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The iPad seems to be following the lineage of the iPhone; the first generation introduced the concept, the second generation refined the first, the third generation improved the third and the fourth generation perfected the third. Incidentally, the iPad 3 will be my first iPad.
Love it. Love everything about it. Although, seriously, I think Apple should buy Nintendo. With Apple's hardware and ecosystem and Nintendo's software and francises, I think Apple could revolutionise the entertainment industry.
Reading your signature, this Plato quote comes to mind: Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools speak because they have to say something.
The Open University is a British institution operating by Royal Charter.
It’s in Apple's nature to produce all-in-one products. As you said, TVs are simply large displays and Apple produces very good displays.
The company is using the same model used by OnLive, whereby users pay a fixed subscription and are able to then play video games for as long as they want. As opposed to paying for a video game that is completed within days.
I agree. In that respect, Apple and Nintendo are very alike. Both company’s maintain a closed ecosystem by developing the opposing system; Apple develops software to promote its hardware whereas Nintendo develops hardware to promote its software. Therefore, I would love to see an Apple-Nintendo acquisition; Apple has the hardware and platform and Nintendo has the content and francises.Interestingly, I read yesterday that the largest issue for an Apple-Nintendo acquisition...
It's worth noting that an Apple TV has been rumoured for release in late 2011 or early 2012. The biography was initially going to be release in early 2012 and Jobs health may have prevented it from being announced in Q3.
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