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 Same question here.I'd be happy to pay for 20GB, and let my iMac be my "master" copy (with everything) while the iCloud is used as a transfer and syncing mechanism. Or use iCloud as a syncing mechanism to my "master", while storing an optimised smaller version (especially for videos!). But I don't think that's their intention. And it would probably require a method to set which libraries I want synced - not as "clean".
 I'm trying to find out if the 6 plus handles low-light better than the 5. Probably need to wait for some hands on reviews. Plenty of articles saying it is supposed to be better, though they often say the 5S was better too. Anyone know?
I like the app. I wonder if I should try SaneBox, seems to be similar?, but sticking here for now.
Apple must already be doing this on the iphone. I used this more precise location twice last week to find my wife when shopping. I turned on find friends, and it showed me her precise location in the shopping mall. Unfortunately no map of the mall, but I could orient myself and walk towards her and when our dots aligned I'd found her. Couldn't tell which floor though. Will be great as this improves!
This makes me really want to read 2 side-by-side articles, both with totally accurate statistics for the same time period, painting totally different pictures. And then an explanation of those same statistics
iPhone's could be the low-power network provider - as could an AppleTV, Airport, or other Mac computer.   iWatch could work with this - but just as easily they could be making a tiny remote for an AppleTV, or other wearable technology
So does collaboration only work between iWork on the Web Beta users, or also between Pages users in the program?   I've also found iMovie on iPhone to be very interesting to play with while out, but would only find it truly useful if I could also take a partially made project from my phone and open it on my computer to fine tune it. Anyone know if it does that?   Will answer myself once I've played :)
I hope the fingerprint sensors can (one day soon) let my kids get in to their apps, but not make calls, delete my apps or my email. Integration with One Password etc would be useful top.
Optus in Australia uses band 40 too. I HOPE that means that's our model, not the others. The only band none of the phones support is band 28, our future 700Mhz network (doesn't exist yet).
I still don't get what Ping does. Mailbox is brilliant for keeping my inbox uncluttered, and deferring emails that I do need to get to, just not now.... so I don't lose them. I can't see how Ping takes off from that, it doesn't seem to do that at all, in fact it seems a totally different take on what you could do with email. (Email will have some amazing evolution in the next few years, it'll be interesting)
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