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I have to zoom in on TVs @ Best Buy to tell a difference
What if I'm ready now?
How is presenting evidence make you a troll?
Wow, this actually made sense. You brought in strong evidence, that oblitered the claims. Good job. Of course, I don't think anyone can see this as I think I'm blocked out of existence for some reason. Something is seriously wrong with this account.....
I hope they let it stay on the market. I'm tired of paying $45 for tethering.
There is so much win in this post. Stop it, I'm draining my tear ducts here!
Doesn't apple normally focus on ONE product and release it? They'd be fragmenting their entire line if they did something like this.
Lol, I'm lost too.
Okay, so then would it be iPad 2 $350, iPad 2S $500, and iPad 3 $700 (or $600)?
But that would be two totally new products. The iPhone 4S was just one base type (with different hard drive configurations). Didn't rumors say we would get the 4S and 5 at the same time. This rumor doesn't sound legit....I could be wrong..but wow.
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