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Sticky Tack... Better than velcro.. I hope this comes out soon.. I'm thinking about getting an Apple TV in the next couple of months..
Enforcing laws = hate..   Enforcing laws = being heartless..   Enforcing laws = being inhumane..   Enforcing laws = hating people that are different than you..   Enforcing laws = going back to slavery..   Yeah, got all the talking points covered...     Make it illegal to send US currency to ANY other country..   Not only are they taking jobs, that Americans DO want to do, but they send the money they make back to THEIR country..   They don't...
Is Skype better or worse than FaceTime??? I don't use either one, but it appears that AT&T has no issues with people using Skype..
Numbers from analyst means nothing.....   IF the Samsung SIII was really beating Apple in sales, Samsung should, and probably would, officially announce the numbers..   Do not treat some made up numbers by an analyst, as FACT..     I voted Tuesday..   I saw five or six people using their phones while waiting in line..   ALL were iPhones..   The only non Apple phone I saw was one of the 80 year old poll workers..   She had a flip phone.. 
There is no free speech in the UK... It is clear to anyone with a brain that Samsung did, and does copy Apple.. Statements ordered by a judge, will not change that..
Take a look at the stocks on a ten year chart... MS can have all the volume, but Apple has all the money, and has made a lot more money for it's shareholders.. The charts I looked at had the scale for MS set at every $10 dollars.. The scale for Apple was set at every $100!!! MS was a little under $30 ten years ago, and still is!! Apple was around $8, and split 2 for one in February 2005.. It got up to $705, and is now $604...
Nothing beats a Blu-ray for video and audio quality.. There are Mac compatible Blu-ray drives out there, and I do know some Mac users who rip them to MKV to stream to their TVs... Nothing on iTunes comes close to the quality of Blu-ray, and as much as Apple wants to ween people from discs, to iTunes, that is never going to happen... Normal people can't afford the bandwidth to stream high quality video, even if it was available.. I'm not against progress, but...
Yeah, no one buys Macs anymore. :/ Another great product from Apple, for the people who really need a MacBook Pro..
Here is a question...     Why does Apple charge $130 for LTE, if the chip only cost $24????     And the answer is, because they can....               Still looking forward to whatever they call the smaller iPad..
   So you WANT to use a cable to get video out???      Sounds more like you want a laptop..   It comes with all those useless ports, and has a keyboard permanently attached..
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