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A 2-3% battery life increase is still a fair bit.   What they're really saying is that we intensively use the phone only part of the time. If you measured those intense use periods the battery life might increase 10% (eg: 5hrs goes to 5h30 of intense use). But once you factor in all the time it just sits in your pocket etc, it's a much lower amount (eg: 15hrs goes to 15h30 of average use, 3.3% difference).   edit: actually that's wrong. If it was 10% intense use, then...
Video message?
This is a hands on review without more than a basic slide across the remote at the demo right? Looks like a good analysis summary, but no hands on really.
 Isn't it likely we'll see the iPhone 6 remain in lowest specs, at $100 cheaper than the equivalent iPhone 6s? When the iPhone 5s came out, the only real reason Apple released the iPhone 5c instead of keeping the iPhone 5 was they could make a stronger cheaper casing with the same internals, so they did that (with colours too).
I haven't looked into the specifications for water proofing for 20 years, since I worked as a Divemaster.   But I remember at the time that a watch pressure tested to 200m was given a 50m rating. Pressure testing to 100m (as my cheap watch was) was rated for swimming. Pressure test to 50m and it was able to be used in the rain without a problem.   I had thought it was a funny system - but essentially it's a very controlled test that allows standardised comparisons...
Does anyone else think there's not really much about the Apple Watch in this article, it's mainly about the phones?
I kind of wonder why the scanning components couldn't be separate to the watch. That way perhaps those health components could be built into a water proof band with a longer battery life (no screen & interface), and be usable in bed and in the pool. Probably a bad idea having 2 'devices'
 We're borderline on 1TB now... does it work if we go over? I'd much rather buy 200GB/year and have it use my home iMac as the master copy.  Put a full-quality version of images online at first (plus any recent changes), then once the appropriate syncing is finished keep the full copy only on my home Mac and keep a compressed copy online. 
Where does wifi factor into this? And why aren't there multinational MVNOs? We need handsets that use wifi for most calls, switch to cellular very cleanly when wifi quality drops, and uses the stratosphere towers when out of cellular range (or to augment data provision).
You talk as if you can't do that already? It doesn't SHOW your location well, but it locates you VERY well with wifi. I use it with Find my Friends to find my wife in shopping centres. There are at least 3 problems with Apple's current implementation:1) there's no 3D map ability to show me different floors on the map - so I could be straight above or below her2) it doesn't overlay a map of the shopping centre to show me shops or layouts3) it doesn't show me what direction...
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