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I noticed and welcome the change. The US is the only industrialised nation that does not use the metric system as standard while the UK is the only industrialised nation that uses a hybrid of the imperial and metric systems. The decimalization of the metric system is certainly easier to use for engineering.   As a side note, has anyone noticed that the design of the speaker on the iPhone 5 is in the golden ratio? There are two rows of eight holes on one side and two rows...
There were rumours that Apple was talking with Skype about adopting FaceTime but Skype later announced it had no interest. There were also rumours that Facebook was considering acquiring Skype. This could explain Microsoft's acquisition as strategic.
I'm glad others have had the same idea. I think .app would be a good extension as many of the apps in the Mac App Store have websites such as www.iphotoapp.com and www.imovieapp.com.
I agree in part but I think Sony is more relevant to Apple. Sony is unifying it's products and service to work with each other, i.e. Sony Entertainment Network and PlayStation, just as Apple has done. Additionally, Sony and Apple share the same design philosophy. Initially, Apple sought design inspiration from Sony and now Sony seeks design inspiration from Apple.
In my opinion, yours is the most accurate prediction as Google has recently rebuilt Google Maps using OpenGL, which is used by Google for Google Earth.
  Apple's tiles for OpenStreetMap can be viewed via the Web using viewers from Dair Grant and Iván Sánchez.
The United Kingdom categorises HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA as 3.75G and Long Term Evolution (LTE) and WiMAX as 4G.   A mobile phone is referred to by either its connectivity (i.e. cell) or by its portability (i.e. mobile). The connectivity is known as cellular.
A Loewe spokesperson has denied this report.
  Perhaps Apple will host events like the TED2023 conference some day.
Snap! I suggested the name iPlay to Apple years ago. I think Apple should have rebranded iTunes when it began distributing films and TV programmes and even more so when it released the App Store. The name iTunes represents only the musical aspect of its service which now offers so much more.
New Posts  All Forums: