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The only reason why they have you turn off all devices is so that you are more likely to listen to the attendant as they give the general safety speech/demonstration or in case there are any other instructions. They can't tell if you are using your device or not unless they see you, especially if you have airplane mode on.
Agreed.  That is why I wouldn't think this tech would be used for channel surfing... maybe it will be made into a gaming/app interface api.  However, having the option to control the tv via Siri would be nice via an iphone or something.
They definitely had a hard choice to make...   Admit that their device sucks because of hardware malfunctions or admit that they copied the iPad...  Either way paints Samsung as the bad guy and puts the iPad in an even better light.
  Chick-fil-a is awesome!  Love their food, and I am glad I can support them by buying their food.
  The judge recognizes software patents are broken (taken to the extreme) and wants to do away with it entirely.  No, what I'm getting at is the patent system is broken, and is not a good fit for software.  There needs to be a system, just not the current patent system.  (And I don't have any idea what it should look like)
  Coming from a Java developer here, he is right.  How long does it take to get a medicine just right, effective, or safe for human consumption?  10, 15 years at least?  Whereas we can have a new software or upgrade done in a year to 2 years... 5 at most?  Plus, in most cases (I say most, because there are exceptions) when a developer makes a mistake, the costs are low to fix the system and/or repair the data.  It is usually just a function of time and money - all...
  Data is just there.  A service just works.  *eyeroll*
    Isnt the requirement for web browers on iOS to use webkit engine (albeit maybe slightly modified), not necessarily safari itself?  IIRC, isnt the desktop chrome web browser built using webkit?
    More advanced?  If we are going to argue about specs, why is android choppy on supposedly "better" hardware than the iphone?  The responsiveness of android will never be up to par to the iphone, no matter how much they try to brute force it with "better" or "faster" hardware.  The only way to fix it is to rewrite the code so the ui and related actions are first class citizens.  Id argue the new ipad's A5X processor in combination of ios wins hands down in terms of ui...
We also do the streaming, but much of the new stuff is only on disk before it hits streaming 6 months to a year later.
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