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Yes it will work
We have had one since last Febuary on 3G 10Gb. Sound is great locally in car and in stationary applications. Driving on long trips sucks b/c I almost ran off Maine Turnpike trying to change channels on iPod. If Northern Maine and Vancouver Island are a drag while travelling almost anywhere will be. We use a cassette adapter in car and still pack iTrip to use on hotel stereo's w/o jacks
I had a similar experience with a Pat Benatar (my wife is lovely despite her taste in music) bets of CD. Indicates on case it is copy-protected. Takes a long time to mount but imports fine..if a bit noisy during ripping
Canon S410 I have the 2M 2x optical version of this...great little camera and the 410 with twice the M and 3x world be that much better. Perfect size. Great optics. Could not be happier
Two different stores I went to here had just got two 17s. At one store next to the Al display and the guy up earlier gets it wrong the Al display looks not worth it next to the 17 imac. The 17 looks really big screen wise in person....I would not need more. It was hot like CRT is on back, but was chugging through a tonne of garageband tracks but thats not scary warm. Anyone now what a 733 QS with 512 and combo is worth?
I saw twi different 17" at two different stores this weekend. The viewing angle on 17 is understated by apple yo make the 20 sound that much better. I was amazed at the quality of the 17 and the biewing angle was bright and clear out to 170. Better than my samsung
Try http://www.computergeeks.com/products.asp?cat=CAM
160 AAC
go to e-bay see what they sell for
one word: pipelining Its what sped up my Camino experience
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