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Reading the comments, I seriously worry about our country.... The constitution means nothing anymore, and no one seems to care what the government does to them, or American companies...
I've submitted multiple request to update a local interstate that changed numbers.. Google had the change done in a few days.. It's been close to a year, and Apple still hasn't changed it..
So, all these "ifs" "maybes" "mights" and "could", is a reason to have the government step in with regulations to save us all from the evil corporations who sell us internet access?? Let the free market decide what happens...
Why do ALL these videos seem to have the same icons on the screen?? Even down to the bottom row having no icons on them?? Personally I will not own an over 5" screen, on a phone.. WAY to huge... I can deal with the 4.7", but I hope it has the same specs as the monster iPhone..
   Can"t find anyone to murder your baby???   I don't have any problem with that..
Freedom got rejected in the 60's??   I must have missed that..   Believing in freedom is a reactionary view??  Wow.    Like I said, I believe the government has no right tell any business owner who he HAS to do business with...   And yes, that includes race or gender..   Of course a business who does discriminate may not be in business too long, but that should be his choice to make.. It seems most of the posters on here have already sold their soul to the government, and...
This has nothing to do with hate, or religion, and everything to do with freedom..   EVERY business should be free to do business with whoever THEY CHOOSE to do business with...   The government has no right to tell a private business who they HAVE to do business with..
"expectations" are numbers pulled out of thin air... Apple misses "expectations", and the stock drops... Last October Amazon reported a LOSS of $41,000,000, and the next day the stock goes UP $30?? Reality doesn't exist on the stock market....
Google is evil, Audi is stupid... What's next for VW?? Windows in a Veyron???
Lets hope their is no real BSOD..
New Posts  All Forums: