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The Google Maps preview was used on the finalised website and was visible on Wednesday. However, a few days later when I showed the webpage to my brother the preview had gone.
The Apple A5X uses the same duel-core CPU as the Apple A5 and a new quad-core GPU which is the reasoning for the 'X' suffix.Although Apple doesn't specify the amount of RAM in iOS devices, president of Epic Games Mike Capps said during yesterdays presentation at 53:55 that 'this new device actually has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3'. Knowing that the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 have 512 MB of RAM, Capps comment implies that...
There's nothing in the UK, either.
Toshiba claims that the 90 per cent reduction in size has resulted in a 70 per cent reduction in energy consumption and an unspecified reduction in manufacturing costs compared to a standard 2.5-inch HDD. Toshiba also claims to have made it operational with transfer rates of 2 Gbp/s with data transfer that relies on short-range, electromagnetic communication.Although Toshiba doesn't specify the rotation frequency of the 2.5-inch HDD it uses for comparison, according to...
Keio University and Toshiba claim to have developed a technology that allows for SSDs with a capacity of 1TB to be made "with a footprint no larger than a postage stamp." Toshiba expects to be able to produce a proof of concept version in 2012. Hopefully as Apple sources some of its NAND flash memory chips from Toshiba, Apple maybe able to provide Macs with 1TB SSDs in the near future.
No one has mentioned that the Apple A4 chip is code named S5L8930X and that the Apple A5 chip is code named S5L8940X. Therefore, logic suggests that the chip to be featured in the iPad 3 will be code named S5L8950X which suggests that the Apple A5X chip, code named S5L8945X, is a prototype. Either way, if coding found in the iOS 5.1 beta is to be believed, the Apple A5X is reportedly a quad-core chip.
Apple hasn't marketed the increased storage capacity in the iPhone 4S. Additionally, the high resolution display will require high resolution graphics which will require more storage capacity. I hope Apple releases a 128GB version, it would fit perfectly in-between my MacBook Air, with 256GB, and my iPhone 4S, with 64GB.
This is unexpected. I thought we would have heard something prior to its announcement. Anyway, I'm totally stoked for Game Centre on the Mac.
That is a shockingly arrogant comment.
I had hoped the next cellular iPad would feature an antenna behind the Apple logo so that the existing antenna stripe could be removed.
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