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a little bit more to the story now, was finally past the hurdle of the validation. Now the problem is that Verizon had sold me protection plan (applecare) on the 21st. They claimed that if I register the protection plan I could call Apple and upgrade to Protection plus. After I set it up, I was told by apple that was not the case and to return it and then they would sell me the plus one. I did, but the plan is still attached to my account. How do I get that off? Do I have...
bought the verizon 4s pre-order and received it on oct 14th. synced it to itunes that day and have done so there after even setting up the icloud and backing up the phone as well. I want to get protection plus on the phone so I called apple care to buy it however this is where the problem starts. They claim that my phone has not been activated. This can not be right since I have talked on the phone with no problems since the 14th. Has anyone come across this problem and...
This will be my first iPhone ever, really excited! Being a Verizon customer I had to endure 1.5 years of hell with my Droid Incredible (battery life totally sucks). I know this wasnt the intent of the thread, but what good apps are in the store that ppl here would recommend?
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