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"I think when the nation is reaching full employment, the quality of new hires lowers correspondingly." Right.............. 92 million out of work... Lowest point in 35 years... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2537585/More-Americans-not-working-92-million-people-workforce.html
Not like anyone cares, but I'm proud of most of the comments on here..       These "refugees" should go to other countries in the middle east..   This is just an excuse to invade Europe, when there are plenty of other countries in the region that could take them in..  
It's called Apple Maps, not Tom Tom maps... If there is a problem you are supposed to report it to Apple...  Now if Apple would only demand that Tom Tom give them up to date data, there might not be so many problems..   It seems Apple just wants the good publicity from the flyovers, not giving their users a quality product..
Are these Flyovers using data from 10 years ago, like they do when I look up my neighborhood??? It took Apple over a year to get the local renamed interstate, changed to the correct number... And I personally reported the change to Apple four or five times.. Google maps had it changed to the new, correct number in less than a month.. They should stop adding useless flyovers, and just update the data they send out.. If you look up my address on Apple Maps, it...
iTranslate DOES not work on the Watch AT ALL, for FREE... Why show it working on the Watch, and say it is free, when the free version WILL NOT work on the Watch???? $4.99 for the Premium version that adds voice translation on the watch..
The government has no right to tell any business who they have to do business with.. If you own a business, and don't want to do business with someone, for ANY reason, then that should be your right.. If enough people don't like it, you will go out of business.. That's what freedom, and America, is all about.. I'm from Arkansas, and fully support the governor... I don't hate anyone, but I do love freedom...
Reading the comments, I seriously worry about our country.... The constitution means nothing anymore, and no one seems to care what the government does to them, or American companies...
I've submitted multiple request to update a local interstate that changed numbers.. Google had the change done in a few days.. It's been close to a year, and Apple still hasn't changed it..
So, all these "ifs" "maybes" "mights" and "could", is a reason to have the government step in with regulations to save us all from the evil corporations who sell us internet access?? Let the free market decide what happens...
Why do ALL these videos seem to have the same icons on the screen?? Even down to the bottom row having no icons on them?? Personally I will not own an over 5" screen, on a phone.. WAY to huge... I can deal with the 4.7", but I hope it has the same specs as the monster iPhone..
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