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Well, that's certainly news that matters. I guess he had a bet going with the board that he quits his job the moment Apple will switch to x86...
Somehow your posts read more like you wished the people would squirm, rationalize, backpedall, etc. so you can gloat. There are no creative attempts at explaining away the switch, the people are merely discussing the possible scenarios which range from an Intel PPC chip, to an existing Intel core with a PPC decoder to a true x86 CPU. You, on the other hand, seem to be desperately looking for some Mac zealots losing face (cue in your egg on face.. comments to programmer's...
Could be, too. But since the PC world is getting their X800 soon I think selling a 9000 for the Mac folk might look a tad stupid (especially at $159.99).
Dunno about you, but I always tought an iBook with a 1.5 GHz G4 and maybe a Mobile Radeon 9700 for ~1k US$ would be a pretty nice thing to have.
Must be a typo, I think the next low-end card would rather be 9600 or something similiar.
Uhm, that's the same thing nVidia is doing to ATi with their "The way it's meant to be played" mumbo-jumbo, telling people not to use ATi-specific extensions or rather to code nVidia paths only. Anyhow, you sound like a fanboy and are getting upset way too much than it's good for your heart. Apple will choose what they seem best and offer an alternative for their customers. At the moment, for Apple this means ATi for the G5, big PowerBooks, eMacs and iBooks, nVidia for...
Well, bomb North Korea then, they deserve it too. Besides, Serbia was bombed quite a while _after_ the mess started around 1991, again the US waiting till "teh evil ones" are all drained out and dropping a few bombs proclaiming how they "got teh victoly!", saving the poor people from Milosevic's regime-o-terror. Never mind the genocide happening the years before without anyone moving a finger. Oh, wait, there is no oil in Serbia, my mistake.
Motivation is nice, but I think Korea might have a better prepared army than ole Iraq had. Unless the US wants to sanction the people there for 10 years before entering as well. Dunno how manly one can feel after winning a war against starved people. But then, the US had no balls to enter Serbia either, just bombed them. Hooray.
The mere fact that AvP is already being advertised now and that it is being done so by the T3-like "teaser" made me put it on my "nevah!" list. I mean, how will the script look like? "And then, Alien meets Predator and they, like, fight for 2 hours straight and with lots of explosions and stuff!" Someone should tell the people in Hollywood to not spend that much money on shit, it's bad for the economy.
The only danger in genetic manipulation is that genetically mutated plants/animals can endager exsiting species up to the point of totally replacing them in their ecosystem. If you tweak the DNA of a cow to better fit your needs you're doing the same thing the farmer does when he makes his favourite bull ride his favourite cow. You only get results faster/more accurate. If you eat genetically modified food it wont do you no harm, unless it's poisoned or highly...
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