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This is a total sham. Everyone I know just tried this and we all got results for places with "Ever" nearby. Hoax anyone?
You're kidding right? This is a weak, circular argument, as rhetoricians know. Weak.
Surely you jest? This 'analysis' is a joke.
And the Samsung Galaxy user said to the iPhone user: "Wouldn't you love to have a TV with a keypad to carry around in your pocket, except this beast won't fit in your pocket." And the iPhone user says: "No thanks, I'll keep my iPhone." It's as simple as that. Advertising is effective when it sells an idea, a state of mind, a feeling, a bliss. This ad by Samsung sells jealousy. It is not only a waste of money, but it does the opposite of what it should do. And...
yup..this is a good upgrade. This is a move a long time in the making.
Obi-Rumor: These aren't the MacBook Pro's you're looking for. MacTrooper: These aren't the MacBook Pro's we're looking for. Obi-Rumor: He can go about his business. MacTrooper: You can go about your business. Obi-Rumor: More rumors. MacTrooper: More rumors... more rumors.
Some patients with pancreatic cancer that can be surgically removed are cured. However, in more than 80% of patients the tumor has already spread and cannot be completely removed at the time of diagnosis.Chemotherapy and radiation are often given after surgery to increase the cure rate (this is called adjuvant therapy). For pancreatic cancer that cannot be removed completely with surgery, or cancer that has spread beyond the pancreas, a cure is not possible and the average...
I will be read the book the minute it comes out.
What's insane about that?
Because the Trojan appends launch instructions to property lists within the Safari and Firefox programs, if you would like to check to see if a system has been infected with this Trojan, you can open the Terminal and run the following commands: If you have Safari: defaults read /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Info.plist LSEnvironment If you have Firefox: defaults read /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/Info.plist LSEnvironment On an uninfected system these...
New Posts  All Forums: