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This. This. This. They just throw shit at a wall and end up copying everyone else because their shit stinks. Their 'money making' products are all replicas of Apple. What a joke this curved display idea is.
Let me see. Option B?
I definitely didn't mean to sound prejudiced. The problem is these posts just sound so fake. It's almost like someone is getting paid to comment. Hmmmm. Where in the world do people get paid to troll, I mean comment on websites? In the US with a minimum wage of $8 an hour or in a part of the world with a wage of 15 cents an hour? This is not rocket science. You be the judge: "Mail is horrible at time. Taking 3-5 seconds to open a new mail message and just pausing for 5+...
Are the people commenting here foreigners from India and Pakistan getting paid by Google or Samsung? Why do I ask? The horrible grammar is a dead giveaway.
Haha. Yes. I don't think the larger phone (4.7 or 4.8) will come out until next year. But yes, that's what many of us want.
Make a larger iPhone to go along with the iPhone 5 and Apple will take over the market.
  Where do you get your information?   Samsung didn't sell 10M units of the SG4 in one month because it was an Android. Some people want larger form factors.   So Apple should just make a 13" Macbook and stop producing the 15"?   Apple should just make the 21" iMac and stop manufacturing the 27"?   Have you heard of the iPod Classic. iPod Mini. iPod Shuffle?   Loving Apple doesn't mean you have to stand by every decision they make.
I can't believe some of you are stuck on the "it's stupid to make a bigger iPhone" ideology. You were all probably making the same comments about the iPad mini because the iPad was the perfect size. It wasn't. Different people want different things. I often see people using two hands to type on their iPhone. I want a bigger iPhone. The iPhone 5 is too small for me. I know tons of friends that want bigger phones. In fact I'm a huge apple fanboy and am jealous of the GS4.
.You must be old. I'm a teacher at SDSU and all my classrooms are 100% digital. It's a sustainable practice that makes for better teaching.
Man of the year? Here come the haters in 3,2,1...
New Posts  All Forums: