. Heck there is even a street view image of our house, but google won't give directions right to it. The best it would do is take them to the road outside the division... So for me, the new...
Disappointing?  The bigger screen crowd got their wish, the new exteriors crowd got their wish, it has a bump in processor speed, a bump in gfx speed, and a bump in RAM, a new smaller connector, it's lighter, and has same battery life under LTE.   What more do you want?  Teleportation?  Time travel?   And who are you to say they need to shake things up again?  Because YOU want them to?  The way I see it they are making boatloads of money on what they are currently doing....
Then why make the change from only requiring people to put their device in airplane mode to require them to turn it off?  They actually tell you to stow away/secure everything before take off.  I assume that to mean all personal items, I could be wrong though, as they seem pretty lax about books and things of the like.
The only reason why they have you turn off all devices is so that you are more likely to listen to the attendant as they give the general safety speech/demonstration or in case there are any other instructions. They can't tell if you are using your device or not unless they see you, especially if you have airplane mode on.
Agreed.  That is why I wouldn't think this tech would be used for channel surfing... maybe it will be made into a gaming/app interface api.  However, having the option to control the tv via Siri would be nice via an iphone or something.
They definitely had a hard choice to make...   Admit that their device sucks because of hardware malfunctions or admit that they copied the iPad...  Either way paints Samsung as the bad guy and puts the iPad in an even better light.
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